Intermediate Short Courses

Whether you are new to the fundraising sector or want to expand your existing skills, FIA has several short courses and seminars covering a variety of topics to help enhance your skillset and improve your confidence as a professional fundraiser.


Copywriting Essentials (also available online)
Copywriting Essentials is tailored for fundraisers who want to improve their writing skills and connect with their audience on a personal level.

Copywriting for Impact (also available online)
In this course you will learn how to write with clarity and emotion for the benefit of your readers and your mission. 

Creating a Digital-First Fundraising Strategy (also available online)
This course aims to challenge you to identify revenue and retention growth opportunities based on understanding the data and digital channel’s maturity.

Mid-Value Donors (also available online)
Mid-donors are the talk of the town – everyone wants to know how best to unlock the potential of this core group of supporters. 

Navigating the Fundraising Regulatory Environment (also available online)
This course enables fundraisers to meet all regulatory requirements at a state and federal level that are relevant to their organisation’s fundraising activities. 

Privacy & Brand Safety for Fundraisers (also available online)
In this course you will learn about the role of data in your business and understand how regulation governs personal data that may be used. 

Strategic Planning for Fundraisers
This practical, hands on 2-day masterclass with Martin Paul from More Strategic will equip you to create an effective fundraising strategy.