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whatever inspires
It’s our strapline, it’s part of every creative brief, and it’s the ethos driving how we look after our people.

From a tiny UK start-up, we’ve grown to find ourselves working in 30+ countries. There’s no secret to how we got there: listening to clients, employing fabulous people, and keeping a relentless focus on inspiration.

Important too is ‘whoever inspires’. We are trying hard to translate the words diversity and inclusion into action. Quite simply, if you are interested in us, we are interested in you.

If you’ve been part of the past, thank you! And if you want to be part of the future, please get in touch!


film at the heart of your fundraising
Make hearts beat faster. Change brain chemistry. That’s what we do to inspire good people to support great causes. We create, deliver, and optimise DRTV, digital campaigns, and films. And always with an unwavering focus on maximising your return on investment.

strategy > script > screen > stats
Are you ready for DRTV and digital video? Do you understand what it takes to make things work creatively? Can we deliver the ROI you need? We’ll immerse ourselves in your cause. Make it live and breathe on screen. Then we’re down in the detail of every channel, every day-part, every time-length, every test cell, every single response, to continuously optimise your campaigns.

heartbeat to heartbeat
We start with creative workshops. And we run them for free. This is about together assessing if your cause is organisationally ready to unlock the potential of DRTV and film. We assess territories and create propositions to connect the heartbeat of your cause with the heartbeats of viewers. We weave together script, footage, music, voice-over and captions to lead to an inspiring call to action. And, of course, we take care of the myriad details of versioning and distribution.

start small, learn fast
The largest budget most clients will ever spend, is often the least understood. We’ll help you change that. And because our success depends on your success, we’ll spend your budget as sparingly as if it were our own. How do we start? Spend as little as possible to learn as much as possible. Analyse minutely. Build volume. Analyse. Optimise. Repeat. We deliver via trusted media partners worldwide, and through our own uniquely qualified team at Sanctuary Media in Australia.

the delight is in the detail
Every spreadsheet, every number, every response is someone who cared enough to want to make a difference. We gain great insight into data and attitudes through DTV Optimise, our team of telephone fundraisers, who have thousands upon thousands of inspiring conversations. Every financial transaction is driven by emotion. So whether it’s inbound, outbound, online, or in person… we seek to ensure that each kind person responding is left feeling great about what they do.

let it shine
Our Creative Strategy team operate at four levels to make your organisation shine in the busy NGO landscape and spark supporters engagement to your cause.
Organisation/brand: helping you define with distinction what makes your cause tick.
Fundraising Story: often called Case for Support, and a driver for all of your fundraising comms in all media for all audiences, from major donors to mass market. We help turn your amazing mission into a compelling story that inspires action.
The sharp end: from new product development, to devising compelling propositions, to creating public campaigns.
Training and inspiration: bespoke training to transfer our skills into your own team.

inspiration and insights
Dedicated to matching the needs of charities and donors, our team uses insights to produce the best strategy and creative. We run regular Inspiration & Insight sessions, designed to inspire you and provide insights into the world of film and fundraising.

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