2017 Young Fundraiser of the Year: Charlotte Sangster EMFIA CFRE

What did it mean to you to win both NSW and National Young Fundraiser of the Year in 2017?
It is hard for me to put into words how much of an impact this award has had on me both professionally and personally. To be publicly recognised by my peers for my hard work and dedication to the profession is an honour. For me, winning the NSW award was recognition enough but then to go on and recognised nationally… well that was just one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I felt like I had won an Oscar!

The award has empowered me to further pursue my dreams, to keep extending my professional network and to continue to pass on my skills and experience on to other fundraisers who want to succeed and grow in their careers. It cemented even further for me that I have chosen the right career!

Tell us about your experience at the FIA Conference and subsequent experience at the AFP conference, and some important lessons/ideas you took away from both?
Australia and FIA put on an incredible conference! I was seriously impressed with this years. The speakers and the sessions were of such a high standard, not to mention the networking opportunities and of course, delicious food. Having that many Australian fundraisers in the same room with common values and vision was a highlight and worth going back for. When you go to an event like the FIA Conference with a problem in mind, you can pretty much guarantee you will leave with a solution!

The AFP conference was yet another great experience and there was lots of opportunities to learn about how to love thy donors! The three days spent at the AFP Conference gave me a breadth of knowledge and new ways of looking to donor retention and stewardship through personal touches and relationship building.

How you think it has and will benefit you and your career?
It already has! Shortly after the awards I was offered my dream job. I am now running the organisation Muscular Dystrophy NSW as their new General Manager. The award gave me the confidence and the credibility I needed to take the next step in my career. I couldn’t be more grateful!