2015 Young Fundraiser: Alexandra Struthers

Alexandra Struthers MFIA (QLD)
Young Fundraiser of the Year, 2015

What does it mean to you to be a winner of this award?
I was overwhelmed at being chosen as the winner of this award, especially to be counted amongst the incredible calibre of the other talented nominees. Being nominated was a humbling experience, to see such support from my colleagues, employers and industry professionals; winning then celebrated their confidence in me. Being Young Fundraiser of the Year has given me increased confidence to continue along the path of fundraising and leadership development, and being recognised for achievements already in these areas is an incredible experience.

How has winning this award impacted on your fundraising career, or how do you think it will in the future?
This award has opened opportunities to further my personal and professional development in the areas of speaking, leadership and mentoring. Personally it has cemented my career in fundraising and I have a renewed passion to contribute as much as I can to the sector and the fundraising profession. This award will continue to remind me to value the opportunity to work for amazing causes, explore new ways of fundraising and share learnings for the benefit of the sector.

Would you encourage people to nominate someone for an individual award? 
Definitely, this experience has been incredible, I have been able to meet amazing fundraisers and gain insights from others which have helped shape my current work. Being Young Fundraiser of the Year also offers the opportunity to reflect back on your career, celebrate your achievements, your contribution to fundraising and the causes you’ve worked for.