2016 Young Fundraiser: Andrew Sabatino

Andrew Sabatino MFIA (SA) – Executive Manager – Business Development, Guide Dogs SA/NT

Young Fundraiser of the Year 2016

What does it mean to you to be a winner of this award?
I’m honoured and proud to lead such a great fundraising team and this award is a reflection on the hard they put into our fundraising program. My team work tirelessly to continuously grow and improve their performance because there is a strong demand on our Guide Dog Service due to the aging population and also on our Autism Assistance Dog Service due to 1 in 84 children being diagnosed with autism in South Australia each month.

How has winning this award impacted on your fundraising career, or how do you think it will in the future?
I have been asked to present at various conferences due to winning the award. FIA has also sponsored me to attend the American Fundraising Conference to further develop my fundraising knowledge, which will no doubt be invaluable for my career. A lot more people are asking for my advice on their fundraising programs.

Would you encourage people to nominate someone for an individual award? Why?
I would definitely encourage it. My CEO nominated me and I didn’t even know about it until I received a call from the FIA. It was such a nice surprise. In our profession, we don’t really stop and acknowledge what we have achieved as there is always more to do. To receive the award was a really nice way to know how my CEO feels about my contribution.