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FIA receives regular requests from the sector wanting access to FIA Code compliant fundraising expertise. We are pleased to provide this listing of professional fundraising organisations operating across Australia. Please use the search function to find your supplier, review their summary page by clicking on their logo or visit the websites for more information. All organisations listed are FIA Organisational Members and agree to abide by the FIA Code of Conduct. 


If you are already an FIA Organisational Member and wish to be listed in this directory, please email If you interested in becoming a member, please contact us at or by calling 1300 889 670.

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Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Because death is hard enough already
At Willed, we make end-of-life planning simple, affordable and accessible for all Australians.

Whether it's for the sake of your loved ones or for your own peace of mind - Willed is on a mission to dial down the devastation of a poorly planned death through guidance, expertise and care.

Contact Us:

Tel: 1300 945 533


Willed 1300 945 533 VIC
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Xponential specialise in Capital Campaign, Capacity Campaign, Major Gift and Transformational Gift programs. Our services also include the development of fundraising acceleration strategies, fundraising program management and training for your fundraising team, board and advocates.

Founded in 2004, Xponential are ‘the Big Gift Specialists’, raising millions of dollars for not-for-profit organisations across Australia each year. Always at the forefront of innovation, we are recognised both nationally and internationally as a leader in the transformational gifts space, collaborating with some of the foremost capital campaign and major gift experts around the globe.

Xponential has partnered with clients spanning Health, Welfare, Environment, Community, Education, Arts and Faith sectors and is proud of producing national and international award-winning results.

With almost three decades of experience each, the Directors of Xponential, Brian Holmes, Craige Gravestein and Roewen Wishart, head up Australia’s most experienced ‘big gift’ consulting team. Each Director has been recognised as a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute Australia and key members of the Xponential team are internationally accredited as Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE).

Each year, organisations around Australia participate in Xponential’s Australian Major Gifts Benchmarking Study which provides unique insights into the trends and opportunities of gift solicitation from HNW and UHNW individuals.

Partnering with Xponential provides both access to this ‘vault’ of intellectual property and Xponential’s team of experienced consultants that are focused on assisting you achieve optimum capital campaign and major gifts success.

To find out more about how Xponential can help you take your fundraising to the next level:


Phone: 1300 656 931

Xponential 03 9328 2849 VIC
Consulting & Strategy

Strategic advice and projects for Charities, Foundations and Philanthropists


We can help your charity to grow philanthropic giving by:

  • Identifying potential areas of large gift giving
  • Helping you to articulate your impact
  • Building knowledge in your philanthropy team
  • Grant writing and acquittals for foundations
  • Developing your bequest program
  • Connecting you with philanthropic funders
  • Restructuring your fundraising team to build efficiency
  • Developing a philanthropic fundraising strategy
  • Governance reviews.

Philanthropic fundraising is a specialist skill and experienced major donor fundraisers are hard to find in the Australian market. Outsourcing the strategic parts of your program means charities can hire less skilled staff in-house to implement activities, crafted and guided by an expert. This format is cost-efficient for charities seeking the greatest impact for investment in fundraising.


We can assist corporate or private foundations to establish or improve giving programs, through:

  • Specialist advice for new or existing foundations
  • Advising businesses on structuring corporate giving
  • Identifying high quality grant recipients
  • Building internal fundraising and volunteering programs
  • Screening of potential partnerships
  • Developing acquittal and impact processes
  • Writing case studies to share your impact with stakeholders
  • Governance and strategic reviews.

Many Foundations are clear on where they’re granting funds, but not clear on the results and stories that come from their efforts. Establishing acquittal and measurement programs and building case studies gives your team more information to inform its investments.


Vowe Philanthropy can help philanthropists – through individual giving or Private Ancillary Funds – to:

  • Start out on your philanthropy journey
  • Set up your giving and help design your programs
  • Create measurement reporting and identify your social impact goals
  • Review your grant making
  • Design application, assessment, screening and acquittal processes for applicant charities
  • Communicate with prospective recipients
  • Help articulate your long term philanthropic goals.

Whether you are just beginning to explore philanthropy or you have established practices that could use enhancement, Vowe Philanthropy can help you to improve your grantmaking and ensure that your gifts are thoughtfully invested in the community.


Vowe Philanthropy
Vowe Philanthropy - ALL STATES

Unity4 launched in Australia in 2000, the underpinning technology RapportCMS was released to market as a stand-alone offering and is sold under license by Optus.

Unity4 is still privately owned by the original shareholders.

Unity4 employs more than 800 people worldwide. All phone operators are hired on an employee basis, not as private contractors.

Unity4 and its successful 100% work from home model is a major global tele-fundraiser with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and North America.

The quality of our workforce is a critical differentiator for Unity4 and one that has successfully navigated current disrupted marketplace, and the business approach is ideally designed for delivering sales as “the new normal” in the future post-pandemic working world.

Better Platform

  • To deliver the true benefits of deploying remote agents Unity4 developed the proprietary tech platform that integrates the entire ‘people’ layer  
  • Getting prospects to answer the ‘phone is hard, but it’s what happens after ‘Hello’ that is just as crucial.

Better Insights

Unity4’s complete customer interaction model delivers real time insights simply available from any competitor. 

Better Performance

Sophisticated AI and Insights drives superior performance and enables continious improvement.

Better Account Management  

Unity4 has now had over 20 years’ experience working with clients across various industry verticles. Client’s Unity4 account handling function is dedicated to be your voice within our shop focusing efforts to ensure that all our knowledge and resources are harnessed to generate the outcomes so vital for success encompassing both quantitative and qualitative measurement.  

Many of our Client Service Managers come from fundraising and sales backgrounds. You can have the confidence will have confidence that they understand the indepth challenges you face, and apply Unity4’s insight tools and collective experience to direct your calling.  

We Offer:  

  • Practical knowledge and experience:  Our team will identify the best way to implement and manage ongoing tele-fundraising programs with thoughts around approach, messaging, timing of touchpoints the lead journey, not just with the phone calls but with other channels including email and SMS.
  • Technical Expertise: Our tenured IT team are apply their experience collaboratively with your team to design best practice Unity4 methodologies and the technical tools to deliver the outcomes both in revenue and cost of sale perspectives.  
  • Regular Collaboration: Unity4 maintains open lines of communications with our clients. We also are committed to a regime of more formal regular contact to provide thorough updates. update meetings. 
  • The Weekly Work In Progress (WIP): the Unity4 Client Service Manager and you’re the client program manager meet either on the phone or in person, with at least one face to face per month. Unity4 will provide the review material pack covering off actions, latest reporting and results, comments, feedback.   
  • Quarterly review: Involving the Unity4 Client Service Manager, General Manager face to face to meeting to review the previous quarter results to budget, feedback, comments, areas for improvement and strategy for the upcoming quarter.      

Contact Us:

P 1300 886 489
F +61 2 9475 0813


Unity4 Contact Centre Outsourcing Pty Ltd
Unity4 Contact Centre Outsourcing Pty Ltd 02 9699 8279 NSW

You have the fundraising strategy.

We have the people, processes and resources to make it happen.

We work with established not-for-profit organisations who understand the positive impact that ethical telemarketing can have on their telephone fundraising strategy.

Our core service is to provide ethical telemarketing fundraising exclusively to NFP’s. This incorporates a philosophy that values:

Supporter Lifetime Value

Your supporters are your most valuable asset. With this in mind, the Thomas Direct sales approach is to maintain and improve the relationship, before anything else. Recurring sales are far more valuable than “one-offs”.

Respecting your customers

Charities are legally exempt from the Australian Do Not Call register. However, we believe your NFP’s reputation is far more valuable than making a pressured, quick sale. Therefore, our policy is to respect people’s request for no further calls and to advise the charity involved to remove them from their in-house call list.

The Right Blend of Technology & People

At Thomas Direct we believe in using the right blend of technology and people to deliver successful standalone or fully integrated campaigns. We implement predictive and progressive dialling strategies with inbound and outbound call training.

We adhere to the telemarketing standards of ADMA, ACMA, FIA and Aus Contact Association.

Hourly Rates, No Commissions

Paying staff commissions often drives undesirable, short-term behaviour. This not only affects your NFP’s reputation – it neglects the focus on relationship selling and the lifetime value of a happy supporter. Your NFP simply pays for the hours worked. We’ve found this works incredibly well for us, our staff and of course – our clients and their supporters.

Why not try us?

If you're considering telemarketing, then the best way to find out if we’re the right fit for you is to call 07 5588 2888 or click below to book your discovery call and get a quote.

Samantha Jones 

General Manager

0401 990 025

Thomas Direct Pty Ltd
Thomas Direct Pty Ltd 07 5588 2888 QLD
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Other; Promotional Items & Merchandise 

Company Profile

Our Services

Tone Studio provides expert graphic design
services to organisations, businesses and
Australian Government departments that want to do good.

Design is a powerful tool that we use to shine a spotlight on causes, movements and programs that might otherwise go on unnoticed. In this way, we create thought provoking designs to influence and shape our world for the better.

Our studio is made up of experienced practitioners possessing a deep level of expertise in the areas of fundraising, branding, digital and publication design.

Our work resonates strongest because
we care.

We work with like-minded creatives and have
a network of specialists we collaborate with
regularly on projects. In this way, we expand our team purposely and specifically when needed. We believe this produces the best outcomes for our clients.

Contact Tone Studio

• Strategy & Concept Development
• Branding & Visual Identities
• Graphic Design
• Book & Publication Design
• Website Design & Development
• Digital & Press Advertising
• Sales & Marketing Collateral
• Fundraising Campaigns & Appeals
• Project Management
• Packaging
• Photo shoots & film production
• Signage

Tone Studio
Tone Studio - NSW
Marketing & Communications

The Media Precinct is a full service agency building audience engagement through human truths.

At our core, we believe that we are a natural extension of our clients' business. Consistently working in collaboration with our clients, we are able to fully immerse ourselves within their business to elevate their position in market.  

We use research and market intelligence to fuel our insights as the foundation of everything we do. Because of this, our insights lead to better business based outcomes for our clients. 

We believe in shared missions
Shared missions come from insight, connection, and outcomes, and are driven by true connection.

​We believe in a true collaborative model when developing 360 campaigns, which is why it's at the heart of everything we do. From clients to partners, we take pride in collaborating to develop well rounded campaigns.

​Our people are everything, and provide a diverse range of experience to blend insights, shared knowledge and creativity to develop campaigns that drive real brand results.

​But most importantly, we're proudly different. With our independent charm, we embrace our differences and use them to our advantage.

Contact Us:

Tel: (02) 8081 2660


The Media Precinct
The Media Precinct 02 8081 2660 NSW
Consulting & Strategy

The Xfactor Collective is an innovative new Australian community of specialists who help organisations during times of change, challenge and transformation.

We comprise a growing community of pre-vetted, highly experienced independent consultants and specialist agencies who work individually and collectively on projects. All our specialists have held leadership positions in the sector, have a minimum of 7 years experience in their specialisation (average 10-15 years), and have all been reference checked 7 times, to enable us to build a trusted community.

In the area of fundraising, our consultants and specialist agencies are regarded some of the best in the country, having collectively raised hundreds of millions across every cause area, and for hundreds of organisations.

We comprise 40+ specialists across 300+ areas of specialisation and we work with 20+ different types of clients, ranging from charities to social enterprise, local government to business owners, hospitals to universities, private philanthropists and grantmakers, B Corps to peak bodies.

Our social mission is to make life easier to be a social changemaker, and we have an exciting change agenda for the coming 10 years.

One such innovation is our unique sector-first Concierge service that triages your needs, makes recommendations on best way to resource your project needs, and matches you up with a specialist consultant or agency.

Another is our business network membership for specialist consultants and agencies, that aims to make life easier for this often over-looked group of changemakers. We help our specialists connect, collaborate and innovate.

As a social enterprise, we invest back in our mission by increasing equity and access for social changemakers, including our investment to develop the THE X-CHANGE video library comprising 140+ short videos.

“It’s great to have a quality alternative to the Big 4 advisory firms, that also supports the many talented specialists in Australia.” – Tim Jackson, Former President, Volunteering Australia


We cover 300+ areas of specialisation across these main categories:

- Boards, Governance

- Strategic Planning

- Finance, Auditing, Legal

- Project Management

- People & Culture, Wellbeing

- Recruitment and HR

- Philanthropy and Grantmaking

- Corporate Social Responsibility

- Fundraising and Partnerships

- Grant, Tender and Submission Applications

- Marketing, Brand & Communications

- Technology, IT, CRM, Data, Analytics

- Measurement & Evaluation

- Outcomes & Impact Reporting


- Fundraising Strategy

- Appeals

- Bequests

- Capital Campaign Development & Management

- Case for Support Development

- Cause Based Fundraising

- Charity Walks

- Collective Giving and Giving/Donor Circles

- Community Business Partnerships

- Corporate Partnerships

- Corporate Social Responsibility

- Donor & Fundraising Performance/Reviews/Analytics

- CRM Needs Analysis, Project Management and Implementation

- Crowd funding

- Digital Fundraising

- Donor Segmentation

- Donor Acquisition and Retention

- Email Campaigns

- Event Fundraising

- Giving Days

- Gala Balls

- Grantseeker Workshops

- Grant Writing / Critique Services

- Grants Management Systems

- Income Diversification

- Major Gifts and Major Donors

- Monitoring and Evaluation

- Membership Programs

- Prospect Research

- Sponsorships

- Sustainability Planning

- Trusts/Foundations

- Workplace Giving


- Consulting

- Coaching

- Mentoring

- Facilitation

- Workshops

- Online Courses

- Health Checks

- Training

- Brokering

- Public Speaking

- Temporary Positions

- Interim CEOs


Contact us via email or our website, and we will set up a time for you to speak with one of our Concierge Managers:



The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd
The Xfactor Collective Pty Ltd - NSW

We are a dynamic family run business, passionate about helping people fundraise successfully.

Fundraise Factory was created because we spent many years in the B2B corporate sector, we saw a gap in the market as many excellent products and ideas are usually set up for B2B or corporate, not for schools, clubs, groups and individuals to successfully fundraise and make a decent profit. We believe in Fundraising Smarter, Not Harder, so you can earn the highest profit with the least effort through well thought out products and ideas.

We are offering you an easy to use fundraising hub for ideas, products and inspiration around anything to do with fundraising, We believe in what you give out you get back, so we are excited to share all our knowledge and ideas for FREE.

We know you will enjoy the range of FREE tools we have developed to help your campaign a huge success, and all we ask is you think mindfully about how you use our FREE templates, information and tools. The more, The merrier sits well with us, so feel free to share all our tips and guides with your family, colleagues or friends.

Our team are available at ANY stage to help with your strategic fundraising planning, ideas or free samples.

Anyway, remember we are like your fairy fundraising godmothers, we know you need to raise money, so we are here to make that happen! We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and look forward to hearing all about your exciting and most importantly successful campaigns so we can share with the big wide world and promote your school, club, charity or campaign.

Take care & remember to have fun!

Fundraising & Merchandise Specialists
Fundraise Smarter - Not Harder
NZ: 0800 784 785 AUS: 1800 844 963

The Fundraising Factory
The Fundraising Factory 07 4725 4535 -
Digital Fundraising; Face to Face Fundraising; Telemarketing

At The FIN Agency, our core focus is helping not-for-profit organisations with their regular-giving campaigns. We’re really passionate about supporting our clients and solely work with charities to communicate what they believe in.

The FIN Agency has over 15 years’ experience delivering high-quality, compliant, and customer-focused face-to-face fundraising campaigns. We believe that being a professional fundraiser is a hugely rewarding and valuable experience. We also recognise that it’s a big responsibility to represent our clients’ causes and share their messages with the public.

The people who deliver face-to-face services for our clients’ causes are one of a kind – they genuinely love what they do, are professional, highly trained and knowledgeable on every aspect of the charities they represent. Coupled with their passion and love of a good chat, and you have the perfect formula for great face-to-face conversations about your cause.

Our experience, passion, pride in what we do and commitment to respectful fundraising practices is at the heart of the service we can offer any charity that aligns with these values.

We truly believe in ‘Making A Difference Together’ & love it when we partner with clients who also bring the same passion, pride, commitment to excellence for what they do.


0414 983 574

The FIN Agency
The FIN Agency 0414 983 574 VIC
Data; Digital Fundraising

The Data Collective is a data focussed agency providing data support, insight and strategy to charities. We help understand donor behaviours and how to get the best value from your existing programs and where opportunities exist to refine and grow your fundraising. We work to break down the barriers that can make data driven fundraising intimidating or complicated.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Cash appeal support
  • Donor survey support
  • Regular program reporting
  • Donor health checks
  • Bequest analysis and modelling
  • Income forecasting
  • Fundraising Insights

Get in touch to see how we can improve your programs and increase your data capabilities.

+61 428 025 457

The Data Collective
The Data Collective 0428 025 457 QLD

Your data tells the story.

The Benchmarking Project is here. We are passionate about charities, confident in our process, and committed to helping you change the world. Register today and get the insights you need to have an even bigger impact. We know you have a story to tell. The Benchmarking Project is a collaborator, a facilitator, a storyteller, a visionary, a partner in fundraising. Our aim is to share the wisdom of our community to provide best practice fundraising to the Australian and Aotearoa/New Zealand charity fundraising sector.

Fi McPhee, Peter Coleman, Paul Tavatgis and Adam Watson have teamed up to bring charities, agencies and peak bodies the data and insights they need to make the best possible fundraising decisions.

Contact us:

02 8924 1987

The Benchmarking Project
The Benchmarking Project 02 8924 1987 QLD
Consulting & Strategy; CRM; Data; Digital Fundraising; Fundraising - Events & Community; Fundraising - Face to Face; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications; Print & Mailing; Promotional Items & Merchandise ; Telemarketing
Contact:Scott Druery
Address:Lvl 14, 275 Alfred St, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060
Phone:02 8904 9755
Fax:02 8904 9766 or

thankQ is the complete fundraising solution from thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd.

A refreshing alternative now presents itself to charities in the form of the thankQ software solution, which is a complete contact management and fundraising solution that can be configured to meet specific needs. It offers all the features which are associated with the leading and well known 'Big' systems, but at a price more commonly associated with the 'Small' system.

Here in Sydney, thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd have established an operational support and development office which is focussed on developing thankQ for Australian needs.

thankQ comprises:

  • Contact and Relationship Management
  • Donation and Pledge Processing / Regular Giving
  • Bulk Processing
  • Membership, Reminders and Invoicing
  • Mailing; bulk email, letters and fulfilment house
  • Document Management
  • Grants; Application and Giving
  • Events
  • Campaigns and Moves Management
  • Reporting
  • Workflow
  • Data Manipulation
  • And more…

thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd was established in 1992, with the goal of providing Effective Solutions with Information Technology. In the years that we have been operating we are pleased that we have active clients who started with us in 1992 using the same software solution which has grown with their business. thankQ’s flexibility is key to enabling this.

thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd is about delivering a quality service and building strong partnerships with its clients to enable you to get the most out of your fundraising strategy.

thankQ is an industrial strength software application which is scalable in both database size and user numbers. We currently have clients who are operating single users systems to clients with several hundred users. The database may range from a few thousand to several million records and be located at a single site or networked for several sites to use.

We look forward to hearing from you about your requirements.

ThankQ Solutions Pty Ltd
ThankQ Solutions Pty Ltd 02 8904 9755 NSW

We help charities and not-for-profits locate and engage new donors using data-driven techniques and targeted marketing data.   We work with over 90 charities across Australia and New Zealand, attracting new supporters via direct mail, telephone and online.

Contact us

02 8877 0310

Tedirex Pty Ltd
Tedirex Pty Ltd 02 8877 0310 NSW
Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing

Established in 2017, Surge Direct quickly became one of the most respected and successful Fundraising Agency in the country. Our core values of Integrity, Trust, Value, Family and Compassion has laid the foundation for all that we do.

Our business is built on quality conversations and transparency for our charity partners. The Surge Group work alongside several fantastic charity organizations, both Australia based and globally recognized. We are thankful to be able to work with some of the world's greatest humanitarian organizations, animal welfare groups, and research focused institutions. Our clients include Breast Cancer Care WA, Plan International, ChildFund, and World Animal Protection. Whilst working hard to deliver a great result for our clients, we are also working alongside the FIA and PFRA to ensure we maintain the integrity and quality of this sector.

A quality product comes from quality training. Surge fundraisers are coached from their first day that highest quality supporter care is the expectation. This expectation is nurtured through our culture, structures, ongoing training and fundraiser management. Each conversation we have with a supporter is an important touch point and all fundraisers are trained in ensuring that every conversation leaves the supporter feeling valued and appreciated, regardless of the call outcome.

Our contact centre system is built on Microsoft Azure's state of the art cloud infrastructure, ensuring we provide a solution that delivers optimum performance, while providing business continuity. Our system provider’s hosted platform provides enterprise level compliance and the highest security standards. With encrypted storage, and dedicated, audited storage areas for your environment, you can rest assure that all your data is secure and thoroughly audited.

Most importantly, we believe in forming long term partnerships built on trust, understanding and complete transparency and we welcome the opportunity to support your fundraising strategy and help achieve your organisational goals.

To get in touch, contact Markus Pedersen.

M: 0448 629 203


Surge Direct
Surge Direct 0448 629 203 QLD
Third Party Fundraising

Synergy Fundraising is a full-service fundraising agency determined to deliver outstanding results and unrivalled service every single time.

Whether it’s donor acquisition, appeals, gifts in wills or a full strategic plan we can help you achieve better results and soon.

Our team gives you the comfort of over 50 years combined fundraising experience with an honest and transparent approach to everything we do.

Synergy has helped some of Australia’s most loved charities and is trusted by organisations like Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, Australian Conversation Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Asylum Seeker Centre, Humane Society International Australia and many more.

Working with Synergy Fundraising is different, we limit the number of projects we work on to ensure we’re across every little detail.

If you’re about making the world a better place, we’d love to help. We guarantee that you’ll never feel like just another client.

Adam Drinan


Lisa Miller


Sharon Tillman


Synergy Fundraising
Synergy Fundraising 0417 779 306 NSW
CRM; Events & Community; Lotteries & Auctions; Marketing & Communications

SupporterHub is the newest and leading specialised Charity and NFP Supporter Management Platform! We're a CRM, Payments, Fundrasing and Supporter Engagement platform for charities.

Our Supporter Management module is the heart of our solution. It's where YOU can perform all of the back-end management of supporters, manage payments, access reporting & analytics, run fundraising events and leverage email marketing automation tools.

Through your desktop or mobile web browser, our simple SaaS solution can be accessed by your team, providing you a centralised Supporter Management platform offering:

  • 360 degree view of Supporters (CRM)
  • Automate Membership, Once of Donations & Regular Giving  
  • Fundraising: Event Pages, Raffles, Auctions and Peer to Peer
  • Payments, Payments Fraud Protection and bank merchant facility
  • Flags & Tags
  • Direct Relationships and Interactions
  • No Infrastructure to manager and highly secure platform.
  • Supporter Engagement: Email Marketing, Automated Supporter Journeys and SMS
  • and many more features!

Important to note SupporterHub offers no lock in contracts and are a true monthly subscription commercial offering.

Let us help your team effectively manage and create new supporters while reducing the overall complexity within your organisation. By having less overheads will give you more time to focus on growth and future opportunities for your charity. 

SupporterHub 02 8074 3788 NSW
Print & Mailing

Sunnyland is your one stop shop when it comes to your fundraising solutions.

Our approach is collaborative, which means we are an extension of your own team. We work together to plan and deliver on fundraising strategy, direct mail appeals, copywriting, graphic design, print and mail.

Sunnyland offers a total design, print and fulfilment solution, combining a creative design studio, industry-leading press facilities, fully automated bindery, mail house and logistics services.

At Sunnyland, we are committed to becoming your ‘perfect partner’. Our growth and success over 75 years has been a result of really listening and understanding our customers’ needs in order to offer the most effective, value driven solutions – for both design, print and mail applications.

Our focus is on quality of product and exceptional service – with an aim to deliver true value for money. Clients of Sunnyland have come to appreciate this aim, by entrusting us to gain the most from their spend. These include small to large businesses, national and multi-national brands, agencies, and government organisations

What makes us tick;

  • Working with people and projects that are changing the world
  • Finding and telling great stories
  • BOLD ideas
  • Reigniting the passion in your donors
  • Keeping up to date with industry best practice
  • Helping you achieve your mission.

Let’s talk today.

Contact: Email:

Phone: 1300 79 12 10


Sunnyland Press
Sunnyland Press 03 5023 4199 VIC
Consulting & Strategy; Grants, Trusts & Foundations

Strategic Grants is the unique provider of grant strategies in Australia and New Zealand, working with for-purpose organisations to build and sustain effective and customised grant-seeking strategies.  

The Strategic Grants team is not just a group of consultants. It is a team of professionals, all of whom have a heart for the charitable sector and the multitude of causes that its charity partners exist to support. As a dedicated team of fundraisers, Strategic Grants believes strategic thinking and relationship building are essential to success. 

Strategic Grants works with for-purpose organisations to put in place the right processes, tools and support to ensure their grant-seeking is effective and sustainable. Strategic Grants provides customised grants calendars through its Grants Expertise Management Systems (GEMS), as well as training, planning, project matching, policy and process development, writing, evaluation, and advisory services.  

Strategic Grants’ experience spans over 20 years and their successful track record ranges from $500 philanthropic grants to $50M government tenders. 

Contact us:

07 3892 1150

Meet our team:

Strategic Grants
Strategic Grants 07 3892 1150 QLD
Consulting & Strategy; Other; Third Party Fundraising

Stellar Partnerships is a specialist consultancy for corporate partnerships. We offer smart, strategic and in-depth support for your partnerships.

Good, honest advice from people who care about your success.

We know what it takes to create great partnerships- we’ve worked on hundreds of them. Our proven step-by-step process will accelerate your partnership program regardless of where you’re currently at in your partnership journey.

We provide training, coaching, insights and consulting for non-profits of all shapes and sizes. Are you experiencing any of these common challenges?

  • You’re looking for new corporate partners and don’t know how to find them
  • You’d like some corporate partners but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve had some early success but have got stuck with a low value portfolio
  • The team is inexperienced with partnerships and needs to build their skills
  • Your partnerships are mature, but growth has stalled and you need to revitalise
  • Your organisation has had a change in leadership or rebrand and you need a new partnerships strategy

Stellar Partnerships provides perspective and best practice from across the non-profit and corporate sectors, problem solving to address your particular challenges and proven tools to unlock your partnership potential.

If you want sustainable corporate partnerships, contact us at:

Stellar Partnerships
Stellar Partnerships 03 8416 4099 VIC
Events & Community; Other

Travel with purpose is at the core of Soulful Concepts' values. We partner with charities and like-minded businesses to put together unique travel experiences that give back!

Our fundraising & travel experts work as an extension of your own charity's fundraising team. Together we help to grow your fundraising income, we facilitate improved connections with your supporters or staff, and help you steward long term relationships. We walk side-by-side with your supporters on their fundraising adventure from sign up, to departure.

We have worked with large and small NFP's over the years. We can create bucket-list or bespoke adventures to grow your peer to peer programs, or your corporate partners looking to fulfill their CSR or RAP commitments.

The Soulful team are proud to help connect donors with services, staff and beneficiaries on the ground via video calls prior to, and during the actual charity challenge. These face-to-face opportunities allow your supporters to engage with the cause on a deeper level, often becoming long term donors and brand ambassadors, while taking away memories to last a lifetime.

Our team has helped raise over $3 million for important causes. We are professional and passionate. And we take great pride in helping to steward your donors towards a lifelong relationship with your cause. 

We also put our money where our mouth is - for every participant who goes on your fundraising adventure, we will make our own donation of $50 to your cause.

We love what we do. We love travel and fundraising. And we're good at it!

Please contact us at Soulful Concepts if you have any questions about our current tours, private group experiences or are interested in becoming a charity or corporate partner. We would love to hear from you!

We are always just an email or phone call away. Get in touch and speak to the Soulful team today!

Address:  PO Box 7262, Tathra NSW Australia 2550

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Soulful Concepts Pty Ltd
Soulful Concepts Pty Ltd 1300 059 686 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Social Money Solutions is a multidisciplinary consultancy, delivering strategic and customised solutions to achieve positive social outcomes.

We help not-for-profit organisations raise the revenue needed to fulfill their mission and partner with corporations to meet their community investment objectives.

We are in the business of facilitating funding for social impact.

Our services are linked to delivering Strategy, Story and Support for your organisation.

Here is how we can help:

  • Strategic Fundraising Planning and Funding Model Development
  • Fundraising Program Audits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Partnership Planning and Acquisition
  • Major Gift, Capital Campaign Program Planning and Implementation
  • Bequest program and Stewardship Planning
  • Case for Support and Proposition Development

Social Money Solutions brings broader business, governance, CSR and marketing experience to its approach, helping navigate barriers and opportunities to achieve your funding goals.

Our clients benefit from our capacity building, evidence-based approach and results driven focus.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you.


Managing Director


M: 0419720232

Social Money Solutions
Social Money Solutions 0419 720 232 WA

For over 20 years, Smart Health Australia has been providing outbound tele-fundraising services with one clear mission – through ethical fundraising practices our goal is to cultivate, grow and enhance donor relations and revenue potential for our charity partners

Working exclusively with ‘for purpose’ organisations in the charity sector, Smart Health Australia has built many long-lasting relationships and achieved striking success in the acquisition of new donors, retention and upgrading support from existing donors and the development of leading regular giving campaigns.

Our priority is to ensure all donors have an exceptional donor experience with our team of empathic and passionate fundraisers.  Everybody likes to feel valued and appreciated and through meaningful conversations, our heart-felt approach ensures donors know how much their contribution is valued.  

We offer reputable and ethical employment conditions, which in turn have allowed the growth of a highly skilled, compassionate and effective call centre and fundraising team, equipped to expertly handle any customised and/or mainstream campaign.

From the development of scripts and correspondence, to the analysis of databases, processing of donations and thanking and receipting donors, we provide a comprehensive service and consultation from the preliminary development of a campaign, through to completion.

At the beginning of every campaign we establish the charities goals and objectives which are aligned with the organisation’s mission, values and campaign targets.  Our strategic recommendations are made to help facilitate these objectives and based on years of experience in analysing data and tracking the trends. 

Continued reporting and communication are provided throughout the execution of any campaign via a dedicated Account Manager and assurance is guaranteed that our experienced staff will deliver the very best results the current market can deliver.

Our professional fundraising services include:

  • Donor Acquisition / Cold Calls
  • RG Conversion / Declines / Upgrades / Reactivation
  • Lapsed Reactivation
  • Renewal & Single Gift Campaigns
  • DM / Raffle / Event Conversion Campaigns
  • Online & Survey Lead Conversion
  • Major & High Value Campaigns
  • Donor Welcome & Thank you calls 
  • Bequest Calls
  • Peer to Peer Campaigns

Smart Health Australia are also able to assist with the following turn-key services:

  • Strategic Campaign Planning & Recommendations
  • Data Purchasing / List Broker Management
  • Daily & Weekly Reporting
  • Data Cleaning & Hygiene & Sensis Washing
  • Daily Donation Processing – TM & DM donations
  • Script & Donor Communication Creation
  • Database Segmentation & Donor Analysis
  • Donor Receipting & End of FY RG Donor Receipting
  • Charity Gift Line Management

We’d love to help you start exceeding your tele-fundraising goals.  Our team are ready to answer any questions you might have and discuss the next steps, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Contact:               Samantha Burn


Address:              Suite 1, 469 – 479 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick VIC 3185

Phone:                 03 8554 6100


Smart Health Australia
Smart Health Australia 03 8554 6100 VIC

Provide us with your data (and we can assist with this too) and we’ll begin a review and undertake transactional analysis. We’ll build a model and segment the data – whether it’s a standard build or a customized requirement, we have the tools. If there is something in particular you would like to know about your donors, we’ll work the data to deliver the answers you need.

Using clever segmentation techniques, we model and analyse your data to deliver clearly segmented donor groups. We then provide you with a complete segmentation report, updated as often as you require. The segmentation report forms the basis for further analysis and the development of targeted direct marketing campaigns.

We develop strategic marketing campaigns that target and engage the right donor groups according to your objectives. We then create highly personalised data files for your donor campaigns and we tailor your communication to the specific circumstances of your donor through the use of variable text and ask strategies. Your files will be provided in the format appropriate to your requirements, making the campaign data delivery as seamless and effortless as possible.

Did your donors behave the way you expected during your last campaign? If not, do you understand why? What was different? Campaign reporting is the final step in measuring the success of your campaign and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive post-campaign analysis report.

We also provide bespoke analytical services, enabling you to answer questions about your donors that standard modeling processes have not previously produced. Through this process we typically generate further insights that may not have been apparent beforehand. Consider a regular “HealthCheck” report and understand your fundraising status at any point in time.

The more you know and understand your donors, the greater your ability to personalise and engage with them. Let us drive your data and put the knowledge in your hands.

Contact us:

Nick: Mobile: +61 409 092 028

Bruce: Mobile: +61 400 744 298

Andy: Mobile: +61 401 223 283

Elliott: Mobile: +61 421 451 884


Slingshot Data
Slingshot Data 0409 092 028 QLD
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

We’re a passionate team of Australians on a mission to build the best Will-writing experience imaginable.

Wills have traditionally been too expensive or complicated for most people. Only those who had the time and money to see an expensive lawyer could get a Will and protect their family. But Wills were meant for everyone. That is why we’re on a mission to make Wills affordable and easy enough for everyone to safeguard their life’s work. Our team is passionate about combining detailed legal knowledge with modern technology, to change the way that all Australians think about Will writing. Our modern approach to Wills means that you can start, complete, and update your bespoke Will anytime, anywhere. No lawyers fees, no hidden costs, no appointments.

We also help charities unlock the huge potential of gifts in wills by appearing at the exact moment supporters are making the biggest charitable decision of their life.

Ten times as many Australians would leave a gift to charity if it was easier to do so.

You've worked hard to build recognition with your community. Create branded messaging and landing pages to connect with your supporters and get them started with their will.

Gifts in wills, as it should be.
We’re Australia’s highest-rated will-writing platform for a reason, with thousands of wills written every month. We put your charity in front of your community while they’re writing their will.

Life changing results.
By enabling our users to shape their legacy, we help charities focus on the life changing work they do best. Over 37% of wills made with our partner charities contain gifts to charities — 5x the national average. More than half of these are residuary gifts of 5% or more.

Our charity partnerships in the news
Safewill was featured on 7News nationally for our work supporting charities with their bequest campaigns. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.


Contact us on 1800 10 33 10

Safewill Pty Ltd
Safewill Pty Ltd - ALL STATES
CRM Salesforce Australia Pty Ltd Salesforce Australia Pty Ltd 1800 667 638 NSW
Lotteries & Auctions

S.O. Asher Consultants pioneered the home lottery sector in 1978 and continues to lead its evolution today. Through over 450 successful lotteries, our clients have realized over $1.7 billion AUD in net revenue to advance their causes.  

S.O. Asher Consultants specializes in the development, management, and delivery of lottery fundraising programs for established, influential charities in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Our valued clients are passionate about what they do, and we match that passion with a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We succeed only when our clients succeed. 

S.O. Asher is a strategic lottery partner, not a commodity vendor. Our advice, recommendations and service delivery are informed by aggregate market knowledge unmatched in this industry. Clients benefit from our breadth and depth of industry knowledge, proven performance, a collaborative client service approach, and a commitment to ongoing improvement and investment. 

Contact us

08 8294 4109 

S.O. Asher Consultants Pty Ltd
S.O. Asher Consultants Pty Ltd 08 8294 4109 ALL STATES
Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing

RunGopher is an online SMS + MMS marketing automation software that leverages a custom-built AI platform to help you craft meaningful connections with your customers, clients or supporters.

Our custom templates, email integration and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to craft tailored, automated journeys that get results. We help you put the customer experience right in the hands of the consumer, and empower them to be an active part of your brand.

0413 127 716

RunGopher 0413 127 716 NSW
Third Party Fundraising

Do you need help helping…

You want to change the world. That’s why you’re a fundraiser.

You may deliver international aid. Help people here at home. Support a hospital with medical equipment or research. Rescue animals suffering cruelty.

To do this wonderful work, you need inspired committed supporters.

Finding, winning, securing, upgrading those supporters can be hard work.

That’s where Robejohn can help you.

Whether you need help building a national integrated campaign… or a hand when there’s too much work for you to manage in-house…

Whether you’re a small cog in a big agency… or the fundraiser / copywriter / designer / photocopier / minute-taker somewhere small aiming to be big…

Whether you’re acquiring, renewing, thanking, converting, reactivating, upgrading, farewelling…

…at Robejohn you have direct access to 160 combined years of fundraising experience, developed across hundreds of campaigns, with clients from every fundraising sector.

So, if you need help to help… Robejohn is here for you. Together, we can change the world.

Contact us:

Warren Atkins

0412 592 822

Jay Clarke

0410 795 295

Robejohn 03 9522 8500 VIC
Consulting & Strategy

RG Fundraising is a fundraising agency providing a wide range of consultancy and operational fundraising services to our clients. Our prime objective is to provide our clients with services that materially improve their fundraising bottom line.

Together, we bring combined experience of over 50 years in the sector and crucially for our clients, the proven ability to raise funds for non-profit organisations.

The RG Fundraising team combines a wide range of sector experience from some of the most experienced fundraisers in Australia. This ensures our clients receive the best possible advice from our consultancy services, donor acquisition and retention programs.

RG Fundraising
RG Fundraising 0411 047 397 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Copy Writing; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications Reef Digital Agency Reef Digital Agency 02 9412 1817 -
Consulting & Strategy; Copy Writing; Education & Training

Welcome to Revolutionise, the accelerator for people with purpose. 

Does your charity have a big problem to solve?  Do you need to raise a lot more money to solve it?

At Revolutionise we help you to focus on your purpose and build the behaviours, culture, communications and strategy that will drive growth.

We help you accelerate your growth through inspiration, education and behavioural design through strategic reviews, executive and board coaching, fundraising and communications advisory and support.

Each organisation is different and we work with you to develop a bespoke approach to remove barriers, revitalise your purpose, review your strategy, audit your communications develop fundraising strategy and through co-creation workshops help your organisation find focus and drive growth.

If your fundraising has become stale or process driven, or if things have simply become too complex or your organisation needs to refocus and reconnect then get in touch – we can help you.

We work in person or virtually bringing together teams and standing with you as you accelerate your purpose-driven revolution.

Contact us:

Fi McPhee

+6421 336 905

Maree Daniels

0402 211 596


Revolutionise 0421 336 905 ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA
Face to Face Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing

For fundraisers, growing your income every year can be hard. That’s why we’ve spent the last 20+ years helping charities develop their most reliable stream of income: a strong regular giving program.

Finding and inspiring your donors requires the right strategic approach. We create fully integrated regular giving programs that include:

Field Marketing
Supporter Care

All programs are designed with a focus on your donor and their journey. 

Raisers Hub

14A Mentmore Ave, Rosebery, Sydney NSW 2018

Ph: 02 8114 9700



Raisers Hub
Raisers Hub 02 8114 9700 NSW
Lotteries & Auctions

RaffleTix is Australia's largest and most trusted online platform for raffle-based fundraising.

RaffleTix is an easy-to-use digital raffle platform used by thousands of Australian charities, schools, community groups, sporting clubs, and other not-for-profit organisations.

  • Supports raffles of ANY size
  • Easy to set up
  • Fully branded, customisable raffle website
  • Online and in-person sales
  • Payments by cash, card, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Real-time dashboards and analytics
  • Integration with social media, analytics, email marketing, and CRM systems
  • Digital prize draw
  • Expert customer support
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

Our Australian-based customer success team is focused on supporting our clients to achieve the best possible outcome with their raffle fundraising campaigns. In addition to providing regulatory and general raffle advice, our team can provide support and guidance on digital marketing and promotion.

RaffleTix is a licensed Commercial Raffle Organiser in Victoria (CRO Licence K18000027) and works closely with all the State and Territory regulators to ensure raffles are conducted in accordance with State and Territory regulations.

Contact the RaffleTix team on:
Phone 07 3040 3039

RaffleTix 07 3040 3039 ALL STATES
Digital Fundraising; Face to Face Fundraising; Telemarketing

If you want to engage a fundraising agency that is dedicated to an ethical approach while also delivering great results for your organisation, then Public Outreach Australia is the partner for you. Whenever we work with partners, clients or our people - our values are our driving force. We listen and engage, we motivate and elevate, we’re adaptive and effective

Public Outreach Australia is a Phone and Face-to-Face fundraising agency that has been delivering high quality donors to Australian charities for over a decade.

At Public Outreach Australia we pride ourselves on:

  • Delivering industry-leading fundraising results
  • Providing excellent Account Management and Data services.
  • Working collaboratively with our client partners to achieve the best outcomes
  • Creating an exemplary working experience for our fundraising staff

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss what Public Outreach Australia can do for you.

Contact: Karina Salih

Phone: 1800 870 570 or (03) 8669 1573



Public Outreach Consultancy Australia Pty Ltd
Public Outreach Consultancy Australia Pty Ltd 03 9642 4544 VIC
Consulting & Strategy; Data; Digital Fundraising; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications; Print & Mailing; Promotional Items & Merchandise 

Welcome to a different way of connecting with your donors

The Precision Group has long been recognised as a leader in supplying the not-for-profit sector with superior print and mail services. Our Fundraising division now encompasses strategic counsel and the best of donor communications.

The result? Precision is the only Australasian supplier of end-to-end solutions for donor communications.
All under the one roof.

Precision Fundraising works in partnership with fundraisers like you to deliver powerful, donor-centric communications that attract and retain loyal donors. It’s about connecting your organisation and supporters in ways that engage and inspire good and compassionate people to bring greater good into the world.

Delivering powerful, donor-centric communications to attract and retain life-long donors.
• Strategy
• Creative & Copy  • Media
• Research & Analytics
• Production  • Automation

Ask us about innovative strategies and creative solutions across your fundraising portfolio, including:
Acquisition | Retention | Stewardship | Regular Giving | Gifts in Wills

When you work with Precision, you will have access to a team of fundraising, creative and production experts with one focus: connecting causes that matter… with people who can make a difference.

Precision Group
Precision Group 03 9462 1774 VIC
Consulting & Strategy; Marketing & Communications Ponder & Partners Pty Ltd Ponder & Partners Pty Ltd 0410213840 -
Face to Face Fundraising

Connecting your brand with the public
Our face-to-face business model is designed to provide your business with quality customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. We work with your budget to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible. Contact PCA Group today to find out how we can help.

Contact Us:

Phone: (07) 5570 6758


PCA Group
PCA Group 07 5570 6700 QLD

Established in 2005, Pareto Phone is a leading tele-fundraising contact centre in Australia focussed on call quality, integrity, industry compliance, service delivery and innovation and we exist to make the world a better place, helping as many beneficiaries as possible.  We are focussed on delivering exceptional results to create sustainable fundraising income via the telephone on behalf of our charity partners. 

Using a data driven approach, we contact the right people at the right time to deliver the best financial outcome.  Our highly trained fundraisers create memorable and long-lasting connections with our charities’ supporters, and this is supported by best-in-class technology, reporting and a highly experienced team who drive continuous improvement.

Pareto Phone has offices situated in Fortitude Valley and Caloundra in QLD and the entire team also has the ability to work at home effectively, encouraging flexibility for the team and ensuring business performance is consistently achieved.

We offer a range of telemarketing services, including:

  • Regular Giving Conversion
    • Leads – Digital, Online, Inhouse (Active/Lapsed)
    • Event and Cash Supporters
  • Regular Giving Upgrade
  • Regular Giving Reactivation
  • Regular Giving Declines
  • Welcome and Verification Calling
  • Thank You Calling
  • Giving Day Cash Calling
  • Peer to Peer Event Fundraising Support Calling
  • Bequest Calling

We also offer a range of supporting services, including:

  • Client Monitoring Live Calls
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Post Call Surveys
  • Instant Payment & Tokenisation
  • RG Attrition Reporting
  • Deep Dive analytics
  • API Data Transfers
  • Address Validation
  • Tele-append
  • Call Recordings
  • Mail, Email & SMS Fulfilment, including instant email and SMS
  • SMS Engagement Journeys
  • Welcome Videos

Added value Bequests, Gift in Wills and Legacy conversations from Pareto Phone

Bequest, bequest, bequests – the future is in bequests! Imagine if after ever fundraising conversation, you were asked if you would like to receive more information or to have a conversation about leaving a Gift In Will, well good news those friendly folk at Pareto Phone have developed a simple and highly effective approach to acquire Gift in Will leads for free, yep added value / free.

We attach Post Call Survey to calls, via an automated system which asks two questions.

  1. Would you be interested in receiving or discussing a Gift in Will? Yes / No. Clients are receiving impressive leads (subject to campaign scale, between 5-30 leads per week) as the starting point of a GiW cycle. The leads at this stage are not qualified however as a free added value service starting point – strong ROI.
  2. How satisfied are you with the fundraiser you spoke with? Results see an impressive 4.6/5 since commencing in July – we believe that’s strong advocacy for your charity and a direct correlation with high performance at Pareto Phone.

Future phases of the survey calls will see adaptions of the questions, but let’s keep it simple for now.

If you want to talk to us about any telemarketing opportunities including bequests, then please reach out to:

Duncan Graham, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 0429 517 625


Pareto Phone Pty Ltd
Pareto Phone Pty Ltd 07 3015 4000 QLD
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Third Party Fundraising

Our purpose is to connect people that care with the causes that they care about.

We exist to help your charrity raise more money online.

Let us mobilise your supporters to campaign for change.

Your digital success is our goal. Let us train and mentor you.

Parachute Digital’s approach to building digital relationships is based on a framework of four core elements that we call the 4 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Fundamentals:

  • A good user experience
  • Compelling content
  • Behavioural data analysis
  • Integration with offline marketing

Quite simply, if you invest the time into understanding what your audience care about and create your digital experience around their needs, you will also achieve your business goals. These usually include building a healthy database and generating significant revenue through online channels.


Phone: (02) 9188 4493


Parachute Digital
Parachute Digital 02 9188 4493 TAS
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising

Phone: 1300 904 770


about ntegrity 

ntegrity is a modern fundraising agency specialising in the not for profit and for-purpose sector. 

Online is the largest new donor acquisition and fastest growing cash giving channel in Australia. But many not for profits are unsure or unable to harness this growth for themselves. 

That’s where we come in.  

From The Salvation Army to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, Diabetes Victoria, Compassion, Caritas, Make-A-Wish, Variety and Movember - ntegrity helps harness data, grow online communities, build innovative giving products, power-up campaigns and transform organisations from the inside out to make the most of the digital age. 

We do this through:

  • NextGen Fundraising Strategies
  • Digital and Technology Strategies
  • Campaign, Creative and Content
  • Digital & Fundraising Training

In 2019 we were honoured to have our work recognised by the Australian Marketing Institute, winning NFP Marketing of the Year, Customer Acquisition,  Campaign of the Year, and Agency of the Year. Our CEO, Richenda has been recognised as one of the top 25 most influential people in the NFP sector by Pro Bono News.

ntegrity 1300 904 770 VIC

Nigel Harris and Associates works with boards and executive teams to solve challenges around philanthropy and fundraising, engagement in giving and strategic execution.

Unlock your fundraising leadership advantage
Nigel Harris and Associates provides advisory and consulting services, drawing on decades of practical experience in philanthropy and fundraising leadership. We offer expertise and insights into governance, executive leadership and applied fundraising practice. Our approach is curious and thought-provoking. We challenge what is known about philanthropy and fundraising, and think differently to solve problems.

Leadership builds success

Fundraising leadership goes beyond fundraising practices and programs. It looks at why you raise money and what social issue you are serving. Successful organisations have strong fundraising leaders at senior levels. These leaders develop expertise in fundraising and make the case for investment in fundraising. These leaders are also supported at Board and executive level. They champion new thinking and strategies to deliver long-term sustainable outcomes. They plan for the future, working to retain staff and build their skills.

Strengthen your culture of philanthropy

Nigel Harris and Associates helps not-for-profit and fundraising organisations become more successful through philanthropic and fundraising leadership. Philanthropy is more than just giving money. It is framed around how donors see themselves, their relationship with others, and their aspirations for a better world. Fundraising is more than just the action of raising funds. It requires deep thinking and exploration of ideas. It should look at outcomes and impacts, not just outputs.

A new approach to take you forward

Nigel Harris and Associates helps leaders shift traditional thinking and reconsider how success is measured. We begin by listening deeply and building a solid understanding of your organisation and challenges. We ask questions that lead to new insights, and develop strategies guided by research, experience and teaching. We help you build leadership capacity in fundraising, and support team members who are ready to learn and grow.

Contact Us:

Phone: 0407 628 605


Nigel Harris & Associates
Nigel Harris & Associates - -
Consulting & Strategy

Our Mission

Noble Ambition is an Australian leader in fundraising strategy and capacity building in the for-purpose sector. We provide strategic advice and bespoke fundraising consultancy to Boards and executives to equip you with the capacity, confidence and strategy to achieve your organisation’s vision and create lasting and powerful change through philanthropy. Our vision is to see billions of new philanthropic monies invested in the for-purpose sector to achieve transformational social impact.

Our Clients

We work directly with Boards, executives and philanthropists to articulate vision, develop strategy and build capacity. We engage with people who share our values, think strategically and are willing to do the work in a collaborative way. Our clients hail from diverse sectors – including health, education, advocacy organisations, arts and culture, environment and social services – all with a common goal to achieve transformational social impact for the communities they represent.

Our Approach

Our agile and highly sophisticated team works closely with clients to meet their strategic goals. From Board coaching and leadership development to developing integrated major gifts campaigns, our fundraising consultancy draws on our extensive experience in the sector to help clients wherever you are in your fundraising and philanthropy journey. Energising, inclusive and collaborative, our clients know that we’re committed and ready to collectively achieve results.


Noble Ambition
Noble Ambition - NSW

NGO Recruitment

Specialists in fundraising and development recruitment 

Australia – Asia Pacific – International

At NGO Recruitment, we have an unrivalled understanding of the local and international fundraising industry and the ever-more-sophisticated fundraising skills required to achieve strategic and financial targets.

Before establishing NGO Recruitment in 2004, our founder Richard Green was a senior fundraising and membership director for Greenpeace Australia , UNICEF Australia, The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, The Inspire Foundation and the Australian Direct Marketing Association. Richard and his team of specialised senior recruitment consultants have literally recruited thousands of fundraising professionals across all of the disciplines.

We are therefore in regular contact with Australia’s highly-skilled fundraising talent pool – from the senior fundraising directors, to the graduates entering the sector for the first time – and are in a unique position to source and place successful long-term candidates.

With the well-known shortage of talented fundraising professionals across all specialties, permanent senior fundraising roles can often take many weeks to fill. We therefore offer high-quality temporary and contract fundraisers to fill the gap and to also meet the demand of time sensitive fundraising campaigns.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and a presence in the Asia Pacific, our experienced consultants work as a national and international team recruiting across metropolitan and regional Australia and into the Asia Pacific region sourcing candidates internationally.

Sydney head office: 02 8243 0570

Melbourne: 03 8080 8978

Brisbane:  07 5530 8066

Asia Pacific & Africa: +61 (0) 408 629 107

NGO Recruitment
NGO Recruitment 02 8243 0570 NSW
Consulting & Strategy

More Impact: Transforming Experiences for Charitable Growth

More Impact is a consultancy solely focused on experience management for charities. We take the cutting-edge practices from the commercial world and apply them to the charitable sector, with the goal of growing your overall income and capacity to deliver your mission by building strong engagement with your supporters. As part of the More Strategic group, we collaborate with experts in various fields to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our proprietary methodology, IDEAS, is designed to help your organisation create exceptional experiences that engage and inspire your supporters. With our expertise in supporter journey mapping, omni-channel engagement strategies, and data-driven insights, we empower your team to foster meaningful connections and maximise your impact. We work closely with you to understand the needs, motivations, and expectations of your supporters, leveraging thorough research, data analysis, engagement metrics and surveys – we call this O, X, Y & Z data. This enables us to identify key touchpoints and develop strategies that optimise each interaction, ultimately enhancing the supporter experience and strengthening their commitment to your cause.

To support your organisation further, we have developed a suite of products, including Supporter View. This tool categorises the relationship stage of each supporter, from attract to spark, sustain, cultivate, fanatics, and reignite. This approach allows you to break down silos and design tailored experiences based on supporter segments, such as regular givers, while maintaining a holistic view of your organisation's supporter landscape.

In addition, we regularly facilitate gatherings of sector leaders to foster knowledge sharing and strengthen our collective understanding. These gatherings provide opportunities for all participants to learn and grow, contributing to the continuous improvement of our sector.

We invite you to participate in our ongoing studies and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the charitable sector. Your participation will help us deepen our understanding and enable all organisations to perform better, ultimately making a greater impact in the world we serve.

Supporter View

Collaborating closely with charitable organisations, we aim to provide a comprehensive view of your supporter database. To achieve this, we consolidate various data sources to create a unified view of each supporter. By integrating O data, which comprises operational data typically gathered through your CRM, X data, which includes experience data such as email engagement, Y data, consisting of motivational data obtained from surveys to understand why they give, and Z data, appended based on postcode to enrich our profiles, we generate detailed supporter profiles.

These profiles enable us to offer specific insights by product, channel, and audience, all with the ultimate goal of cultivating greater lifetime value over time. We then work with you on your experience management strategy with supporters to grow your income. We are also in our first year of establishing a leadership group focused on experience management so get in touch if you’re interested to join.

Gifts in Wills Moves Management

In collaboration with leading charities, we have profiled over 100,000 leads for gifts in Wills and examined 7,000 realised estates. Our ongoing effort involves recording and profiling our supporters every six months, allowing us to track their journey from acquisition to consideration, intention, and confirmed bequestors. Through this comprehensive analysis, we gain valuable insights into the factors that drive success in securing bequests. By understanding these dynamics, we can help you make informed decisions, with key metrics for forecasts and implement effective strategies to cultivate and maximize support through gifts in Wills.

Cost of living public study

We are conducting a public study in partnership with Fundraising Institute Australia to monitor supporter behaviours, engagement, and topical issues, specifically focusing on the cost of living. Our aim is to stay up to date on supporter attitudes and provide valuable insights that will keep you at the forefront of understanding. Every 6-mths we survey public attitudes and provide your charity an opportunity to ask specific questions to drive your strategy. Join us to stay informed about current trends and projecting likely outcomes, equipping you with the essential knowledge to navigate the future with confidence. You can participate in one round of research or on-going as part of the study.

Contact our support team today for more information!




More Impact
More Impact 0402 450 451 NSW


We specialise in true bluehonest and respectable telephone fundraising for a range of Australian and New Zealand charities. We’ve spent 17 years  building our reputation and communicating causes which matter to people who care. In this time, we’ve learnt a great deal – Such as, if you support a charity, you deserve respect and enormous gratitude. That our team of fundraisers are equally deserving; their conversations are a catalyst for change.

People who care, stick around for a long time, they benefit more and care more

Our forte is high quality telephone contact.  Regular Giving Campaigns are a particular focus along with Gift in Wills / Bequest Calling. We offer a range of telephone fundraising campaigns, and we’re always keen to hear your ideas, successes and challenges:

Telephone Campaigns include:

  • Bequest Calling
  • Regular Giving Acquisition
  • Regular Giving Conversion
  • Regular Giving Upgrade
  • Regular Giving Reactivation
  • Regular Giving Declines
  • Welcome Calling
  • Thank You & Nurture Calling
  • Child Sponsorship

If you are keen to ask some question or would like to chat, please contact us.

To get in touch, contact:

Cristian O’Sullivan, Client Service Director

Phone: +61 420 640 933



Mondial Fundraising Communications Pty Ltd
Mondial Fundraising Communications Pty Ltd 02 8001 3001 NSW
Consulting & Strategy

More Strategic is Australia’s leading fundraising, research and experience management consultancy specialising in insight-driven strategies for not-for-profits. More Strategic has conducted research on behalf of many of Australia’s largest and most respected charities. We have a particular passion for collaborative research that is beneficial to the whole charity sector.

Fundraising Strategy

Experience Management

Marketing & Research

To speak with someone specific: | 0435 306 202 | 0404 041 021
Or send us an email at: enquiries@lisamorestrategic-com-au


More Growth Pty Ltd
More Growth Pty Ltd 02 9987 2275 NSW
Promotional Items & Merchandise 

Momentary is a Melbourne-based video production company that uses storytelling for social impact (and we're proud to be a certified B Corp).

We tell meaningful stories that strive to make audiences feel something. In doing so, we have helped many inspiring not-for-profit organisations promote their work, raise funds, and advocate for the things that matter most.

In the past, we have been lucky to partner with the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Launch Housing, Anglicare Victoria, Guide Dogs Victoria, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, The Smith Family, Epworth Healthcare, VicRoads, RMIT University, Zoos Victoria, and many more. 

If you'd like to find out more or chat about your own video production ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

Michael Johnston - Founder & Creative Director


P: 0437 973 304


Momentary 0437 973 304 VIC
Data; Telemarketing

MaxContact delivers an advanced communications platform to revolutionize your donor experience.

Since launching in Australia, we have partnered with many fundraising clients to empower them to increase their revenue. This success has resulted in fundraising being the largest industry vertical for MaxContact in Australia.

MaxContact is a trusted supplier, and our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure a successful partnership.

Product Highlights

  • Best on market dialler technology – proven to increase connections and enable better conversations and increase revenues.
  • PCI Payments – Level 1 PCI Compliance to ensure card security is protected.
  • Advanced Analytics – Granular real time and historical reports empower you to make the best business decisions.
  • Speech Analytics – Automatic analyze every call and be alerted of any potential compliance or traning issues.
  • Plus, much, much, more!

Why MaxContact?

  • Australian based support team.
  • Locally hosted securely in Microsoft Azure.
  • Local account management.
  • Regular product updates – free of charge.
  • 5* reviewed product with a collection of success stories with Australian fundraisers.

Contact Us;

MaxContact Australia
MaxContact Australia 07 5329 4785 QLD

Marlow Recruitment is one of the leading executive search firms with specific expertise, working predominantly across Education, For-Purpose (Not-for-Profit), and SME sectors.

Marlow Recruitment was founded by Executive Search professional, Sharon Marlow, on the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency for both clients and candidates alike.

Specialising in both permanent and contract Executive Search in partnership with many long-term clients, we have formed deep relationships with both candidates and clients, which has provided Marlow Recruitment with extensive market knowledge and intelligence.

Marlow Recruitment is committed to delivering successful outcomes to all stakeholders. Our philosophy is to consistently exceed expectations and to compel people to repeatedly do business with us. This has resulted in both clients and candidates repeatedly using our services.

Our expertise and proven track record, networks, and market reach, combined with our post-placement service, commitment and depth of experience enables us to add value beyond recruitment. This includes advice on salary trends, employee relations, industry trends and employment contract related matters.

Our clients appreciate the independent view that is informed by our experience and ability, as well as our proven professional processes. They know we will act in their best interests with integrity and complete confidentiality.

We have an extensive network of key contacts and therefore we can identify the best possible candidates, quickly and discreetly.

Click here to learn more.

Connect with Sharon and Brittany on LinkedIn.

For more information, contact Sharon or Brittany via or

Marlow Recruitment
Marlow Recruitment - ALL STATES

At Marketsoft, we believe in Customer-First Data, or for Australian NFPs, Donor-First Data. This is the first step to truly understanding your donors and the benefits that come with that knowledge. It’s how you manage donor data, the way you look at it, and what you do to act on it.

We’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of commercial businesses unlock their customer-first data, including, Commonwealth Bank, NSW Revenue, 3M, Jurlique, Service NSW, and many more! Using commercial best practice, along with 30 years + experience, Marketsoft, is here to help the NFP world create enduring donor relationships, through data management.

We are the engine that powers LemonTree, and we are proud to have worked with the likes of Dementia Australia, The Salvation Army, The Royal Hospital for Women, Jewish House, and Children’s Hospital Foundation QLD.

On a mission to help charities grow, our team can help you to manage and utilise donor data through our vast IP in strategy, CRM solutions, data analysis and science.

Next steps:

If you’d like to build value for both your donors and your cause, please contact our Senior Account Manager Hamish Martin:


Phone: +612 9432 7405

Marketsoft Services
Marketsoft Services 02 9432 7414 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; Marketing & Communications

Like you, we are here to help change the world.

Marlin Communications is Australia’s largest creative digital agency that works solely with organisations dedicated to changing the world.

We’re also a bunch of people with shared values.
Our team of strategists, creatives, project managers, developers and digital experts have extensive experience working in-house at some of the world’s biggest charities and at mainstream advertising agencies.

We know what it takes to create a global brand, we know how to develop immersive digital solutions and we know how it feels to manage a fundraising campaign from the inside. In fact, in 2020, Marlin Communications helped raise over $41 million for charities across Australia.

At Marlin we’re experts in: donor acquisition, digital attraction strategy, website development, digital marketing, community and peer-to-peer fundraising, regular giving, multi-channel campaigns and appeals, corporate giving, charity branding, major and mid level donor strategies, Gifts in Wills and strategic planning.
With experience, thought and skill we help charities create communications that can offer communities the chance to create the world they want, for them and their families.
We are proudly certified B-Corporation and Carbon Neutral.

Contact us:

02 9698 9111

Marlin Communications
Marlin Communications 02 9698 9111 NSW
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Kenshi Life Changing Candles is an inspiring story of a 14 year old boy wanting to make a real difference in the world. Liam started a Social Enterprise and created a “perfect” candle of the highest possible quality.

Since 2019, due to growing demand every candle has been hand poured in Melbourne by refugees from Myanmar providing desperately needed income to support family and friends still living under harsh military regime.

After 4 years and 40,000 candles sold, Kenshi Candles have helped raise over $300,000 for hundreds of causes.

Contact Us:

T: 1300 143 358


Make A Difference Community Pty Ltd t/a Kenshi Life Changing Candles
Make A Difference Community Pty Ltd t/a Kenshi Life Changing Candles 1300 143 358 ALL STATES
Lotteries & Auctions

RaffleLink is Australia’s leading online raffle resource for not-for-profit organisations. We provide access to an online raffle platform normally reserved for only large charities, without you having to purchase the software.

We understand that running a raffle can be a drain on resources, so our online raffle service is designed to handle all of the day to day management of your raffle so that you can focus on your end goal – promoting your cause and fundraising!

 More than a digital platform, it is a complete raffle service for time-poor fundraisers:

• Permit Advice
• Raffle Management
• Promotional Resources

Our focus is offering personalized service, regulation compliance and maximizing your sales.

Learn How RaffleLink Works in a short 1min video

Consider a stand-alone raffle or boost special events such as a Gala Ball, High Tea/Luncheon, Festival or Fun Run. Easily enable corporates or individuals to fundraise on your behalf.

For Faster, Easier, Affordable Fundraising get in touch today

Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd T/A RaffleLink
Lighthouse Group Pty Ltd T/A RaffleLink 0428 734 714 ALL STATES; QLD

We are experienced digital marketers with a combined 25 years in the industry.

With a brand design and digital marketing agency also under our umbrella, we understand end-to-end marketing, and we’re passionate about helping businesses maximise their marketing ROI.

By guiding our clients on their marketing journey, we’ve come to appreciate the positive difference that high-quality leads can make toward a client achieving their goal.

But, generating leads is no easy task. When we started, there was no established best practice for maximising the convertibility of a lead list.

We are results-driven, so we know that to help our clients generate leads, we have to do it the right way: with conversion at top of mind.

So, we set out to revolutionise lead generation.

When we created our unique formula for sales and marketing lead generation services, Lead Lists was born.

Our philosophy is simple: more intelligent leads = more conversions and return on investment.

Our robust lead generation system will help you hit your targets with ease.

Contact Us:

P: 1300 535 397



Lead Lists Data Solutions
Lead Lists Data Solutions 1300 535 397 VIC

At LemonTree, we help Australian NFP’s to understand, grow, acquire, activate, and improve their donors, using best-practice data science and Collaborative Insights Technology (CIT).

With the help of almost 100 members, we’ve built the country’s largest and richest data collaborative. Collecting and analysing the collaborative information from our members allows you to increase your understanding of your own donor behaviour, and essentially leverage this knowledge to connect more meaningfully with donors.

With an FIA Award for Excellence in fundraising, we’ve helped Bush Heritage, Australian Red Cross, Guide Dogs, UNICEF, and hundreds of other purposeful charities achieve their giving goals.

LemonTree, is powered by our parent company, Marketsoft, and our data management services, that have been helping NFP’s and commercial businesses since 1988.

Next steps:

For an obligation free chat or quote about LemonTree’s range of fundraising solutions please contact Joel Nicholson:


Phone: +612 9432 7401

Access our free resources:

LemonTree 02 9432 7414 NSW
Print & Mailing

We’re passionate about visual communications.

We have been providing print and mail services across Australia for almost 50 years, so we know how to do it exceptionally well. We are the preferred supplier of promotional and transactional print for many local, state and federal government instrumentalities, as well as healthcare organisations and large retail groups.

Our four service divisions of LaneIMPACT, LanePRINT, LanePOST and LaneSMART allow us to deliver customer communications effectively, consistently and seamlessly across multiple channels. We can produce everything from direct mail print campaigns, brochure printing, book printing, large format displays and signage, through to digital communication tools such as SMS and email blasts.

The Lane journey in print communications began in 1971 with the purchase of a small printing company, DG & B Paul, and the establishment of Lane Bros. Printers. This was the beginning of a consistent culture of continual improvement, innovation and steady growth.

Employing over 70 staff nationally, our head office and main production facilities operate out of South Australia, with our highly experienced sales team managing key accounts across the country.

From our modest beginnings in 1971, we have remained at the forefront of technology, providing our customers with effective visual communications, over both print and digital channels. During our founding years, we acquired one of the largest commercial printing businesses in South Australia. Shortly after, we purchased the major digital printing and mailing company in the Australian Capital Territory. We are now one of the most substantial privately-owned printing, mailing and digital communications companies in Australia.

Our core objectives are simple: by providing consistent quality and innovation in visual communications, we aim to be an integral influence in the prosperity, positive promotion and professional presentation of our customers.

Contact us:

Adelaide: (08) 8179 9900

Melbourne: (03) 8371 0036


Lane Communications
Lane Communications 08 8179 9900 SA
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Laundry Lane specialises in creating engaging video content for the NFP and health sector.

Video plays such an important role in health communication – video can inform, inspire, educate and emote. As health advocates, we understand the communication challenges of this specialist area. 

We listen to our clients and deliver video content that addresses their objectives and strengthens their connection with their target audience.

We call it ‘video with heart’.

We offer a range of creative services to develop the best content for your organisation. We use real footage, animation and motion graphics to create:

  •  engaging campaign videos for social media
  •  authentic and emotive case study videos
  •  powerful 'call to action' fundraising videos

There are so many exciting mediums to make your video stand out from the crowd.

At Laundry Lane, we are driven by the things we love; uncovering the emotion and human angle in a story, conducting interviews with sensitivity and compassion and drawing out those unexpected gems that make a video (and your audience) light up

We approach everything we do from the perspective of the audience. We first understand who they are, and what drives and motivates them. Only then can we create great content.

contact: Alexandra Cordukes (m) 0422291734

Laundry Lane
Laundry Lane 0422 291 734 NSW
Lotteries & Auctions

Jumbo Interactive is a technology company, that develops solutions within the lottery sector: our mission is to “make lottery easy”; and our vision is to the be “the number 1 choice in digital lottery and services”. Our activities span Australia, the UK, Canada, and the USA and touch in-excess of 4million people, across not-for-profit organisations and Government organisations. Our solutions include lottery / raffle software, marketing and retailing alongside managed lottery / raffle services.

Our company was established in 1995; is listed on the ASX; employs ~250 people and is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Contact us

07 3831 3705

Jumbo Interactive
Jumbo Interactive 07 3831 3705 QLD
Data; Recruitment/Employment; Telemarketing

Our vision is to create an environment where businesses can grow, business owners can gain back valuable time and help people find their happy ever after in the right job.

At Innerworks, we help find the solutions to the innerworkings of your business. This can be in the form of support to your business, finding the right people, helping sell your products or services and much more.

We pride ourselves on our industry experience and love helping other businesses and business owners grow and succeed.

In every aspect of our business, we challenge the market and the traditions of the industry. With this we bring innovation, change and success that works for the modern day business.

Innerworks Business Solutions provides a wide range of services that can support your business at a variety of levels.

  • Administration assistance
  • Specialist recruitment
  • Telephone support


Contact: M: 0434 633 761

Sydney: (02) 4038 1611

Innerworks Business Solutions
Innerworks Business Solutions 0435 225 392 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; Other

Inspired Adventures is Australia and New Zealand's leading travel and fundraising agency. We are a philanthropic, whole-heart B Corp that connects worthy causes with people seeking life-changing adventures. Since 2004, we have partnered with over 350 charities to send 8,000 supporters around the globe to take on physical challenges, raising $45 million and counting. We manage the development, marketing assets, recruitment, and fundraising support for your adventure, so you know you're in good hands to maximise fundraising outcomes and put on a memorable event that will turn your supporters into lifelong advocates.


Phone: 1300 905 188


Inspired Adventures Pty Ltd
Inspired Adventures Pty Ltd 1300 905 188 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy

Impactinstitute exists to increase the impact and sustainability of social sector leaders, organisations and the teams involved in the delivery of programs and services.

Founded in 2008, Impactinstitute offers tailored advice from an impressive ecosystem of senior leaders and specialists with decades of experience in the social sector. We host regular consumer-oriented expos and events, as well as opportunities designed for social sector professionals, including leader forums, to keep the sector connected and learning for the greater good.

Aged care, disability, education, animal welfare, and social justice organisations rely on our insight-driven approach and experience.

Impactinstitute has developed a set of tools and processes to guide and support your organisation through insight to impact.

Contact us:

(02) 8355 3130

Impactinstitute Pty Ltd
Impactinstitute Pty Ltd 02 8355 3130 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Copy Writing; CRM; Data; Digital Fundraising; Events & Community; Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing; Third Party Fundraising

icause is a new concept that is revolutionizing how we fundraise in Australia. It is a first-of-its-kind online crowdfunding platform that will help you get more donations than ever through our unique option to Switch and Donate.

If you are struggling with supporter fatigue or your donors have reached their budget for charitable donations, icause is the solution. You can now raise upwards of $500. Supporters can donate without spending a cent. They simply upload a utility bill for comparison, and if they choose to switch to a new provider, a donation is made in their name to your campaign. They get to save on their bills and support your cause at the same time. It’s a win-win!

There is also the option to donate the traditional way using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and Google Pay.

icause is perfect for all types of charity campaigns, big and small. You can create short campaigns to reach a specific goal, plan fundraising events or set up a dedicated page for ongoing fundraising. The platform does it all for you, with the option to reach your supporters via SMS or email through your icause dashboard, share your fundraiser on social media or use a unique QR code on your posters and flyers to send people straight to your fundraising page.

Your fully customized dashboard and icause app also make it easy to track donations, process payments, engage your followers with updates and manage your fundraiser from anywhere at any time.

Setting up an icause campaign is fast, free and simple. Visit for more information and kick-start your fundraising today.

Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Events & Community; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

We are creative communicators. We specialise in connecting with you and working as an extension of your team. The impact of your work matters as much to us as it does to you!

We want to help you find new donors, show them how important they are, and raise critical funds for the incredible work your charity is doing to change the world. After all, all we want to do is make the world a better place.

We can help you with all facets of your communications:

-      Appeals

-      Community/Peer to Peer Events

-      Donor Journeys

-      Content and communications

-      Bequests

-      Positioning and Branding

-      Major Donor Communications and Proposals

-      Program Reviews and Strategy

-      Digital Appeals, Campaigns and Acquisition Programs

We are a small team so you speak to the person working on your project. We are passionate about working with charities who are making a difference because we want to help make that impact even greater.

Hello Fundraising
Hello Fundraising 0450 577 366 NSW
Digital Fundraising

HomeMade Digital is here to help you transform your digital fundraising, supporter experience and technology.

How can I raise more online?
We can optimise your donor journey by improving the UX, adding new payment service providers or integrating with modern CRM / CDP systems.

Need to launch a large-scale emergency or TV appeal? We specialise in supplying high-performance secure donation platforms.

Need help with social content and digital acquisition?
We can nurture your current supporters with targeted, relevant and respectful campaigns. And present your mission to new donors / fundraisers.

Let’s bring your mission and stories to life with engaging relevant and creative social assets, experiences and community management optimised to your key platforms.

Seeking more supporters? We help you to shape and manage effective digital-first donor or lead acquisition. Need some fundraising event participants? We create and operate integrated marketing campaigns to attract well-qualified new fundraisers.

What can I do to make my fundraising tech work better?
Very few things are more annoying than data issues or tech that hampers your ability to raise as much as possible for your mission. We stop these things getting in the way.

Together we can replace your legacy tools, implement new payment providers and commission secure, robust modern cloud hosting. We’ll also craft custom data integrations and beautiful supporter experiences based on either HomeMade’s own or third party platforms.

How can I improve my fundraising events?
Community events and challenges are not only brilliant retention tools, but also highly cost-effective acquisition opportunities. Rather than just celebrating sending everyone a t-shirt, our events focus on supporter appreciation and very strong fundraising results.

We’ll work with you to review existing performance and recommend areas in need of a refresh. We create, run and optimise award-winning virtual, hybrid (virtual and real-world) and physical challenge fundraising experiences for large and innovative organisations.

Is there a way to enhance my supporter engagement?
We know how important it is to drive higher levels of recruitment, retention and fundraising activation at the moment. We also know it can be hard when platforms or volume of contacts make that hard to do.

We’re all about helping you to recognise and reward your supporters through world-class personalised engagement strategies based upon marketing automation, across email, phone and SMS.

Data-informed insights and clever robot AI mix effortlessly with behavioural science nudges and creative copy to raise you more money.

Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 9133 4092


HomeMade Digital Australia
HomeMade Digital Australia 02 9133 4092 QLD
Events & Community; Third Party Fundraising
Beautiful websites

Grassrootz can design and build beautiful websites, quickly and cost effectively. We have an awesome team of designers and developers and a professional approach to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Custom application development

Grassrootz can build robust and highly scalable applications for your business. We employ agile methodology and work in a range of programming languages.

Custom email journeys

The Grassrootz team can develop end to end bespoke email journeys for your events using our extensive expertise and powerful technology. We work collaboratively with our organisations to create emails that highlight their cause and leverage fundraising best practice, resulting in better fundraising outcomes and participant engagement.

AWS and Azure Optimisation

Grassrootz’ developers have built ultra reliable and scalable solutions for some of the largest fundraising campaigns in the world. We are very familiar with how to optimise cloud infrastructure, especially AWS and Azure, and we can help you get the most out of your installation – and save you money while doing so.

Social media

Need to amplify what you are doing through social media but aren’t sure of the best approach? Grassrootz works with a range of professional agency partners, and we’re happy to recommend someone who can help.

Grassrootz - ALL STATES
Digital Fundraising; Fundraising - Events & Community; Marketing & Communications

Address: Suite 508, 19a Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay, NSW 2011

Phone:  1 300 889 272 



GoFundraise is Australia's leading online fundraising platform. They help over 1,000 non-profits leverage the internet, social media and mobile to reach more people, raise more funds and reduce the cost of fundraising. Visit GoFundraise to experience the most powerful and completely integrated digital fundraising tools and see why the leading charities and events are making the move to GoFundraise.

GoFundraise Pty Ltd
GoFundraise Pty Ltd 1300 889 272 NSW
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Global Philanthropic was founded in Hong Kong in 2002. In fewer than 20 years, Global Philanthropic has built a network with worldwide reach. With each new office we have been able to assist more organisations; as we have widened our network we have helped connect more people to create more impact.

We combine insight and experience to deliver specialist advice and guidance to philanthropists and fundraisers. We enable everyone to coordinate their actions to achieve greater potential and power the changes the world needs.

We are ambitious for our clients, helping them to see the potential for greater impact, or bigger outcomes. Developing stretching targets, and effective strategies to achieve them, we instil belief, backed up with proven ability to make connections and realise the vision.

Altogether, we aim to achieve the improbable every day. We are driven by a strong sense of purpose, an awareness of the need for action, and a willingness to take responsibility to make sure that more of what is right gets done.

We have served more than 300 clients of all kinds, from health care research and treatment to education and world-class arts organisations. We have advised foundations tackling hunger, poverty and disease on a global scale, and philanthropists seeking to improve trauma outcomes.


Global Philanthropic
Global Philanthropic 02 8324 7585 ALL STATES

GIG (Global Interactive Group) is an outsource sales agency that provides customer acquisition solutions.

Our expertise lies in people-to-people fundraising, including residential canvassing, events, B2B, and call centre services. Within our call centre, we work with cold leads, warm leads, previous customers for reactivations, and welcome calls.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have honed our skills in sales strategies and techniques, and as we continue to evolve, we focus on growth, education, training and development.

According to our clients, what sets us apart is our commitment to the training and development of our team members and our collaborative approach to meeting our client's needs. In fact, internally grown talent makes up 90% of our organisation. GIG is committed to finding solutions that align with our clients' and business requirements, and our ethos is rooted in fostering solid relationships built on integrity, respect, and performance.

Global Interactive Group
Global Interactive Group 07 5570 3337 -
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Giving Architects Australia is a trusted advisor, designing & delivering bespoke giving solutions to the for-purpose sector that enable you to deliver transformational impact to people & planet. Built on decades of combined experience, Giving Architects understands the needs, nuances, unique characteristics and cultural aspects of philanthropy and impact investment in Australia and New Zealand. At Giving Architects we have a strong foundation and commitment to working together with our clients to provide exceptional fundraising solutions. With an experienced team based across Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to working with you to achieve your goals.

The Giving Architects Australia team brings specialist expertise in healthcare and medical research, education, social service, and community development. Our suite of services include;

  • Sector specific fundraising program approaches and solutions
  • Fundraising strategy development and tactical planning
  • Fundraising sustainability and growth advisory services
  • Capital campaigns, major donor, and bequest programmes
  • Feasibility studies and stakeholder engagement
  • Designing and delivering impact investments

Contact us

PO Box 7727, East Brisbane, QLD  4169

m: +61 407 628 605


Giving Architects Australia Pty Ltd
Giving Architects Australia Pty Ltd 0407 628 605 QLD
Digital Fundraising; Lotteries & Auctions Givergy Givergy 83167800 ALL STATES

GiveTel was founded over 10 years ago by a small group of friends with the aim of making exceptional quality phone calls and raising millions of dollars for our fantastic charity partners.

Our fundraisers hit the phones each day and speak to thousands of generous Australians that have indicated that they care about the causes we represent – whether that’s saving the environment, protecting kids from online bullying, saving endangered native wildlife like the Koala and Platypus, or one of the many other worthy causes we fundraise for.

We know that by focusing on quality, we will deliver the best possible results.

How can we assist you?

  • Guaranteed quality interactions with your supporters
  • Sector expertise in Regular Giving acquisition and retention, as well as Gifts In Wills, RG Upgrades, Lapsed Reactivation calling, plus welcome and thank you calls.
  • Proven sustained results from highly skilled tele-fundraisers
  • First class account and data management and analysis

Call us on 02 8288 4200 and let’s start a conversation today.

GiveTel 02 8288 4200 ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA
CRM; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications

GivePanel makes Facebook fundraising easier. 

It has all the advanced tools for fundraising for charities that you wish Facebook did; supercharging how you track and compile data, run virtual events, steward your supporters and raise more for your cause. 

With our hands-on support, dedicated Customer Support Manager, comprehensive playbook and learnings from over 400 global customers, we’ll help you become the social fundraising rockstar of your organization. And you'll be in good company as we already work with some of the biggest nonprofits in Australia and across the globe. 

Find out how GivePanel can help you raise more money on Facebook by booking a call with one of our social fundraising specialists today!

GivePanel - ALL STATES
Copy Writing; Data; Digital Fundraising; Events & Community; Face to Face Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Other; Promotional Items & Merchandise ; Third Party Fundraising

GiveGet is a platform that gives recognition to donors by offering them rewards, such as discounts to online stores.

We have some great retail partners ready to acknowledge your donors including The Iconic, Farfetch, MJ Bale, Lego, HelloFresh, Wrangler, Crocs, FILA, HiSmile, Camilla, McoBeauty, Mizuno, Bloomingdales, Bed Bath n' Table, P.E. Nation, Booktopia and many more!

Benefits of using GiveGet include:

  • Get 100% of each donation 
  • Free and easy to sign up and use
  • Minimise risk with donations made through GiveGet
  • Tap into younger demographics
  • Leverage the 43.9B online retail market into donors
  • Encourage and give recognition to those who donate

If you would like to tap into a whole new world of donors and put a booster rocket on what matters most, find out more by reaching out to

GiveGet AU
GiveGet AU 0407 786 793 ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Proudly Australia’s #1 end-of-life services site

Simplifying end-of-life services for everyone
We started Gathered Here in 2017 to help vulnerable families compare funeral directors and make better decisions.

Since then we’ve launched a 100% free Will-writing service and established Australia's lowest-cost national probate firm.

We’re here to make end-of-life services simpler and more accessible for everyone.


Gathered Here
Gathered Here - NSW

Gembridge focuses on executive search and recruitment in the 'for purpose' sector, including education, health, research, advocacy, social enterprises, arts & culture, environment & sustainability, welfare, philanthropic foundations, membership groups, peak bodies and B Corps. 

In FUNDRAISING, Gembridge partners with not-for-profits on recruitment projects including Leadership, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Marketing, Communications and Operations. 

Gembridge provides services Australia-wide and connects its diverse network with organisations that make a positive impact. We use progressive recruitment processes and assessments together with curiosity, sound judgment, ‘out of the box’ thinking, genuine interest, and industry knowledge. 

The Gembridge team works closely with clients and candidates to achieve excellent recruitment and retention outcomes across a range of positions at all levels, including Chief Executives, Directors, General Manager, Head of / Lead Managers, Team Leaders, Specialists, Generalists, Co-ordinators and Officers. 

As a Certified BCorp, Gembridge Australia is a business as a force for good. Gembridge meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

For more information, contact us on 03 8375 9661 or 

Follow Gembridge on LinkedIn  

Visit Gembridge’s website 

Gembridge 0438 340 270 VIC
Digital Fundraising; Events & Community

Funraisin allows you to take your fundraising to the next level with a full suite of digital fundraising tools that drives conversion, enables modern payment methods and empowers your organisation to create personalised giving and participation experiences.

Built in Australia by a passionate team of industry professionals, Funraisin supports charities, universities, schools and foundations across the world with:

- Peer to peer fundraising
- DIY community fundraising
- In memory & tribute pages
- Giving Days
- Facebook and social fundraising
- Appeals
- Regular Giving
- Raffles
- Ticketing
- Virtual Gifts and ecards
- Merchandise sales
- Brand websites (all-in-one website and fundraising)

Funraisin has out-of-the-box integrations to CRM tools (Salesforce, Raisers Edge NXT), Marketing Automation (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Autopilot) tracking and analytics and optimisation products.

Remain confident in the security of your data. Funraisin have an expert security team with decades of experience in safeguarding financial and PII data in the noprofit and banking sectors.

The platform is backed up by an in-house professional services team, made up of seasoned digital production and fundraising experts, and 24hr weekday support with industry leading response times. We’re here to help you achieve new levels of fundraising success.

We’d love you to hear from one of our customers

Funraisin as a platform is robust and flexible, easy to navigate, scalable and customizable - allowing us to showcase our brand. Most importantly, they were a delight to work with - providing expert advice as well as being responsive, honest and supportive. 
Amelia, Wayside Chapel

Have a chat with one of our experts, we’d love to hear from you :)

Courtney Evans
+61 2 9054 2100

Doug Hussey
+61 2 9054 2100

Funraisin 02 9054 2100 ALL STATES
Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Information is vital for fundraisers: whether you are developing a major gift program, learning more about your existing donors or seeking new prospects, our expert research services can help you

At FR&C we specialise in prospect research on individuals, companies, and foundations for clients across the non-profit sector - charities, the arts, education, welfare, the environment, healthcare, and human rights

FR&C services:


Our data screening service is used by universities, health charities, hospitals, schools and not for profits across Australia. Visit our website to find out how we can help you identify the major gift prospects, including PAF trustees, in your existing donor, alumni, volunteer and other networks . Now available in New Zealand as well as Australia.


Our online searchable database of donations and donors to nonprofits in Australia. It's designed to help fundraisers and researchers in the not-for-profit sector to find good information on philanthropic giving in Australia – without spending hours on the web to find it. Giftsearch contains more than 700,000 Australian charitable donations, all of them reported in the public domain, and representing more than $14 billion in donations

We also offer in-depth profiling of individuals and foundations, and can research and identify new names outside your existing contacts to support your cause.

”....hugely valuable for anyone who is serious about major gift fundraising”

Alex Green CEO Arthritis Foundation, former Director, Sir David Martin Foundation


Phone: +61 2 8006 1524 Molly Masiello

Fundraising Research & Consulting
Fundraising Research & Consulting 02 8003 7337 VIC
Consulting & Strategy; Other

The team at Fundraising Partners are experts in Regular Giving. 
You outsource regular giving programs to third party fundraisers to expand your fundraising capacity. We can help you to become an intelligent customer in the outsourcing market.

  • An intelligent customer understands the market in which they operate
  • An intelligent customer has the oversight and understanding of how their programs are running and the ability to properly monitor them
  • An intelligent customer has skills and knowledge to manage their programs
  • An intelligent customer makes decisions based on evidence and good information

Our products and services focus on face to face fundraising, telemarketing, consulting and strategy, are available nationwide, and are a direct response to our philosophy and our clients' needs.

Fundraising Partners Pty Ltd
Fundraising Partners Pty Ltd 02 8924 1987 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Data

Fundraising Logic knows: most people don’t love combing through data like we do. But when it comes to understanding how your organisation’s fundraising is performing, data really IS your best friend.

And that’s why we’re here!

Whether you need help analysing the overall performance of your fundraising department, or you want to discover what donor to target next appeal, our team of experts are ready to analyse your data and provide insights that will help improve your fundraising outcomes.

A fundraising program is only as good as the data it produces. And that data is only as valuable as the fundraising expert who interprets it.

Fundraising Logic has over 100 years of combined fundraising experience. And that means we know a thing or two about what your data is trying to tell you! No matter whether you’re a data novice or a converted fanatic , Fundraising Logic will give you the practical assistance you need to take your fundraising program from good to great.

So… put our expertise to work for you. Contact us today to see what we can do!

Contact Us:

Phone: 0417 860 713


Fundraising Logic
Fundraising Logic 0417 860 713 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; CRM; Education & Training

FundraisingForce offer schools, universities, and non-profit organisations a breadth of experience across higher education and non-profit management and fundraising in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Our offerings include:

  • Fundraising strategic planning
  • Fundraising consulting in the areas of direct marketing, regular giving, major gifts, and bequests
  • Business processes reviews and procedures documentation
  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) reviews
  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) searches
  • Third-Party Fundraising Platform searches
  • Marketing solution searches
  • Technology implementation project management
  • Staff leave fill-in
  • And, more!
@fraisingforce (Twitter)
0430 500 524

FundraisingForce 0430 500 524 NSW
Data; Digital Fundraising; Other

F&P – Knowledge to Power your Fundraising

F&P is a knowledge hub for nonprofit professionals working in fundraising, marketing, and communications. We deliver the information you need to help you raise more money and awareness for your cause. No matter how you prefer to consume information, we’ve got you covered. Come to our conferences (we currently hold 4 every year: ArtsRaise; Digi.Raise + EventRaise, Fundraising Forum and Big4). Watch our webinars. Sign up for our newsletters. Read our articles online and in print. Check out our social media channels. We provide commentary and analysis on hot topics that affect your fundraising and your careers, we cover emerging trends, we reveal the strategy behind high performing fundraising appeals and campaigns, and we celebrate the role you play in making the world a better place. Join our community. Become a member today. Visit

Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine
Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine 02 4927 8331 NSW
Face to Face Fundraising; Telemarketing

Established in 2012, Fundamental Worldwide began with big dreams and a clear vision – to help charities in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe deliver on their incredible ambitions.

In connecting people with the extraordinary work of our charity partners, we seek to lay the foundations for a long-term, rewarding relationship – creating global change one sign-up at a time.

Our ethical values are our driving force, alongside our focus on best-practice, compliant fundraising. From the way in which we fundraise to how we run our organisation and manage our teams. In providing a first-rate supporter experience and maximising the long-term impact for charity partners, that ethos underpins everything we do.

We are:
- Accurate in how we describe each charity’s work
- Honest about the intended use of any donation
- Respectful of our donors and beneficiaries
We do:
- Work proactively with charity partners to ensure maximum return on investment
- Provide full training and mentoring for our teams
- Insist on compliance with the FIA code in everything we do
We do not:
- Present unrealistic expectations of what donations can achieve
- Press donors to give more/in a different way than they are comfortable with
- Take our responsibility for public trust lightly.

Whether you want to attract new donors, or maximise the engagement of current supporters, our bespoke, strategic and ethical service can help you to achieve your goals.

Donor acquisition and conversion
By engaging with your brand, and truly connecting with your mission, we can reach new audiences using lead generation and conversion methods as well as targeting donor reactivation and upgrade of regular givers.

We create tailored giving campaigns that authentically reflect your charity, and can include any of the following:

  • Face-to-face acquisition of regular and cash donors
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Telephone and SMS fundraising programs


Fundamental Worldwide Pty Ltd
Fundamental Worldwide Pty Ltd - ALL STATES
- Flow Test Flow Test - -
Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing

At Flux Advantage, we are dedicated to helping non-profit organisations like yours reach their fundraising goals. With our tele-fundraising services, we offer a highly effective way to connect with donors and supporters, building relationships and raising critical funds. Our team of experienced fundraisers understands the unique challenges facing non-profits, and we work closely with each of our clients to develop customised strategies that deliver results without exceeding your budget. Whether you need support with a single campaign or ongoing fundraising efforts, we are here to help you make a difference in the lives of those you serve.

Flux Advantage |

172/42 Manila Street, East Brisbane, QLD 4169


Phone: +61 (0)7 3435 1563

Flux Advantage Pty Ltd
Flux Advantage Pty Ltd - ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Other; Print & Mailing Five Creative Five Creative 03 9826 2174 -
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Fundraising - Events & Community; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications; Other

FED is an agency dedicated to fundraising every day.
We believe that fundraising success come from listening to the head, heart and gut. Our wonderful team have been supporting fundraisers to grow their organisations sustainably and realistically since 2011. We’ve done this through a combination of thinking, doing and delivering to get amazing results. We’re as ravenous about fundraising strategy as we are about smashing out fundraising campaigns. FED clients describe us as flexible, frank and fun.

The flat earth approach describes the way in which we connect with people today. We bring you the best people, not the closest. We believe it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can still work together to deliver outstanding campaigns. That means we bring our insights and experience from our work around the world, you bring your passion, challenge and goals. And together we create great fundraising campaigns.

Direct response campaigns
We can help deliver direct mail, digital, face-to-face, phone, mobile and direct response TV projects.

Fundraising strategy
Working with you to develop a plan that prioritises and meets your financial and organisational goals.

Creating and interpreting data insights
We identify the key measures that will help you understand how to better engage donors.

Developing brilliant communications and events that focus on why you want someone to leave you a gift in their Will.

Regular giving recruitment via our exclusive value exchange programs using digital and mobile, as well as direct mail conversion.

Driving peer-to-peer fundraising events including recruiting participants at scale and encouraging them to maximise their fundraising.

Get in touch:

Jonathon Grapsas, Director


Phone: +61 4 0447 5551

Flat Earth Direct
Flat Earth Direct 0404 475 551 QLD
Face to Face Fundraising; Marketing & Communications

Marketing that gives results!

First Purpose (FP) is a team of fundraisers and sales representatives with backgrounds from all over the world that have come together to achieve one common goal – SMASH the results for our clients. Our foundations are built upon mentoring and tutoring long lasting employees that share our vision. We believe our core team is one of the most progressive and quality trained within the market.

First Purpose will tailor solutions to fit whatever your campaign’s goals are. You can feel comfortable knowing you will be getting a top-class service from our team.

To find out how we can help you, contact us on:

Mobile: +61 478 071 451


First Purpose Pty Ltd
First Purpose Pty Ltd 0478 071 451 NSW; QLD; WA
Digital Fundraising; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Exuberance is a creative agency providing campaign ideas, creative direction, copy and design for the positive social change sector.

If your charity or organisation needs:

  • More supporters
  • Campaigns that prompt action
  • Communications that consistently and authentically express your values
  • Excellent fundraising appeals (across the best channel or channels for you) 
  • Creative that helps solve problems

And if you’d like:

  • A supplier/client partnership based on trust and respect
  • Good work – every time
  • A relationship that supports the people on your team to do their best

Please get in touch, we can probably help.

Who and how?

Exuberance Creative Director, Mary Anne Plummer, led the creative team at Pareto Fundraising for seven years. She also brings experience from journalism, television production, parenting, personal failure, and mainstream advertising to her work.

Every person on the Exuberance team has lengthy experience in fundraising and/or campaign creation. Every person on the Exuberance team excels at their craft. They all have a side hustle that makes them better creatives.

Exuberance provides creative only, but works in collaboration with other trusted subject matter experts who share our values. It’s a model that gives you the best possible combination of resources on a job-by-job basis, with transparent pricing direct from each supplier involved.

Please call or email MA (Mary Anne) if you’d like to know more.

phone: 0414 884 896


Exuberance 02 8823 5832 NSW
CRM; Events & Community

The easiest approach to peer-to-peer fundraising.

Ezy Raise has it all figured out, so you don’t have to.

Whether you have an existing peer-to-peer fundraising campaign or you want to build something brand new, Ezy Raise offers an all-in-one digital solution to engage fundraisers, boost your donations and improve conversions.

No matter how large or small your organisation, our skilled team provides expertise in copywriting, creative design, digital advertising and marketing, UX/UI design, development, project management and more.

From the very start, you'll have a dedicated account manager. We'll be with you every step of the way to get your campaign set up and in the best possible position it can be.

We’ll create a tailored process for all the touchpoints of your campaign, from planning, onboarding, execution to reporting.

Are you ready to upgrade your fundraising?

Contact Brett Macdonald

Ezy Raise
Ezy Raise 0410 286 237 NSW
Face to Face Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Telemarketing

Specialising in direct sales and marketing, Empire’s focus is on delivering results that the clients need through shopping centre, telemarketing, D2D Residential, B2B canvassing, and Street/Events promotion!

We recognise that our sales teams are our company's representation, as well as the ambassador for the client. Our people are essential to our success.

Whilst the director works with the client to produce results that align with the client’s needs, and the support team ensure that the sales team are equipped with the tools

for positive performance; it is the sales team that will drive the messaging the client wants, produce the results that the clients need, and represent each client in a

passionate way that impacts their audience. Empire provides an empowered, positive work environment. Our teams are trained, supported and treated with fairness and respect above all else.

This positivity overflows into an enthusiasm for their roles, and a passion for their work.

Combining our teams with the clients goals is what creates something special for the future.

“Success is only real when it is a success for everyone involved.”

If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Empire Group Enterprise Pty Ltd
Empire Group Enterprise Pty Ltd 0413 875 350 ALL STATES
Data; Digital Fundraising

Engage & Experience offers our services exclusively within the not-for-profit sector. We are a world leading fundraising digital transformation consultancy, and have led the design, implementation and optimisation of sector leading programs across Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

We are fundraising and data specialists first and foremost, but with a healthy dose of technology, change and project governance experience also in the mix, our team is a rare combination of fundraising specialists who can also translate geek speak!

We keep the supporter experience at the heart of what we do whilst guiding our charity partners to work smarter, better, and more profitably.

With a deep understanding of the real world challenges that charities face, we have proven experience in working with not for profits embarking on major digital and technology change. We provide:

  • Client led (expert supported) fundraising requirements
  • Future proofed, independent, values led and thorough solution/platform/vendor procurement frameworks
  • Wrap around, emotionally intelligent project management and support to ensure everyone is truly ready for these major programs of change

Ask us about:

  • Optimising your existing fundraising business processes to increase your net return
  • Developing a data and technology plan that is aligned with your business strategy
  • Ensuring that your team is prepared and ready to make sure that your CRM/digital transformation is a success
  • Guidance on a successful CRM migration journey
  • Deep, intuitive business intelligence solutions for individual giving charities

Contact us:

Engage & Experience
Engage & Experience 0450 605 719 TAS
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Third Party Fundraising

Elevate Fundraising is a digital fundraising agency, partnering with charity clients to deliver campaigns that create an emotional connection, inspire action and empower people to make a difference in the world.

From concept, strategy, creative, execution, optimisation and reporting… we’re with you every step of the way.

Our team of passionate people have developed and implemented some of Australia’s most successful digital campaigns which include International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) ‘Fight for Her Rights’, Wayside Chapel’s ‘Donate-a-Plate’, Ronald McDonald House Charities ‘Be a Santa for Sick Kids’ and more.

We have a proven track record of delivering the most successful fundraising events and campaigns in the industry, and we’re not done yet!

Contact Us:

(02) 8378 6549

Elevate Fundraising
Elevate Fundraising 02 8012 0314 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications

Dunham+Company empowers nonprofit organisations and churches around the world to gain more support and transform more lives using fully integrated, multi-channel approaches to marketing and fundraising. Our more than 80 talented employees currently craft and execute comprehensive marketing and fundraising strategies for over 70 ministry partners worldwide.


  • Holistic Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Direct Response Fundraising (Direct Mail, Online, Phones)
  • Major Gift Development
  • Digital Services (Website, Email, SEO)
  • Media Services (Radio, TV)
  • Social Media
  • Planned Giving
  • Marketing + Advertising
  • Research
  • Analytics

Ready to take the next step?

Dunham+Company can help your organisation make more impact and
establish deeper relationships with your donors and supporters. Visit our
website at, or call 02 8811 5599 for more information.

Dunham+Company 02 8811 5599 NSW
Marketing & Communications

whatever inspires
It’s our strapline, it’s part of every creative brief, and it’s the ethos driving how we look after our people.

From a tiny UK start-up, we’ve grown to find ourselves working in 30+ countries. There’s no secret to how we got there: listening to clients, employing fabulous people, and keeping a relentless focus on inspiration.

Important too is ‘whoever inspires’. We are trying hard to translate the words diversity and inclusion into action. Quite simply, if you are interested in us, we are interested in you.

If you’ve been part of the past, thank you! And if you want to be part of the future, please get in touch!


film at the heart of your fundraising
Make hearts beat faster. Change brain chemistry. That’s what we do to inspire good people to support great causes. We create, deliver, and optimise DRTV, digital campaigns, and films. And always with an unwavering focus on maximising your return on investment.

strategy > script > screen > stats
Are you ready for DRTV and digital video? Do you understand what it takes to make things work creatively? Can we deliver the ROI you need? We’ll immerse ourselves in your cause. Make it live and breathe on screen. Then we’re down in the detail of every channel, every day-part, every time-length, every test cell, every single response, to continuously optimise your campaigns.

heartbeat to heartbeat
We start with creative workshops. And we run them for free. This is about together assessing if your cause is organisationally ready to unlock the potential of DRTV and film. We assess territories and create propositions to connect the heartbeat of your cause with the heartbeats of viewers. We weave together script, footage, music, voice-over and captions to lead to an inspiring call to action. And, of course, we take care of the myriad details of versioning and distribution.

start small, learn fast
The largest budget most clients will ever spend, is often the least understood. We’ll help you change that. And because our success depends on your success, we’ll spend your budget as sparingly as if it were our own. How do we start? Spend as little as possible to learn as much as possible. Analyse minutely. Build volume. Analyse. Optimise. Repeat. We deliver via trusted media partners worldwide, and through our own uniquely qualified team at Sanctuary Media in Australia.

the delight is in the detail
Every spreadsheet, every number, every response is someone who cared enough to want to make a difference. We gain great insight into data and attitudes through DTV Optimise, our team of telephone fundraisers, who have thousands upon thousands of inspiring conversations. Every financial transaction is driven by emotion. So whether it’s inbound, outbound, online, or in person… we seek to ensure that each kind person responding is left feeling great about what they do.

let it shine
Our Creative Strategy team operate at four levels to make your organisation shine in the busy NGO landscape and spark supporters engagement to your cause.
Organisation/brand: helping you define with distinction what makes your cause tick.
Fundraising Story: often called Case for Support, and a driver for all of your fundraising comms in all media for all audiences, from major donors to mass market. We help turn your amazing mission into a compelling story that inspires action.
The sharp end: from new product development, to devising compelling propositions, to creating public campaigns.
Training and inspiration: bespoke training to transfer our skills into your own team.

inspiration and insights
Dedicated to matching the needs of charities and donors, our team uses insights to produce the best strategy and creative. We run regular Inspiration & Insight sessions, designed to inspire you and provide insights into the world of film and fundraising.

Contact Us:



DTV Group
DTV Group - NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Marketing & Communications

A fundraising and marketing specialist agency for not for profits
Drummer Marketing is a fundraising and marketing specialist agency working with established and start-up charities.

Drummer Marketing is run by Joy Rodda and is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Joy’s passion is to help charities understand how to successfully fundraise for their cause.

Joy has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 17 years, working for organisations like Baptist World Aid Australia in Sydney and the Royal Society for the Blind in Adelaide before starting Drummer Marketing.

In 2009, Joy recognised there was a real lack of resources in the area of fundraising and marketing in many small to medium charities. Despite needing to raise funds to survive, many charities didn’t have the right support or adequate people power to fulfil this need in-house.

Drummer Marketing was born to fill this gap and partner with charities so they can access high-quality marketing and fundraising services on a project by project basis.

Here’s how we can help:


Fundraising and Marketing Plans
Individual strategies – regular giving, major donors, digital etc


One-off appeals
Regular giving
Major donors


Donor development
Thanking donors


Social media
Email campaigns
Video content


New brand
Refreshed brand
Key messages
Communications review
Annual reports


Drummer Marketing
Drummer Marketing 0414 705 937 SA
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Events & Community; Marketing & Communications

Donor Republic is an innovative full service fundraising and marketing agency solely dedicated to the not for profit sector. Servicing all of Australia and New Zealand, our team of 35 specialised staff of directors, strategists, account directors, creative directors, designers, producers see themselves first and foremost as fundraisers. We support you with strategic direction right through to execution of your campaigns. Our team has proven success in fundraising and marketing, winning two 2020 FIA Awards for Best Fundraising Event - MS Readaton and winning, 2020 Fundraising Campaign of the Year.  Led by industry experts Marcus Blease and Andrew Sabatino with an outstanding reputation for delivering top quality results and continually lifting income, Donor Republic is one of the fastest growing agencies of its kind in Australia. Some of our clients include Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (WA), Blind Low Vision Foundation (NZ), Mater Foundation (QLD), Cancer Council (NSW & Victoria), Hutt Street Centre (SA), Foodbank (VIC, NSW, ACT), St Vincents De Paul, Hobart City Mission and Oxfam (VIC).

“The DR team are more than treasured – they are part of the Perkins family. We are grateful to the whole team at Donor Republic for their hard work, creativity and friendship”.  Paige Gibbs, Chief Marketing Officer – Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

“Since working with Donor Republic they have more than doubled our income in the appeals program, with their digital oversight being truly beneficial to achieving these results. We have also partnered with them on our signature event, Walk a Mile in My Boots, and we saw a positive uplift from their digital integration and the overall campaigns was a great success” Michelle Tobin – Fundraising Manager, Hutt St Centre.

Donor Republic are more than just an agency, we are part of your Fundraising and Marketing team, supporting you to achieve sustainable results. Talk to us today about:

  • Strategy and execution
  • Donor acquisition
  • Multi-channel appeals
  • Regular giving
  • Donor journey mapping
  • Digital fundraising
  • Gifts in Wills
  • Mid and Major Gifts
  • Data analytics
  • Brand, marketing and communications
  • Events and campaigns


Marcus Blease

0403 932 957

Andrew Sabatino

0420 936 442

Donor Republic
Donor Republic 02 4787 6535 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; CRM; Fundraising - Events & Community; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications; Other

Donorcentricity specialises in campaign planning and implementation; capital campaigns; major donor and bequest programs; helping to select the optimal fundraising model for organisations; conducting feasibility studies and market research (member/donor satisfaction, donor retention and engagement surveys, etc); corporate partners and trusts & foundations. We also coordinate with our associates to deliver a portfolio of additional services tailored to the needs of clients (e.g. wealth-screening, prospect research, profiling). 

Donorcentricity’s lead consultants have extensive fundraising, marketing and development experience, not just in consulting but also from practical knowledge gained in senior roles in universities and charities. Consequently, we bring very high-level strategic thinking skills as well as practical know-how to the table. We have set up fundraising and development functions, run multiple successful multi-million-dollar campaigns, and have a deep understanding of the ‘Advancement model’ and how to apply it to the broader NFP sector. 

Contact us:

02 8819 2898

Donorcentricity Pty Ltd
Donorcentricity Pty Ltd 02 8819 2898 NSW
Consulting & Strategy

Do It Better Consulting helps nonprofit organisations maximise their technology investment, so they spend less time and money on tech, and can focus on raising critical funds and delivering on their missions.

We've spent two decades at the intersection of tech, nonprofits, and implementation; our approach stresses Pragmatism, Candour, and rapid time to Value.


We ensure alignment between what organisations need, what they expect, and what vendors and partners understand is being requested. This starts from a basis of

  • Education on Approaches (best in class system vs platform) and Options
  • Organisational Readiness
  • Contribution to RFP/RFI Process
  • Partner/Vendor Selection


We support you during your implementation - this means rising to the occasion no matter what we encounter. 

  • Project Oversight/Steering Committee Participation
  • Fundraising Subject Matter expertise
  • Project Rescue
  • Partner/Vendor Mediation


So you've got a CRM, but are you making use of it? Your investment doesn't end at implementation. That's just the beginning.

  • Incremental Improvements - "Quick Win" Guidance to get value, quickly.
  • Independent Review of Assessments by Vendors & Suppliers
  • Product Ownership & Change Management Coaching
  • "So I've inherited a mess…" Support

We also provide boutique services on request.  Our customers do good - we help them Do It Better.

Want to know more?  Reach out for a virtual coffee at!

Do It Better Consulting
Do It Better Consulting 0416 285 252 -
Other Doing Good Rewards Pty Ltd Doing Good Rewards Pty Ltd - VIC
Digital; Digital Fundraising

We help your cause make the world a better place by leveraging the power of digital fundraising and communications.

Founded in 2013 we pride ourselves on offering expert, impartial advice on how you can use digital channels to drive increased results for your cause.

We can help you drive results from digital across the following objectives:

  1. Regular donor acquisition and retention
  2. One-off appeals and emergency campaigns
  3. Community fundraising strategy and execution
  4. Lead generation proposition development and campaign delivery
  5. Reach, engage and assist more beneficiaries

We’ll help you reach the right audience through:

  • Strategic advice and consultancy services covering fundraising, communications and adovacy
  • Google Ad Grant management & optimisation
  • Paid Search (PPC - pay per click/SEM - search engine marketng)
  • Programmatic display and streaming audio/video
  • Bulk Personalised QR Codes
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (Get the most out of Meta and don’t get Ticked off by TikTok)
  • Web Analytics & Measurement

The mighty Ninjas are here to join forces with your cause, be it grandiose or petite, to propel you towards surpassing all your growth aspirations. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure as we embark on this transformative journey together. From the very beginning, when we shape your objectives with meticulous precision, to crafting an ingenious tracking framework, and unleashing an awe-inspiring campaign, we shall be your unwavering companions. But it doesn't end there! 

We are masters of evolution, constantly refining and enhancing your plan, ensuring that your triumph knows no bounds. Prepare to be amazed as we infuse your mission with our electrifying pezzazz!

Contact Us

Tel: +61 431 048 319


Digital Ninjas
Digital Ninjas 0431 048 319 NSW
Marketing & Communications Digital Marketing AOK Digital Marketing AOK 1300 658 543 -
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Third Party Fundraising

We work with for-purpose organisations because we share their values, vision and goals to make our world a better place.

We are unique. We are the comprehensive campaign agency that strengthens your brand and takes your fundraising from good to great.

We deliver quality assurance, accurate revenue forecasting, capacity building and sustainability for your future.

We are passionate about a sustainable, just and equitable world, focused on a healthy happy future for all people.




Peter Dalton is one of Australia’s leading authorities on fundraising, having both delivered some of the country’s most significant campaigns and in his teaching and education of future practitioners. Peter has applied wide-ranging skills and experience to support organisations seeking to realise their full fundraising potential for over 30 years.

Peter perennially looks forward, applying bespoke best fundraising practice to the rapidly changing social and technological challenges facing institutions and their people.

With a life-time of experience across every sector, in major institutions both internationally and within Australia, Peter builds skills, knowledge and performance ability wherever he goes through direct counsel, facilitated workshops, coaching and strategic planning.

Peter is a former Fundraising Institute Australia National Chair and the 2016 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year.



James has been working in the fields of non-profit strategy, fundraising, brand management and community development for the past 20 years. His studies encompass a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from Swinburne University.

James has delivered strategies and campaigns for world-leading for-purpose organisations including: World Vision, FightMND, Aspergers Victoria, The Stroke Association of Victoria, FunFlight and many more.

James has held a number of executive leadership positions across both the commercial and non-government sectors, including at global development organisation Save the Children, Able Australia Disability Services and, prior to consulting with DGB Group, as CEO of Melbourne-based non-profit Australian Prostate Cancer Research.



With 20 years of brand and design experience, Craig has developed an acute awareness of what is required to create, evolve, implement and manage high profile brands.

Tertiary qualifications in Advertising and Graphic Design provided a solid foundation for working with renowned international and national brands, within Melbourne’s most successful agencies.

Enhanced conceptual problem solving capabilities combined with strong industrial design knowledge, enables design solutions to be tailored for the graphic, digital and physical space.

Craig has developed brand strategies, visual campaign executions, diverse digital content, web applications and major public event presentations for a number of leading non-profits. He has recently led projects and campaigns for prostate cancer research, Plan International, FunFlight Charity, Barwon Health and the new Women’s Health Hub facility in Melbourne’s west.

Contact us:

(03) 8375 9624

DGB Group
DGB Group 0407 181 944 VIC
Consulting & Strategy; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Third Party Fundraising

Development Consulting Solutions and Robin L. Cabral, MA CFRE, MFIA

Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA is the fundraising coach and consultant who provides value-added interim “hands-on” remote and coaching support with razor-sharp monthly result objectives and benchmarked deliverables.

Her global reach spans from centers in both the United States and Australia and to countries inbetween.

With her over 25 years of experience, she has raised millions of dollars for small to mid-sized organizations and she focuses her coaching experiences on the GROWing people, performance, and purpose model used by Performance Consultants International.

She serves as a sounding board, change agent, and extra staff person for those new to fundraising, wanting to excel in their fundraising job or role, or advance in their career. She serves both fundraising professionals and executive directors alike.

Of her many awards and accolades, Robin was recently named one of the Top 10 LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Philanthropy and Global Development and one of the Top 100 Charity Influencers by Onalytica (2019).

Her writing has appeared in Nonprofit Pro, Massachusetts Nonprofit News, Charity Channel, Bloomerang, Donor Search, Nonprofit Expert, DonorPerfect, Nonprofit Learning Library, and many other blogs.

Specialty: Fundraising
- Tender and Private Grant and Trust Proposal Writing
- Organisation’s Interim and Outsourced Fundraising Staffing
- Fundraising Audit and Planning Services
- Coaching with Robin L. Cabral, MA CFRE, MFIA

Past Clients:
- Baptist Care Northern Territory – Darwin, NT, Australia
Fundraising Audit and Plan

- CarryOn Victoria – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Grant Review

- Mary Queen of the Apostles Parish (MQAP), Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Capital Campaign Management

- Preston Campbell Foundation – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Fundraising Audit and Plan

- The Baird Institute – Sydney, NSW, Australia
Fundraising Audit and Plan

- Torrens University – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Grants Management

- Women’s Space – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Grants Management

Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA
Development Consulting Solutions





Development Consulting Solutions
Development Consulting Solutions 0458 356 615 NSW
Data; Digital Fundraising; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Dataro is the leading propensity modelling software for not-for-profits, bringing world-shaping technology to causes

Dataro is the leading propensity modelling software for not-for-profits, bringing world-shaping technology to causes that deserve it most. We use powerful machine learning technology to generate predictions about how your donors are likely to behave, so you can raise more funds through highly targeted campaigns.

Our Software

Dataro’s advanced software integrates directly with all leading CRMs, allowing you to access live, donor-level predictions directly in your existing system. These predictions are generated with state-of-the-art machine learning, which uses hundreds of data points to score and rank your donors for each activity. These ‘scores’ and ‘ranks’ are constantly refreshed in your CRM, telling you which donors to include in every fundraising activity for better net returns. All of this is supported with campaign recommendations, automatic results reporting and unique insights via the Dataro web app, so you can grow your fundraising sustainably by using your data to its full potential.

Dataro was named one of the top 10 fundraising solutions in the global Reimagining Fundraising challenge.

Our Modules

Dataro’s easy subscriptions allow you to choose which activities are most important to your organisation:

● Appeals

● Regular Giving

● Conversion to Regular Giving

● Mid-Level Giving

● Major Giving + Gift in Will

Dataro believes state-of-the-art innovation should serve the greater good. We’re harnessing technology typically used by the big end of town to help not-for-profits fundraise smarter, so they can do incredible things in the world. So if you want to see what you can do with your data, contact us at

You can create a free demonstration account at

+61 (2) 90511513

Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023

Dataro have just released their first Fundraising Benchmark Report, analysing the fundraising data of 117 global nonprofits to give a view of fundraising in 2022 and an insight into the key trends and fundraising benchmarks for 2023.

The aim of Dataro’s Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023 is to provide Australian fundraisers with meaningful data and insights to easily benchmark their own nonprofits’ fundraising performance, and identify opportunities for growth. Over 68 million donations from 7.2 million donors and 2.5 million monthly givers were analysed.  Here is an excerpt for reference or you can click here to to download now. The report is free and will help fundraisers answer questions like:

  • Which areas of fundraising are showing the strongest growth?
  • What are the biggest opportunities to invest in for income growth?
  • Are we optimising digital giving for our donors?
Dataro 02 9051 1513 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Data; Digital Fundraising; Telemarketing; Third Party Fundraising

Dataphoria provides better leads for better results.  Assisting fundraisers in finding and attracting the consumers & businesses with the highest propensity to support them has been at our core since 2009. 

We can also assist at the later stages of your donor relationship, by predicting upsell and cross-sell opportunities and establishing the risk of churn.

Opt-in marketing leads (pay-per-lead):

Dataphoria have been generating opt-in regular giver leads through our exclusive sites and partner network for over 10 years.

Trusted by many of Australia’s top fundraising call centres and charities, Dataphoria offers access to a wide selection of engaged donor lead sources.  Our team tirelessly optimise digital and phone-based campaign sources according to true ROI, by leveraging solid relationships with fundraising call centres.

Our stance on compliance has set the benchmark for the FIA & PFRA and all sources are thoroughly audited using our bespoke processes.

Marketing lists (direct mail and/or telemarketing):

Whether you are launching a raffle, testing a direct mail tax appeal or building a single-giver conversion program, tailored marketing lists are selected according to your goals. 

A full direct marketing data strategy will be built for your campaign, designed to learn and improve over time. 

Reactivation segmentation:

Do you hold datasets that are not as responsive as needed? 

Where a campaign needs scale, but database quality doesn't justify it, data often goes to waste, leaving missed opportunity and KPIs.

Dataphoria hunt for gold in your database, by leveraging a range of third-party attributes, including:

  • shopping behaviour
  • psychographic and demographic segmentation variables
  • brand affinity

Data processing and analytics:

Looking to understand who your donors are, how they are behaving and what they are likely to do next?

From a basic donor segmentation project or donor profile, through to a full automated single-customer-view, with 1-2-1 donor journeys, based on sophisticated predictive modelling, we can build a solution to meet your requirements.

You can also ask us about B2B fundraising data.

Dataphoria 1300 537 787 ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA

Data Direct is a leading Australian consumer data insights company offering B2C solutions via our highly segmented and profiled consumer data universe.

We offer the full spectrum of Consumer Data services for all marketing activities to build your brand and take your fundraising to the next level.

Traditionally we have wholesaled our consumer data into large credit agencies, financial institutions and data resellers.

However we are now offering access to our fully compliant dataset of over 14m Australian records to FIA Members and organisations from the Not For Profit sector.

Gain more control of your campaigns and their outcomes by being able to control the data.

Convert your customers online traffic to leads and customers more effectively. Find & engage new audiences and prospects with our responsive datasets.

You no longer need to go through resellers or purchase expensive marketing datasets which more often than not will have come from us originally.

Data Direct Solutions
Data Direct Solutions 1300 788 109 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; CRM; Data; Digital Fundraising

DCA have been working with Not for Profit organisations for over 20 years, driving fundraising success through the better use of data. Make data-driven decisions, improve donation processes, elevate revenue, and foster the kind of long-term loyalty that every Not For Profit needs.

Our team specialises in:

  • Technology-agnostic CRM migration and consolidation
  • Donor data validation, including National Change of Address and Australian Death Check
  • Cleansing, deduplication, and ongoing data quality management
  • Corporate philanthropy partner and supporter acquisition
  • Enhanced donor profiling, segmentation, and analytics
  • End-to-end donations processing
  • Data and technology consulting services

In addition to being a national sponsor for FIA, we are proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Nonprofit International Partner, official broker for the Australian Government’s Death Check, and Australia Post partner for AMAS address validation.

03 9320 9050

Database Consultants Australia
Database Consultants Australia 03 9320 9050 VIC
Education & Training; Recruitment/Employment

At Corporate Diversity Pathways [CDP], our people understand the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion in the charity sector is stronger than ever.

We work with your FIA member organisation to shine a light on what’s possible when diversity, equity and inclusion are the guiding principles of your mission, vision and values as well as your strategic plan:

1. bring about rapid and significant change, embracing diversity, achieving equity, and being inclusive to succeed and better represent and serve your communities;

2. drive real progress by creating a high performing, inclusive workplace where diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice and equity or belonging is having that voice heard;

3. embrace and lead change, by reaching beyond a database to include non-traditional and hard-to-find talent encouraging diverse perspectives to engage more donors and raise more money.

CDP works with FIA member organisations through trusted advisory to help the business case for diversity, equality and inclusion across:

- Recruitment, Search & Selection

- Training & Development Capability Programs

- Executive Coaching and Mentoring

- Workplace Gender Equality Compliance (WGEA partner)

- Public Speaking Engagements

- Pro-Bono Advisory

Contact Jeromine Alpe, Founder & Chief Executive of CDP to benefit from FIA member benefits, a simple and affordable fee structure and a complimentary 60 minute advisory service.

FIA Member Organisation CEO – Testimonial:

“It has been an absolute privilege to have access to such a senior business professional in our non-profit organisation. This has only been made possible through Jeromine’s generosity in providing a significant component of her time pro-bono. Jeromine’s business acumen, emotional intelligence, and senior HR management experience has been a key to the successful development of a high performing team with support on an ongoing basis for recruitment and team culture development that has helped us to increase fundraising revenue by 100% in the last three years.”

Jeromine Alpe

04044 87962

Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Limited
Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Limited 0404 487 962 NSW

Lucinda Keating

0430 450 955 / 02 8114 9700

Corporate Citizen is a program that allows you to work for a good cause, every single day. By donating just a small amount pre-tax from each pay, you can get behind some of the world's leading charities and support an urgent cause.

Whether it's helping children to receive an education, funding disease research, saving the environment or lending a hand to those affected by poverty, at home or overseas, together with your company and colleagues, you can help to make a difference.

Corporate Citizen
Corporate Citizen 02 8114 9770 NSW
Digital Fundraising; Face to Face Fundraising; Telemarketing

Cornucopia has operated in the Australian marketplace for almost 20 years. We have earned our reputation for high quality fundraising – through face to face and, more recently, telefundraising.

Our face to face fundraising operations have recruited over 700,000 regular givers for our charity partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2015 Cornucopia has employed our considerable fundraising acquisition skills to expand into telefundraising through our outbound call centre in Brisbane. Initially focussing on providing regular giving acquisition through lead and cash conversion our call centre has expanded to offer a comprehensive range of campaigns – bequest, upgrade, reactivation, welcome calling and decline management.

At Cornucopia we believe that our commitment to quality fundraising can provide an unbeatable partnership to grow and look after your regular givers and long-term donors, while also supporting the necessary care and engagement for ongoing retention our charity partners require.

Cornucopia Consultancy
Cornucopia Consultancy 07 3846 3377 QLD
Marketing & Communications

Conversify are direct marketing specialists who are passionate about the charities and not-for-profit organisations we partner with. We've been working with and supporting fundraising organisations for over 20 years, creating and delivering engaging donor and supporter communications to achieve their fundraising goals. Whether it's Appeals & Lotteries, Supporter Surveys, Newsletters, Donor Care or Donor Acquisition, our Campaign Managers will work alongside you throughout your direct marketing campaign.

Contact us:

1300 963 342

Conversify 1300 963 342 QLD

Conexum are Consumer Data Marketing specialists and Australasia’s largest provider of consumer transactional data.
We strive to help our clients achieve optimum results from their data-driven marketing through our industry-leading data products and professional services.

We are custom-designers who work with you to build a successful data strategy.
The design and fit is all about you and your business. Through careful listening and skilled collaboration, we tailor a solution to meet your strategic objectives now and into the future.

Conexum entered the direct marketing industry in 2008 with a groundbreaking concept that has transformed the way in which marketers can target their customers and prospects. High volume transactional data from over 3 million consumers integrated with key demographic and lifestyle data has introduced fresh new insights and possibilities when it comes to choosing, who to target, when and with what message.
Our work with suppression files has further enhanced the integrity and reputation of our data. In 2012, we launched The Australian Bereavement Register and the Gone-away Left Address file. Both of these initiatives have been welcomed by marketers and consumers a-like.

What does the future hold? Even smarter data management tools and more informed decision-making for Conexum’s clients. We continue to invest to meet the needs of a data-driven world.


Conexum Pty Ltd
Conexum Pty Ltd 02 9340 7019 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Data; Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Other

Clue is a digital commerce agency that exists to help ideas thrive. Working as an extension of your team, we use data and insight to create remarkable digital experiences and drive growth. No matter how big your ideas are, our multidisciplinary team of strategists, marketers, designers, and developers have the experience to help them thrive. 

Contact us

Contact number - 08 9368 0777
Email -
Website -

Clue 08 9368 0777 WA

Community Shapers is a values-driven tele-fundraising and tele-advocacy call centre set-up in 2014 to support the progressive movement in Australia.

We believe in a compassionate, environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future and exist to strengthen the scale and impact of organisations committed to this vision.

Our difference is that we are genuinely values led, driven by purpose not profit and it’s alive in everything we do. Our values are integrity, respect, responsiveness, excellence and authenticity. These values manifest as a close knit team of passionate people driven to change the world, a high quality experience for our clients’ supporters, our clients and is the reason we’re able to achieve above average results, time and time again. And we have the conviction to ensure we deliver our service in accordance with these values, over and over again. You’ll see our values in action when it comes to our account management, results, exceptional donor care and brand representation you’ll be proud of.

Our callers are like your campaigners. They’re across the latest climate change science, understand the extinction crisis and know who’s who in the political zoo and why it matters in a conversation about your campaign … it’s what they study! Tick: intelligent and knowledgeable conversations for your supporters.

But of course, it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it, right? A conversation driven by values creates social change. That’s why we don’t skimp on training, because it pays off, in your bank account and for the betterment of all.

“Community Shapers has provided the best training I’ve ever received at a work place.” – Minna Featherstone, former change agent.


Community Shapers
Community Shapers 02 6262 5473 ACT

Clarety is the official sponsor of the 2023 FIA National Mentoring Program

Clarety is more than a CRM, it's your complete supporter engagement experience through One Unified Platform. is designed to empower fundraising teams to succeed with tools for every part of the supporter journey. Build deeper relationships, inspire and cultivate passion in your supporters to become donors, advocates and fundraisers.

Manage data, communications, fundraising, events, website and more with’s Supporter Engagement Platform.

A unified platform to maximise supporter engagement.
From leads to opportunities, use the unified platform to nurture relationships.

You only need one platform for outstanding supporter engagement.
Make every opportunity count with seamless and intuitive communications.

Time-saving tools to focus on data-driven strategy.
Automation, pro-active planning and real-time reporting - you will reap the rewards of being prepared.

Maximise the benefits of the platform. is built on decades of non-profit knowledge, so you can trust our team for strategy and advice.

Are you looking for your new seamless Supporter Engagement Platform? We would love the opportunity to show you around. There's no obligation! Our demonstration will simply help you make the most informed choice.

Contact Us:

Tel: 1300 320 151



Clarety 02 8014 8908 NSW

Clever Contacts was founded in 2014, with the goal of ensuring charities in Australia would have an ethical and transparent option for their tele-fundraising supplier.

At our Contact Centre based north of Brisbane, Queensland you’ll find our dedicated and mature team of long-term career fundraisers who pride themselves on returning excellent results.

Clever Contacts is a blended Inbound & Outbound Contact Centre and only works with not-for-profit organisations who share the view that the client/supplier relationship should be one of true partnership and collaboration. 

We offer a range of traditional Outbound campaigns such as Conversion to RG, Reactivation, Upgrade, Bequest/Gift in Will, Event Welcome/Renewal and Lottery. In addition, we also work on numerous Inbound and specialised campaigns. 

“We have been working with Clever Contacts for a few years in all areas of telephone fundraising. During this time, we have built a very close relationship built on trust and confidence. Over the last few years, Clever Contacts have delivered exceptional results, and continue to push themselves to do better and better. They have helped us grow our Regular Giving program and have also helped us identify many bequest prospects. We often get positive feedback from our supporters about the manner and knowledge of the fundraisers on our campaigns. The service we receive from the account management team is wonderful – they’re always quick to get back to us, and often approach us with new ideas and recommendations. We don’t consider Clever Contacts a supplier, but rather a partner and a friend” -Amy Brown, RSPCA NSW

“Clever Contacts is a great tele-fundraising partner to work with. They are professional, efficient and provide high quality results. Nothing is ever too difficult for Clever Contacts and their team are wonderfully supportive with our campaigns. They are an extension of our team, with their care and dedication for our supporters and they have consistently delivered outstanding results. I would highly recommend Clever Contacts for any not-for-profit organisation who want to grow their campaigns” -Lavina Huggett, The Smith Family

Talk to us today about your tele-fundraising plans and ideas on 07 3188 7653 or reach out to


Clever Contacts
Clever Contacts 0405 437 786 QLD
Digital Fundraising

Charitabl. is Australia's first centralised native app-based donation platform. It's essentially the MenuLog of Giving. 

Our vision has always been to build an online marketplace for charities that allows them to take donations, engage with their supporters and modernise their marketing strategy.

To achieve this we've built a payment platform that allows users to engage with your charity in one central location thus making it more convenient for users as they need only create one account for all their giving. Charitabl. also offers users swipe to give technology, the ability to create a 'My Charities' section and search more than 39,000 ACNC registered charities.

Our core focus is trust for donors and we’ve ensured that only ACNC registered, actively reporting, and actively trading in the last 12mths charities are featured. For us, this is a failsafe to protect users and ensure that we're promoting the most reputable of charities. 

Built by fundraisers, for fundraisers. 

Our team has more than 20 year’s experience working in charities and fundraising. We know first-hand how stressful fundraising can be in the ever changing landscape of technological change, privacy and banking policies as well as increased marketing and mailing costs, not to mention how expensive it is reaching new audiences who are passionate about your cause! 

Charitabl. is an app designed for all charities giving not-for-profits the benefits and control of your own app and digital payment platform without the upfront investment and need for ongoing management of the technology platform. Our goal is to help increase the impact of each dollar raised and save charities unnecessary and expensive investment into tech solutions. 

Built by users, for users. 

The beauty of Charitabl. is that it was designed from the donor back focussed on user experience, ease and convenience, designed to speak the language of a digital generation, always connected and always looking for immediate gratification. Charitabl. will grow engagement by giving anyone with a smartphone and active internet connection the ability to make a difference in the world with one swipe. 

Our goal with Charitabl. is not to take donors or reduce their connection to charities and causes it's to enhance it. It's to provide a channel for charities to fundraise digitally without the overwhelming costs of entering the digital market and it's to make life easier for their donors when it comes to responding to appeals, social media ads or at conference and event environments.

Charitabl. Australia's first centralised donation platform for charities. 

Charitabl. - -
Digital Fundraising; Marketing & Communications; Third Party Fundraising

With the emergence of round up technology, a new lifestyle based giving experience was possible. Change 4 Change was launched in 2022 with the objective of making giving fun and meaningful.

As a certified social enterprise and member of the peak fundraising body - FIA, we are excited about what the future holds in fundraising.

Small change that makes a big difference.


By simply rounding your purchases, you can create real change without even realising it.

And the best part? Every time you make a purchase, you make a difference in someone's life. You get to see your impact in real time, and contribute to change.


When you use our round up feature, your banking data is never stored and your personal data is secured with the highest level of encryption possible.

Our partners are accredited by the Australian Signals Directorate - a subset of the Department of Defence - meaning rigorous evaluation to ensure security measures are constantly monitored and at an ongoing standard.

Contact Us:


Change 4 Change Pty Foundation
Change 4 Change Pty Foundation - ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA
Consulting & Strategy; Data; Education & Training

We work with not-for-profits to help them raise money for their cause through fundraising campaigns in print and online.

We help people build their skills in effective communication through online courses and face to face workshops. And we partner with like-minded individuals and organisations who are seeking to drive positive change in the world.

NEWS: We are hosting free webinars on Gifts in Wills & Stewardship in June, and SMS Journeys in Fundraising in August so please click on the links for more information!


Change&Co 0409 911 891 NSW
Digital Fundraising; Events & Community

We help you to bring your fundraising event vision to life

We’re a full-service event management agency specialising in developing and delivering complex outdoor and digital/virtual events for charities.

We build enduring partnerships with our clients. In fact, 80% of our clients have retained ChallengeWorks as their event partner for four or more years and in many instances across multiple campaign or events.

We offer either a full turnkey service or alternatively are able to supplement your team in key areas. We are an accredited Raisely Partner and have extensive experience in developing digital campaigns on this platform. Our service areas include:

  • Event concept design
  • Event operations
  • Digital and website
  • Fundraising marketing

Contact us:

1800 560 620

ChallengeWorks 1800 560 620 -

Cause Recruitment is an Executive Search and Recruitment Company partnering with charities, education, for-purpose clients and small to medium sized businesses.

Cause Recruitment’s business model is designed to support the organisations it recruits for by offering a competitive fee structure and offering a portion of the fee as a charity donation.

We help talented people achieve career goals they feel passionate about through connecting them with great organisations and provide tailored guidance and support through these transitions.

Contact Number: 0448519121


Cause Recruitment
Cause Recruitment 0448 519 121 ALL STATES
Consulting & Strategy; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Other; Third Party Fundraising

We help our clients reach bold and ambitious fundraising and philanthropy goals.  We provide specialised and bespoke advice, guidance and counsel, drawn from our team’s combined decades of experience, research and deep not-for-profit sector engagement.  We bring expert ability at all levels, from program performance and sustainability assessment, strategy development and data analytics, all the way through to tactical advice on giving days and crowdfunding, campaign management and video-driven virtual events.  Our goal is always to use the latest global-best-practice approach to optimise your fundraising.

Our expertise, knowledge and professional experience means we can help you develop actionable and practical solutions across any of your key areas: annual program, major gifts and philanthropy, and gifts in will and planned giving.  Our deep commitment to innovation means we bring to you the latest global insights and advice on how best to maintain your fundraising effectiveness in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Our Services

Fundraising and philanthropy strategy services

  • Fundraising program assessment and review 
  • Fundraising portfolio assessment 
  • Fundraising planning service
  • Fundraising innovation program service
  • Fundraising program development service

Campaigns & Communications

  • Virtual/livestream events
  • Individual giving programs
  • Community fundraising
  • Digital philanthropy

Major Gifts & Philanthropy

  • Major gift capability development
  • Philanthropy campaign development
  • Bespoke training solutions
  • Trust and Foundations (grants applications)
  • Corporate Philanthropy and Partnerships

Planned Giving

  • Gifts in Wills (bequest marketing)
  • Endowment programs

Management and Donor Operations

  • Gift processing
  • Database management & referrals
  • Interim staffing

The Team:

Lawrence Jackson: Managing Director

Lawrence is a highly experienced executive and management consultant specialising in strategy, general management, fundraising, philanthropy, social marketing and corporate social responsibility. He has over 20 years sector experience with over 80 organisations including University of Melbourne, National Heart Foundation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  Vision Australia,  University of Sydney, and many more Australian and international charities and institutions.

Juliana Payne, Senior Associate

Juliana has over twenty years senior experience in industry associations, not-for-profits, and State and Federal public sector.  She has led development and execution of both long term strategy and day to day operations, sponsor recruitment and negotiations,  lobbying and advocacy on national issues, policy development and communications. Juliana will ensure your project is executed on time and within budget.

Jackie Gold, Senior Project Executive

Jackie's experience ranges across fundraising roles in across, Religious, Education,

Community, Disability Sports & Research Organisations, as well as consulting for thankQ Solutions to various clients across the not for profit sector.  She has deep expertise in giving day implementation and execution, CRM implementation, capital appeals, event management, planning & campaign management, training & staff development.

Barbara Brangan, Foundations & Trusts Specialist

Barbara is a specialist in creating and managing grants and she brings a depth of experience and success from 10+ years in for-purpose organisations within education, mental health and youth employment pathways, in both Australia and Ireland. She has a personal passion to empower charities and social enterprises to catapult to their next level of financial growth and impact. 

Nicholas Cochrane-Ng, Data Scientist

Nicholas is an experienced data analytics consultant specialising in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and business intelligence. He uses his skillset in data science to analyse internal and external datasets allowing clients to leverage the full potential of their data into actionable insights and powerful models.  

Daelene Kopelowitz, Events and Admin Coordinator

Daelene is a highly experienced events manager, with over 25 years organising International Conferences and Events in the Medical, IT, Sporting and Not for Profit Industries, including Venue Operations Manager at the IOC Hotel for the Sydney Olympic Games. Daelene is highly pro-active, service-oriented, and very much focused on client needs.

Find out more about how you can take your fundraising to a new level.

Catalyst Management 

Suite 4, Level 4, 25 Buckingham Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Contact: Lawrence Jackson

Phone: 02 8003 3202



ABN: 27 650 829 244

Catalyst Management
Catalyst Management 0438 602 357 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Data

Benchmark your board’s effectiveness and gain actionable insights that are benchmarked with comparable boards of other not-for-profits.

Our self-managed board surveys are designed to be used by boards of organisations of every shape and size around the world. With no lock in contracts, the surveys provide a measure of all the important issues that impact a board’s effectiveness.

By providing a transparent, efficient, and holistic approach to board reviews, Board Surveys is helping to change how boards measure and improve their performance and effectiveness. Our commitment to innovation and transparency means that boards can be confident they are getting the best possible insights and advice.

We protect the anonymity of respondents to ensure they can be candid. This enables issues to be exposed that might otherwise be hidden.

Our benchmarked reports will show your strengths and where you need to improve at a glance. They are designed to be change and action-oriented making it clear to you what you need to do to improve over the coming year.

If you need any expert advice to help you interpret and act on your survey results we have arranged that for you too. A growing network of experts are available in all time zones across the world to assist you.

We didn’t just make this up recently; in fact, Board Surveys is a division of Insync, an Australian based consultancy with a 20-year heritage of providing trusted insights and improvements to well over 1,000 organisations in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Contact Nicholas Barnett or Dr Susan Mravlek on (03) 9909 9295 or email

Board Surveys
Board Surveys 03 9909 9295 -
Data; Marketing & Communications; Print & Mailing

BMS Group has been providing mailing and multi-channel marketing services to charities nationally since 2004. Our experienced and dedicated team provides a cost effective, professional, and efficient service for our clients where communication is the key.

We can liaise with your software provider or fundraising consultant or work directly with you.

We specialise in:

  • Database management
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Colour image personalization
  • Digital web printing
  • Folding and collating
  • Multi-stream selection printing and envelope insertion
  • Intel plasticwrapping
  • Handline/pick’n’pack fulfilment and warehousing
  • Postal consultation and lodgement

We pride ourselves on lodging campaigns on the due date every time as we know how critical it is to get the appeal to market on time.

Contact:              Ian Fulton

Phone:                02 9729 1900 or 0418 166 810



BMS Group
BMS Group 02 9729 1900 NSW
CRM; Digital Fundraising; Grants, Trusts & Foundations

Bluestone Fundraising is a fundraising and marketing consultancy servicing the not-for-profit sector throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We understand that every not-for-profit, large or small, has different needs and goals and we help provide real world solutions tailored to meet them.

We know the fundraising landscape. We understand your need to grow your brand, increase donor loyalty, and maximise your potential to raise funds, now and into the future. It’s why we deliver affordable advice and solutions to get you there.

We work with you to understand your organisation’s specific goals. From there, we craft beautiful and clearly articulated fundraising strategy everyone can understand and use as a roadmap to success.

Through our toolbox approach, we identify and select the fundraising components you need to help your organisation achieve its vision.

Our services then create the action required to bring it all together. It may be implementing or enhancing existing programs, selecting service providers, hiring a stellar team, or integrating systems and infrastructure to streamline processes, build solid foundations and create efficiencies so your fundraising program can sing.

Our Services

  • Fundraising advice and consulting
  • Fundraising program review, implementation and development
  • Fundraising strategy planning and forecasting
  • Staff, technology and infrastructure capacity building
  • Interim management
  • New market entry
  • Data analytics

We Specialise In:

  • Individual Giving – direct mail, regular giving, telemarketing, Face to Face, DRTV
  • Major Giving
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Gift in Wills
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Community Fundraising
  • Digital
  • Brand Development

Kerin Welford CFRE FFIA, Director of Bluestone Fundraising is an internationally accredited Certified Fund Raising Executive and Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.
With over 23 years’ experience, Kerin has worked within nine international, national and regional charitable organisations and the not-for-profit sector across Australia and New Zealand. She has proven to be a transformational, multi-award winning fundraising leader, change manager, international conference speaker and mentor.

To discuss your organisation’s fundraising and marketing needs please get in touch:

Contact:            Kerin Welford
Phone:               0458 721 727
ABN:                   52380721961

Bluestone Fundraising
Bluestone Fundraising 0458 721 727 ACT; ALL STATES; NSW; NT; QLD; SA; TAS; VIC; WA
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising


Jeremy Bennett, Director
BBus (UTS), CertDigM (IDM, UK), Cert DDM (Distinction, ADMA)
0410 371 321

Bigfoot Fundraising is a boutique fundraising and marketing consultancy that helps not-for-profit organisations make a bigger impact, for a better world.

We help connect and engage donors with your organisation by creating tailored, best practice approaches to fundraising, to help you have the biggest impact with your budget. 

By listening to your challenges, reviewing your results and data and understanding your goals, we work with you to solve your fundraising problems, ultimately engaging more supporters to your cause resulting in more income for your organisation. 

Jeremy Bennett, the founder and director, is a passionate and experienced fundraiser and marketer. He has a proven track record of growing Individual Giving fundraising programs in Australia, the UK and Asia, for charities such as Amnesty International, World Animal Protection and Shelter UK.


Working across all channels, we are proudly independent - perfectly positioned to give honest recommendations and support across five main areas:

If you’d like your fundraising to make a bigger impact, Jeremy would love to hear from you to discuss how we can help.

For more information see or call Jeremy on 0410 371 321. 

Bigfoot Fundraising (ABN: 89423815812)

Bigfoot Fundraising
Bigfoot Fundraising 0410 371 321 NSW

Fundraise to your heart’s content with our fundraising solutions!

We are excited to be launching the next generation of our flagship product – Raiser’s Edge NXT and our latest release of eTapestry– our small charity solution.

Our technology is built for & used by not for profits and supports:

Donor management – create better supporter relationships and track your active donors.

Multichannel marketing & digital outreach – optimise your campaign’s reach through cross channelling your website, email, social and online presence.

Mobile fundraising – take your database with you when you’re on the go. All your supporter information securely at your fingertips.

Intuitive analytics – track your campaign success and ensure you’re raising more money and lowering your cost per dollar raised through built in analytics and customisable reporting.

Let us help you become one connected organisation.

Address:Level 2, 65 Berry Street, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060
Phone:61 2 8918 1800
Blackbaud Pacific Pty Ltd
Blackbaud Pacific Pty Ltd 02 8918 1200 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Third Party Fundraising® is an online program that teaches a robust 7-step process to enable changemakers (from non-profits & social enterprises) across Australia & NZ to forge transformative, mutually beneficial partnerships & sponsorships with corporates. It’s not just a training program that builds capacity: it’s a blueprint for action that you can immediately implement within your organisation. The program contains tools tailored for both Australian and New Zealand non-profits.

Discover numerous testimonials and success stories here:

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CRM; Data
Barhead is an award winning specialised consulting firm delivering business solutions, leveraging Microsoft’s Technology Stack. We believe that it is a combination of people, technology, and business drivers that underpin the most successful implementations.

We have worked with Not-for-profit organisations and partnered with Microsoft’s Technology for Social Impact team to deliver CRM and other cloud solutions that drive constituent engagement, productivity, and compliance. We have developed positive and strong relationships with our clients, partnering with them to deliver new initiatives, and supporting them along their journeys.

As a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner with global cross industry expertise, we cover the diverse product offerings from Microsoft and the broader ecosystem, supporting our clients to modernise their systems and processes. Our collaborative client engagement model centred on business outcomes enables us to deliver the most innovative use of technology.

Amanda Stenson, Head of Not-for-Profit

For the past 15 years, Amanda has been advising Not-for-profit organisations on how best to use multi-channel engagement strategies (web, email, social networks) to improve organisational performance through acquisition, retention and growth programs. As Barhead’s Head of Not-for-Profit, her key focus is to ensure you leverage the right technology to support strategic objectives.

To find out how we can help you with your fundraising and engagement solutions powered by Microsoft technologies, contact us;

Barhead Solutions
Barhead Solutions 1300 396 365 NSW
Consulting & Strategy; CRM; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

Balanced Effect is a passionate team of fundraising and donor relations specialists who can assist your organisation to ‘take it to the next level’. We have some of the leading fundraisers in the country, with decades of experience in the non-profit sector. We’re the fundraising team when you don’t have a fundraising team.

With a focus on small-to-medium non-profit organisations, we work with you to develop best practice strategies and fundraising programs, and we stick with you for the journey. 

Balanced Effect currently offers consulting, contracting and mentoring services in all streams of fundraising, funding, governance, grant writing and CRM implementation and management.



Phone: 0420 278 265


Balanced Effect
Balanced Effect 0420 278 265 VIC
CRM; Digital Fundraising; Lotteries & Auctions

Aspire Non Profit Consultancy was created to assist non profit organisations, both nationally and internationally, develop new or extend existing fundraising programs. The range of services we offer can be 100% tailored to our clients needs.

With over 25 years’ industry experience in direct marketing and managing lotteries, Aspire is well equipped, well connected and ready to deliver first class campaigns for our clients.

In Australia, the non profit sector is large and diverse. There are hundreds of registered organisations competing for the population’s dollar. Aspire understands it is now more important than ever to be strategic, creative and efficient with marketing – and we can help!

We believe the keys to a successful fundraising campaign are a clear, thorough game plan, an expert team, and a multichannel approach resulting in sustainable revenue.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We work with honesty and integrity to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and clients guiding them every step of the way to a successful (and financially beneficial) program.

Since its creation, Aspire has grown from strength to strength. It has successfully solidified partnerships with quality suppliers, kicked goals for clients and delivered some fantastic campaigns.

Aspire has carefully selected partners that align with our core values and are dedicated to excellence in service delivery.

Our partners are specialists in their fields, equipped to deliver quality consistently and respond quickly to changes in demand if a campaign requires it. We have high expectations of our suppliers and ensure they are committed, not only to meeting this standard, but to exceeding it. We are continually evaluating performance and offering feedback to ensure consistently exceptional service delivery, without fail.

Contact Us:

Phone: 07 5630 6252



Aspire Non Profit Consulting Pty Ltd
Aspire Non Profit Consulting Pty Ltd 07 5630 6252 QLD
Consulting & Strategy; Copy Writing; CRM; Data; Digital Fundraising; Education & Training; Events & Community; Face to Face Fundraising; Fundraising - Strategy; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Lotteries & Auctions; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Marketing & Communications; Other; Print & Mailing; Promotional Items & Merchandise ; Telemarketing; Third Party Fundraising

Pronounced Ask Squared. We create donor journeys.

There's a story behind every donor and a place for every donor in your story. We create pathways leading as many people as possible to support your organisation. For 30 years we’ve worked with charities to create multi-channel donor journeys.

From direct mail to digital, cash to regular giving to bequests, every path we create is designed to add more donors, with higher second gift rates, greater conversion to regular giving and more bequest confirmations. Using data analysis, segmentation and advanced modelling, we create journeys that maximize the lifetime value of each and every donor.

We’re a safe pair of hands. We have 30 years experience acquiring new donors cost effectively, maximising retention, converting leads to regular giving, upgrading mid-value donors, building a bequest pipeline, and modelling investment/return strategies you can sell to boards.

Fundraising is about more than money. If you really want to change the world, turn your donors into more than just a way to raise funds. We turn donors into influencers -- creating countless new pathways for more donors to join your vision for a better world.

We create donor journeys that are sustainable. Your donors do much more than give money, they help make your vision a reality.

+61 418 113 796

Ask Squared
Ask Squared - NSW
Consulting & Strategy; Digital Fundraising; Grants, Trusts & Foundations; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

AskRIGHT is a specialist fundraising consultancy with consultants and associates across Australia and New Zealand.  Our key focus is to help your organisation raise more money by providing:

  • Strategic fundraising advice and solutions
  • Campaign planning, implementation and guidance
  • Board and leadership team workshops
  • Individual donor research
  • Professional coaching
  • Fundraiser Recruitment services
  • Australia’s only online PAF and PuAF guide

AskRIGHT provides THE PAF GUIDE, Australia's only Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) and Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) subscription service, helping you to find funding sources quickly and efficiently all in one place.

AskRIGHT is the first fundraising consultancy in Australia and New Zealand to achieve ISO:9001 certification, guaranteeing a strong focus on quality and enhancing client satisfaction.

With over 200 years of collective experience, our consultants and researchers are highly skilled in building the capacity of organisations to raise more money for themselves. Case studies and free resources are available on our website or please contact us for a free consultation. Whether your organisation is in the Education, Health, Arts and Culture, or Community sectors we can assist you to raise funds effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Contact: Pamela Sutton-Legaud, AskRIGHT Principal Consultant FFIA CFRE 
Tel: 0413 594 302

As AskRIGHT's Principal Consultant in Australia, Pamela assists large and small clients across the non-profit sector including schools, universities and charities.  As a professional fundraiser, Pamela has driven strategies that have raised more than $150 million for Australian non-profit organisations including Oxfam Australia, Plan International, Bush Heritage Australia and Zoos Victoria. Pamela is a Fellow of the FIA and a CFRE Ambassador in Australia.

Please contact Pamela at AskRIGHT to discuss your fundraising needs.

AskRIGHT 07 3211 2320 QLD
CRM; Data

Asia-Pacific Office:

Contact:Paul Ramsbottom
Title:Managing Director
Address:Suite 221, 189 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Phone:+61 3 9869 7500 

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a leading global provider of cloud software and services for associations and non-profits. We help clients digitally transform, streamline operations, and grow revenue through industry expertise, best-practice advice, and high-quality solutions. Our portfolio of solutions includes iMIS for association and non-profit management, TopClass LMS for learning management, and OpenWater for application and review management. 

iMIS is designed to meet the unique management needs of associations, unions, clubs, and other non-profits. Enjoy all the features you need to effectively manage your organisation plus a powerful API with hundreds of proven integrations, easy to use dashboards and reports, and an optional Web CMS. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the world’s #1 cloud computing platform, iMIS provides automatic upgrades, world-class data security, and peak performance. 

ASI is also Fundraising Success Partner in Australia and New Zealand for DonorPerfect donor management and fundraising software.  Supporting 50,000 non-profit professionals in raising over $100 billion, the DonorPerfect fundraising success platform provides innovative and affordable solutions for today’s ever-changing fundraising landscape. 

ASI, the developers of iMIS
ASI, the developers of iMIS 03 9869 7555 ALL STATES; VIC
Lotteries & Auctions; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns; Print & Mailing; Telemarketing

In our 37th year of fundraising, we continue to deliver engaging and meaningful conversations to supporters across a wide range of trusted Australian Charities / non-for-profit organisations.

At Apple Marketing Group it’s about connecting your charities cause and supporters in ways that engage and inspire long term sustainable relationships. Our paramount focus is set on your donor experience (DX) which engages, inspire, and retains your loyal donors.

We work across multiple areas and products in tele fundraising and telemarketing. Our end-to-end solution for all your donor requisites are under one roof. And if we can’t deliver a requisite, we’ll partner with another agency.

We deliver tailored fundraising solutions that are bespoke to your vision and supporters needs. Let us conduct a detailed fundraising audit to identify opportunities for growth and develop strategies. Leverage our expertise of analytical, data driven and customised campaigns for sustainable fundraising with high efficiency and best in the industry donor experience (DX).

We pioneer in all key fundraising activities

· Donations for Single Gifts (SG) and Acquisition

· Welcome, Check-In and Thank you calls.

· Regular Giving (RG) Acquisition / Conversion / Upgrade & Reactivation

· Gift in Wills (GIW) (Bequest (BQ))

· Raffles/Lotteries

· Giving days

· Mailhouse and processing centre functions

· Product/Merchandise Sales

Contact us at Apple Marketing Group on 1800 811 866 for all general enquires or one of our leadership team members for an urgent or confidential discussion.

Darren Musilli – CEO

0408 324 966

Roo De Silva – GM Campaign Operations

0405 227 533

Apple Marketing Group
Apple Marketing Group 07 5560 4900 VIC
Digital Fundraising; Events & Community; Major Gifts, Gifts in Wills & Capital Campaigns

AJL Fundraising Group is an award winning Australian company. We are experts in high revenue fundraising and passionate about making a difference and changing lives.

The team consists of professional fundraising consultants and suppliers. If you need help taking your fundraising to the next level then please work with us.

We are proud to be major contributors in funding for charities, not for profit organisations, foundations, healthcare sector, schools, sporting clubs, community groups and medical research institutions in Australia.

We offer:

  • High revenue fundraising results
  • Donor uplift and acquisition campaigns
  • Other ways to donate for ongoing funding
  • Community Fundraising campaigns
  • Engagement Appeals
  • Direct mail campaigns 
  • Digital campaigns 
  • Major Gifts & Bequests
  • Live and Silent Auctions prizes, raffles for galas and fundraising events
  • Expertise in Philanthropy and Healthcare Fundraising

What our Clients Say:

AJL Fundraising Group has supported Austin Health raising significant funds that contribute to providing world class research and exceptional patient care for the community. We are grateful for their support and look forward to continuing to work together. Thank you AJL team.”  Austin Health & Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre

''AJL Fundraising Group are major contributors in funding for health and patient care at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Queensland Largest Hospital. AJL Fundraising Group have been apart of our events such as Q Super Butterfly ball achieved honorary status receiving awards in 2017, 2018 2019 at our Research Grant Awards. We don't know what we would do without AJL Fundraising Group Thank you for your continued support and annual fundraising activities.'' RBWH Foundation

St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation has worked with AJL Fundraising Group for a number of years and only have had good feedback from our patient’s families and staff.  AJL’S level of professionalism, friendliness and prompt communication are second to none. AJL are a pleasure to work with and a reliable source of thousands dollars of donations to the important work and research done by St Vincent’s Melbourne to further care of our patients.” St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Melbourne

 A pleasure working with AJL Fundraising Group. Look forward to ongoing relationship in future years.”  Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

''Thrilled with the results. Donors have shared so many beautiful stories with us.
It's been an amazing campaign. We can't thank you enough for wonderful support of AJL Fundraising Group through recent Gold4good Appeal.'' Youngcare

AJL Fundraising Group welcomes your organisation to partner with us in another success story. Collaborate to benefit from our unique fundraising initiatives that are leading alternative ways to receive donations - be a part of a break-through in Australian Fundraising.

Contact one of AJL's friendly team today to help you raise more funds!

Email :
Call:       (02) 9269 0444

AJL Fundraising Group
AJL Fundraising Group 02 9269 0444 NSW
Data; Digital Fundraising; Face to Face Fundraising; Telemarketing

Advertising Made Flexible via the Human Touch

Adflex works with clients and organisations to create and deliver tailored customer acquisition and field engagement campaigns.

Our priority is to deliver a meaningful impact for clients by acquiring new customers, educating and engaging prospective customers and supporting the client’s brand in an efficient and compelling manner.

We constantly strive to implement initiatives required to achieve the client’s vision whilst delivering operational excellence to meet or exceed our commitments to the many constituencies we serve. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions are moulded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate; 

  • Be flexible to new products and ideas
  • Listen and collaborate to the needs of our clients to find the best outcome
  • Strive for long term relationships with all parties connected to the brand
  • Be the best in sales, customer service and compliance standards in the sector

Adflex is fully committed to driving ethical and professional fundraising practices across the sector. We hope you can be a part of our journey.

Contact Us:

Phone: 1800 318 030


Adflex Marketing
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