Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Limited

At Corporate Diversity Pathways [CDP], our people understand the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion in the charity sector is stronger than ever.

We work with your FIA member organisation to shine a light on what’s possible when diversity, equity and inclusion are the guiding principles of your mission, vision and values as well as your strategic plan:

1. bring about rapid and significant change, embracing diversity, achieving equity, and being inclusive to succeed and better represent and serve your communities;

2. drive real progress by creating a high performing, inclusive workplace where diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice and equity or belonging is having that voice heard;

3. embrace and lead change, by reaching beyond a database to include non-traditional and hard-to-find talent encouraging diverse perspectives to engage more donors and raise more money.

CDP works with FIA member organisations through trusted advisory to help the business case for diversity, equality and inclusion across:

– Recruitment, Search & Selection

– Training & Development Capability Programs

– Executive Coaching and Mentoring

– Workplace Gender Equality Compliance (WGEA partner)

– Public Speaking Engagements

– Pro-Bono Advisory

Contact Jeromine Alpe, Founder & Chief Executive of CDP to benefit from FIA member benefits, a simple and affordable fee structure and a complimentary 60 minute advisory service.

FIA Member Organisation CEO – Testimonial:

“It has been an absolute privilege to have access to such a senior business professional in our non-profit organisation. This has only been made possible through Jeromine’s generosity in providing a significant component of her time pro-bono. Jeromine’s business acumen, emotional intelligence, and senior HR management experience has been a key to the successful development of a high performing team with support on an ongoing basis for recruitment and team culture development that has helped us to increase fundraising revenue by 100% in the last three years.”

Jeromine Alpe

04044 87962