FIA Foundation

Fundraising changes the world. Every day, professional fundraisers work to make our world a better place.

Our positive impact on civic society and the health of our planet is profound, yet there is still so much that can be done. We must continually raise the bar and seek to deliver greater impact and advancing our professional practice is a sure way to do just that.

This is why the FIA Foundation exists; to help fund the advancement of our profession as fundraisers and by doing so, truly make the world a better place.

The FIA Foundation is our very own platform. The Foundation exists to advance new ideas as well as to advance the careers of emerging fundraisers. The Foundation also supports the sector with research and development that helps carry us into the future.  

If we believe in what we do every day, if we know that a strong for-purpose sector needs talented fundraisers and if we seek to ensure a stronger fundraising future, we have the vehicle to drive it. 

We believe that, through opportunity, every fundraiser at every level can benefit from training, and can lead, enabling for-purpose organisations to better achieve their missions and deliver greater social impact.

Cassie Magin MFIA, State Fundraising Manager, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

“Entering the fundraising world as a second career and in my mid-thirties was very daunting, but with professional development opportunities I was able to get up to speed and stay abreast of important information in the sector. Ten years on, without the many professional development opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have, I would never have made it to Fundraising Manager for one of South Australia’s largest charities.”

By supporting the FIA Foundation, you will directly contribute to research, education and innovation for our sector.

We ask you to make your contribution to the future of your profession. 

The FIA Foundation is the only foundation in Australia that is investing in the profession of fundraising and in the fundraising leaders of the future. If there’s a particular priority you’d like to support, contact to discuss how you’d like your gift to be used and how you’ll be recognised.  

Show your support for your profession, your sector and its future leaders by giving back today.  

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