Maisa de Paiva

Maisa de Paiva



An activist at heart, Maisa is an experimental marketer. Her vision is to be a social change agent for better technologies, equality and education at a global level, via the distribution of wealth through sustainable fundraising. She Maisa brings a rare combination of expertise in both the digital and fundraising areas.

In 2010 Maisa has joined her current employer, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and has helped raise vital funds to provide essential support services, new technologies and fund ground-breaking research for people living with disabilities. She used her broad knowledge and fundraising skills base to contribute to a number of key areas. Most notably in bequests over the last few years. Her management of the bequest program has led to incredible growth in bequest prospects and increased sophistication in our targeting and channel mix. This achievement achieved sector-wide recognition at the FIA national awards, with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance bequest program being awarded the national winner in the Bequest category.

In 2018 Maisa was promote to Digital Strategy Manager at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Maisa has been involved with supporting Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Steptember campaign – the fastest growing P2P fundraising event in Australia – since 2012 in a shared service capacity and has successfully delivered and supported growth across all our digital channels. She drove innovation by trialling and launching Steptember’s first social acquisition campaign, one of the pioneering social advertising trials in the Australian fundraising sector. Each year, Maisa has surpassed ambitious Steptember campaign targets and has supported stakeholders in Australia and globally – particularly the United States and New Zealand, enabling them to excel in their digital tactics towards revenue generation & participant recruitment.

She was also part of the Australian Include a Charity Advisory Committee from 2015 – 2018, a social change campaign that aims to encourage more people to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the funds invested in the charitable sector and thereby increasing the positive impact these organisations have on our society.

Maisa had articles published at the renowned Fundraising & Philanthropy magazine, and has recently accepted to take a role as an Online Tutor for the FIA—the prestigious Fundraising Institute of Australia.