FIA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

FIA’s mission is to advance ethical best-practice fundraising for the continued success and sustainability of fundraising in Australia. As part of this, we are committed to promoting and increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the fundraising profession in Australia by supporting fundraisers from all backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Working together, we hope to find ways to create opportunities and remove barriers in order to promote inclusion for all in our sector.

Where are we in our process?

In 2020, FIA established a dedicated working group committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within FIA and among our membership and the fundraising sector. Since its inception, the group has achieved significant milestones and remains dedicated in its desire to strengthen inclusivity in fundraising.

Over the past several years, the volunteer working group, now comprised of 11 members has consistently made strides in promoting DEI. Monthly meetings serve as a platform for collaborative efforts, enabling the group to address key issues.

A key initiative is a DEI survey to the entire FIA community, the second undertaken since 2021. This survey aims to provide comprehensive insights into the current state of diversity within the fundraising profession and sector. By collecting baseline data, we seek to better understand the composition of professional and volunteer fundraisers across all verticals as well as their experiences.

In 2023, FIA facilitated the formation of a member-led BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) Collective to provide connection and networking opportunities for BIPOC fundraisers, a welcoming community where fundraisers who identify, in whole or in part, as Black, Indigenous or as a Person of Colour, can meet, share experiences and support each other. It will be a safe and inclusive space to seek mentorship, network, and address the unique challenges faced by BIPOC professionals. For information on joining the group, contact

What’s next?

Looking ahead to 2024/2025, the working group has identified several key priorities including assisting FIA to develop the first step in a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as part of the FIA Board’s commitment to creating meaningful opportunities for First Nations people and for leadership in the sector.  The group are also developing a toolkit of resources for our members, including DEI HR strategies for recruitment, onboarding, and appropriate language and image use policies for marketing and branding. Additionally, we are exploring the establishment of further new DEI interest groups for underrepresented communities, including First Nations People, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ community.

Our collaboration with the FIA Conference Committee remains pivotal, with a continued commitment to ensuring that DEI is embedded at the core of the event. This commitment extends to the selection of speakers, choice of session topics, and overall conference logistics.

The volunteer group provides incredible generosity in passion, time and expertise in helping FIA and the fundraising sector to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. The working group welcomes all volunteers; to express interest, email