Dataro is the leading propensity modelling software for not-for-profits, bringing world-shaping technology to causes

Dataro is the leading propensity modelling software for not-for-profits, bringing world-shaping technology to causes that deserve it most. We use powerful machine learning technology to generate predictions about how your donors are likely to behave, so you can raise more funds through highly targeted campaigns.

Our Software

Dataro’s advanced software integrates directly with all leading CRMs, allowing you to access live, donor-level predictions directly in your existing system. These predictions are generated with state-of-the-art machine learning, which uses hundreds of data points to score and rank your donors for each activity. These ‘scores’ and ‘ranks’ are constantly refreshed in your CRM, telling you which donors to include in every fundraising activity for better net returns. All of this is supported with campaign recommendations, automatic results reporting and unique insights via the Dataro web app, so you can grow your fundraising sustainably by using your data to its full potential.

Dataro was named one of the top 10 fundraising solutions in the global Reimagining Fundraising challenge.

Our Modules

Dataro’s easy subscriptions allow you to choose which activities are most important to your organisation:

● Appeals

● Regular Giving

● Conversion to Regular Giving

● Mid-Level Giving

● Major Giving + Gift in Will

Dataro believes state-of-the-art innovation should serve the greater good. We’re harnessing technology typically used by the big end of town to help not-for-profits fundraise smarter, so they can do incredible things in the world. So if you want to see what you can do with your data, contact us at

You can create a free demonstration account at

+61 (2) 90511513

Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023

Dataro have just released their first Fundraising Benchmark Report, analysing the fundraising data of 117 global nonprofits to give a view of fundraising in 2022 and an insight into the key trends and fundraising benchmarks for 2023.

The aim of Dataro’s Fundraising Benchmark Report 2023 is to provide Australian fundraisers with meaningful data and insights to easily benchmark their own nonprofits’ fundraising performance, and identify opportunities for growth. Over 68 million donations from 7.2 million donors and 2.5 million monthly givers were analysed.  Here is an excerpt for reference or you can click here to to download now. The report is free and will help fundraisers answer questions like:

  • Which areas of fundraising are showing the strongest growth?
  • What are the biggest opportunities to invest in for income growth?
  • Are we optimising digital giving for our donors?