The FIN Agency

At The FIN Agency, our core focus is helping not-for-profit organisations with their regular-giving campaigns. We’re really passionate about supporting our clients and solely work with charities to communicate what they believe in.

The FIN Agency has over 15 years’ experience delivering high-quality, compliant, and customer-focused face-to-face fundraising campaigns. We believe that being a professional fundraiser is a hugely rewarding and valuable experience. We also recognise that it’s a big responsibility to represent our clients’ causes and share their messages with the public.

The people who deliver face-to-face services for our clients’ causes are one of a kind – they genuinely love what they do, are professional, highly trained and knowledgeable on every aspect of the charities they represent. Coupled with their passion and love of a good chat, and you have the perfect formula for great face-to-face conversations about your cause.

Our experience, passion, pride in what we do and commitment to respectful fundraising practices is at the heart of the service we can offer any charity that aligns with these values.

We truly believe in ‘Making A Difference Together’ & love it when we partner with clients who also bring the same passion, pride, commitment to excellence for what they do.


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