FIA Code

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FIA members subscribe to a self-regulatory regime that raises the sector’s profile and enhances credibility and reputation with donors, government and the community. Self-regulation is guided by the FIA Code. All members must comply with the Code. The Code was re-launched in 2017 and has been informed by the International Statement of Ethical Principles.

As charities’ reliance on fundraising is growing, we need to ensure that the public trusts fundraisers to raise, manage, and distribute their generous gifts in an ethical and accountable way.

When you join FIA and complete the Code training, you are entitled to use the appropriate FIA Member logo which signifies that you are committed to adhering to the Code and to ethical, best-practice professional fundraising.

The FIA Code course is designed to provide members (and others involved with fundraising) with a practical understanding of the Code and how to conduct fundraising in accordance with best practice. All FIA Members and any person who is involved in fundraising including staff, CEOs, board members, and volunteers should do the Code training.

Administration of the Code is overseen by an independent Code Authority whose responsibilities include ongoing monitoring, complaints adjudication, and compliance training.

The Code covers:

  • Transparent and ethical behaviour
  • Conduct towards and communication with Donors
  • Conduct towards and communication with Beneficiaries, including people in vulnerable circumstances
  • Professional engagement with Suppliers

Online Delivery:

The course takes approximately two hours to complete, including quiz questions at the end of each module. Once registered for the course, you will have access to the e-learning platform for two weeks.

Successful completion of training will be recognised through a statement of attainment in addition to the 2.0 continuing education points towards the CFRE designation.

Dates and Time

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*You may experience technical issues when trying to register and pay for the Code course. If this occurs please email


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