Make a bigger impact

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) membership is the key to professional fundraising success.

We support professional fundraisers and protect and promote the fundraising sector.

We want you to be the best so that you raise awareness and more funds for your cause, enabling you to make a bigger impact.

Working for you and the sector

As a not-for-profit organisation, we exist for the benefit of our members. The investment in membership goes straight back into your Association – protecting and growing the fundraising sector, developing a strong professional identity for fundraisers and advancing our shared mission to be successful, ethical fundraisers.

Key changes to your FIA Membership in 2021

Thanks to member feedback, we’ve made significant changes to our membership moving forward. FIA professional members now have exclusive use of the member suffix which shows your commitment to professional fundraising and your profession. And to further support you, professional membership fees have been significantly reduced for you, when your organisation is an FIA organisational member, making it even more accessible.

In addition, a key change to organisational membership is the inclusion of FIA benefits for the entire fundraising team of an organisational member. That means no matter how many fundraisers are on your team, they will have access to all member communications including critical updates and information, resources and discounts. Just let us know your team members and we’ll set them up for success.

FIA Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June.

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