Organisational Membership


“Australian Conservation Foundation has been an organisation member of FIA for 6 years. Being a part of the FIA community gives us a massive boost, knowing we’re following fundraising best practice by having our fundraisers take the FIA Code Training and investing in their professional development.  FIA membership is part of our team culture, and we encourage everyone to take part in the mentoring program, awards, events and conference to fully leverage the benefits. We are proud to be recognised as the 2023 Fundraising Team of the Year (VIC)!”

Christine Anderson | Director of Fundraising | Australian Conservation Foundation

Organisational Membership

Organisations that know the value of professional fundraising and strive for ethical best-practice in fundraising join FIA to benefit from its support to achieve greater outcomes and consequently make a bigger impact.

FIA provides sector standards and guidance through its professional development program to achieve ethical best-practice fundraising. Being part of the FIA community allows for deep connection and sharing of knowledge and skills to support all your entire organisation. 

Being an Organisational Member of FIA sends a strong signal to donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders that you take the responsibility to achieve best-practice fundraising very seriously. 

What is the investment?

Organisational membership fees are based on private fundraising (donations and bequests) income only for your last annual financial or calendar year. FIA Membership runs annually from 1 July – 30 June. FIA reaches out to all Member organisations each year to advise of pending renewal dates. 

Income bands and annual fees are as follows:

Annual Fundraising Income (Excluding government funding)Fee (GST included)
Below        $500,000 p.a.$525
$500,000   to $999,999 p.a.$875
$1m            to $1,999,999 p.a.$1,450
$2m            to $4,999,999 p.a.$2,050
$5m            to $9,999,999 p.a.$2,600
$10m          to $14,999,999 p.a.$3,500
$15m          to $19,999,999 p.a.$4,700
$20m          to $49,999,999 p.a.$6,400
$50m         and above p.a.$8,900

If you are interested in joining FIA as an Organisational Member, please email