Advanced Short Courses

Whether you are new to the fundraising sector or want to expand your existing skills, FIA has several short courses and seminars covering a variety of topics to help enhance your skillset and improve your confidence as a professional fundraiser.


Supporter Experiences Designed Using Behavioural Economics
The behaviours of your supporters reflect their attitudes towards your cause and charity. What do they currently believe? We’ll look at your current target audiences and consider who is most engaged and why – what are their attitudes? Then we consider who is less engaged and what are their attitudes? What is the gap? This defines our ‘future state’ attitude from which we’ll launch our brainstorm around the application of behavioural economics. How do we move someone from believing x to y.

Fundraising Research & Insights Discussion Group
Academic research into fundraising and its related disciplines is gathering pace, both here in Australia and around the world, creating a body of new evidence, information and insights.  This discussion group hopes to make this research more accessible to fundraising professionals and to provide an opportunity to discuss the implications and potential applications of this research to fundraising practice.

Successfully Managing Outsourced F2F Fundraising – Part I
Acquiring donors via F2F is an expensive undertaking for any charity. When it is well managed the potential rewards make the investment more than worthwhile, however, there are many pitfalls along the way and there is no instruction manual on how to avoid them. Until now.  In this course, you will learn the origins of F2F as a channel, why and how it began, and how it has developed to it’s current state.

Attracting Major Gifts
An introduction to how to attract major gifts. This interactive workshop explores the key elements of attracting major gifts: identifying, recognising and connecting with major donors and how to have a ‘major gifts conversation’. Through a series of practical exercises you’ll learn how to tailor your approach to major gifts to your organisation.

Digital Gifts in Wills – How to Grow Your Database of Confirmed Gifts in Wills Donors
You will learn how to acquire qualified gifts in Wills leads through digital channels. This course will cover how to formulate the perfect proposition, best practice for audience targeting and some tips on creative and supporter journeys. 

Donor Journey Mapping
This one-day course focuses on how fundraisers can develop donor journeys for their organisations. Bringing together the principles of customer journeys, you will cover the theory of customer/donor journeys and how they can be used to drive great fundraising outcomes.

Managing Vulnerability
In this course, you will become familiar with factors that contribute to vulnerability, how to recognise potential vulnerability, and learn a range of best practice approaches to responding to a donor who may be experiencing vulnerability.

Copywriting for Impact
In this course you will learn how to write with clarity and emotion for the benefit of your readers and your mission. 

Digital Fundraising for Donor Retention
Plan retention at the core of your business strategy, transform your relationships with your donors and grow the impact of your mission online.

From Zero to Hero – how to get your stories in the media
You will learn from experienced journalists how to create a slate of stories based on singular themes targeted to specific media outlets, then the anatomy of a successful media release.  

How to Create Distinctive Materials for Your Gifts in Wills Program

The aim of this course is to identify what is distinctive about your cause and gift in Wills programme; what value that has to your current supporters and how to develop the kind of communications materials that will support that.

Strategic Planning for Fundraising 2 Day Course
This practical, hands on masterclass will equip you to create an effective fundraising strategy. The session builds on valuable pre-work with interactive tools, group discussion, case studies, research findings and masses of experience to help you confidently craft the outline of your strategy. 

Major Giving – developing the people and the program
You will learn how to outline and assess the elements of successful major giving and how a program can impact and engage the whole of an organisation

Navigating the Regulatory Environment
This course enables fundraisers to meet all regulatory requirements at a state and federal level that are relevant to their organisation’s fundraising activities. 

Safeguarding Donor Privacy and Data
In this course you will learn about the role of data in your business and understand how regulation governs personal data that may be used.