Online Learning

Our online learning courses are available all year round to ensure learning in best-practice fundraising is within reach for any professional in our sector Australia-wide. These courses make great use of virtual learning tools such as virtual breakout rooms for small group work or discussions, screen sharing for shared documents and templates, as well as shared whiteboards via the Zoom platform. Online tutor-led delivery is interactive, so you can always ask questions and interact with your tutor and fundraising peers.

FIA Code Course
The FIA Code course is designed to provide professional fundraisers with a practical understanding of the Code and best practice conduct in fundraising. All FIA Members and any person who is involved in fundraising including staff, CEOs, board members and volunteers should do the Code training.

Global Leaders Faculty
FIA has partnered with Ducere Global Business School to provide members with free resources from the Global Leaders Faculty including access to insights from over 250 global leaders.

In-house training
In-House Training is a flexible and cost-effective way of delivering fundraising best-practice training solutions to your organisation.

Fundraising Essentials
Fundraising Essentials provides you with the basic knowledge and practical tools to help get you started as a best-practice fundraiser.

Gifts in Wills essentials
Gifts in Wills Essentials equips you with the tools to get started with an effective Gifts in Wills fundraising program that can provide your organisation with a long-term financial future.

Certificate in Professional Fundraising
This course provides you with a comprehensive foundation in learning about every channel of fundraising and how to generate sustainable revenue streams.

Copywriting Essentials
Copywriting Essentials is tailored for fundraisers who want to improve their writing skills and connect with their audience on a personal level.

Copywriting for Impact
Learn how to write with clarity and emotion with a focus on direct response communication for appeals and activism campaigns.

Creating a Digital-First Fundraising Strategy
This course aims to challenge you to identify revenue and retention growth opportunities based on understanding the data and digital channel’s maturity for immediate and future success.

How to create distinctive materials for your gifts in Wills Programme 
The aim of this course is to identify what is distinctive about your cause and Gift in Wills programme; what value that has to your current supporters and how to develop the kind of communications materials that will support that.

Mid-Value Donors
This course will equip you with the knowledge and ability to understand a mid-value program and unlock the potential of this core group of supporters.

Navigating the Fundraising Regulatory Environment
The course enables fundraisers to understand the regulatory environment in which they operate and provide guidelines for developing an effective compliance program.

Safeguarding Donor Privacy and Data
Learn about the role and regulation of data in your organisation and how privacy relates to business risk in the donor journey.

Diploma in Professional Fundraising
Harness your passion for fundraising and develop your fundraising expertise through strategic thinking, creative approaches to fundraising and nurturing donor relationships. This is a twelve-month course with compulsory and elective modules that will improve your prospects for career advancement towards leadership roles.

Donor Journey Mapping
This course brings together the principles of customer journeys to drive great fundraising outcomes. On the day you will participate in hands-on discussions to create your own personal customer journey for your donors.