GoFundMe Australia

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform that makes it safe and easy for Australians to give and get help.

Since its launch in Australia in 2015, one in five Australians (20% of the population) have given to a GoFundMe fundraiser, collectively they’ve donated over $820 million in support of inspiring and worthy causes.

All donations made on GoFundMe are backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means that all donors, campaign organisers and beneficiaries are protected by a refund policy. For more information, visit: GoFundMe Guarantee

GoFundMe for charities

GoFundMe also offers a registered charity feature that puts charities at the heart of its experience, making it even easier for Australians to discover, donate and fundraise for your organisation.

Charities can sign up for the new charity fundraising experience here. Once you select your charity and provide your information, you’ll have access to insights and tools in your charity dashboard right away. Your donor and fundraiser reports will become available once our team confirms your connection to your charity, which usually takes two to three days.