Board of Directors

Meredith Dwyer FFIA CFRE (Chair)

Homemade Digital

Benjamin Cox FFIA (Treasurer)

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
Chief Executive Officer

Vicki Rasmussen FFIA CFRE

Charlies Foundation for Research
Executive Director

Alan White MFIA CFRE

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Director, Fundraising, Marketing & Enterprise

Jim Hungerford MFIA

The Shepherd Centre
Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Folder MFIA

Hobart City Mission
Business Development Manager

Stephen Mally FFIA CFRE


Rebecca Miller EMFIA

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Strategic Fundraising Manager

Lisa Allan FFIA

The Smith Family
Head of Marketing

Shanthini Naidoo FFIA CFRE

St Vincent's Curran Foundation
Chief Executive Officer

Belinda Dimovski MFIA

Australian Red Cross
Director, Engagement & Support

Daniel Lalor MFIA

former Executive General Manager, Fundraising and Marketing at MS Queensland

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