Intermediate Short Courses

Whether you are new to the fundraising sector or want to expand your existing skills, FIA has several short courses and seminars covering a variety of topics to help enhance your skillset and improve your confidence as a professional fundraiser.


Attracting the Donors of Tomorrow and Taking Them to your Board (available online)
Learn how to find, attract and engage younger donors as well as future-proof those donors for your organisation.

Copywriting for Impact (available online)
In this course you will learn how to write with clarity and emotion for the benefit of your readers and your mission. 

Digital Fundraising for Donor Retention (available online)
Plan retention at the core of your business strategy, transform your relationships with your donors and grow the impact of your mission online.

From Zero to Hero – how to get your stories in the media (available online)
You will learn from experienced journalists how to create a slate of stories based on singular themes targeted to specific media outlets, then the anatomy of a successful media release.  

How to Create Distinctive Materials for Your Gifts in Wills Program
(available online)
The aim of this course is to identify what is distinctive about your cause and gift in Wills programme; what value that has to your current supporters and how to develop the kind of communications materials that will support that.

Major Giving – developing the people and the program (available online)

You will learn how to outline and assess the elements of successful major giving and how a program can impact and engage the whole of an organisation

Navigating the Regulatory Environment (available online)
This course enables fundraisers to meet all regulatory requirements at a state and federal level that are relevant to their organisation’s fundraising activities. 

Safeguarding Donor Privacy and Data) (available online)
In this course you will learn about the role of data in your business and understand how regulation governs personal data that may be used.