Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA’s) mission is to advance ethical, professional, best-practice fundraising and to promote the fundraising sector and protect its interests. Advocacy to government at all levels and to stakeholders and the broader community is part of our mission. FIA’s policy priorities outline key initiatives in 2023.


FIA have developed our 2023 policy priorities to assist the government in making significant steps forward in regulatory reform, amongst other policy areas and in consideration of the current government’s focus on deregulation. As we continue to work with federal and state government Ministers, Shadow Ministers and back benchers to achieve further harmonisation for the charity sector, we have also considered other reforms that we believe are urgently needed to assist members and the broader fundraising sector.


Include a Charity is a social change movement of Fundraising Institute Australia. We are a collaboration of over 90 charities in Australia. We cover a broad spectrum of causes in the community, from medical research and education, to the environment, animal and family welfare, to the arts and more.


On average, 160,000 Australians over the age of 65 pass away annually, with 92 per cent having a valid Will and plans for their estate accounting for approximately $700 million.


By working together, we can change charitable giving forever so that over time, gifts in Wills become the norm for many rather than just a few.


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