® is an online program that teaches a robust 7-step process to enable changemakers (from non-profits & social enterprises) across Australia & NZ to forge transformative, mutually beneficial partnerships & sponsorships with corporates. It’s not just a training program that builds capacity: it’s a blueprint for action that you can immediately implement within your organisation. The program contains tools tailored for both Australian and New Zealand non-profits.

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Do you want to learn about the opportunities – and risks – of corporate partnerships? We’ve gathered the brightest minds, the freshest thinking, professionals with deep wisdom and experience in corporate partnerships for our FIRST ever Corporate Partnerships: Look & Learn Before you Leap’ Online Summit.

Enjoy two informative, joyous, insightful days of game-changing learning, from the comfort of your home or office. Book before 30 July to receive an ‘Early Frog’ saving!

16 sessions / 30+ speakers / Vibrant / Live Q&As / Practical / Inspiring / Game-changing
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