2014 Young Fundraiser: Ashlie Hirniak

Ashlie Hirniak MFIA (WA)
Young Fundraiser of the Year, 2014

Receiving the Young Fundraiser of the Year award in February 2014 has been the highlight of my career to date. I am proud to call myself a fundraiser, and I am privileged to be in the business of changing/saving lives.

This achievement has cemented my career as a fundraiser and has reaffirmed my reasons for choosing this path. Increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, pride and joy were immediate and welcome emotions. Long-term, I foresee this award opening doors and securing opportunities as it demonstrates my dedication, excellent work ethic and passion for fundraising and the sector.

I would strongly encourage people to nominate a ‘rising star’ of fundraising. This award will validate, motivate and encourage the young fundraiser. As a result of this sense of achievement, their confidence will soar and their passion for fundraising (and the cause) will further develop.

As staff turnover in the industry can be high, it is our duty to cultivate, develop and retain talented and determined young fundraisers. It is the responsibility of established fundraisers to identify these future leaders and invest in them. This award is a powerful vehicle to acknowledge an outstanding individual and it is also a tool which must be used to advance our sector. We can secure and foster talented fundraisers who will ensure our sector strives and the collective impact we have grows.

I am very grateful to receive this award and would like to thank the FIA and my peers who nominated me. I am also very excited for the future Young Fundraiser/s of the Year and the impact this achievement will have on them both personally and professionally.