Conference 2019 Presentations

Interested in particular session details? Here’s what we had to offer at ‘Your Time is Now!, FIA’s 42nd Fundraising Conference, Melbourne 2019.

Thursday 28 February 2019

8.00 - 9.00am

Gifts in Wills: The magic of legaciesAlan Clayton

Community & Event: Knock knock. Who's there? 50 000 volunteers!Andrew Hill MFIA
Estelle McGuigan
Jess Lucas

Individual Giving: Bangin’ beats or the sound of silence? How fundraiser training can inspire your F2F and phone teams…or send them off to sleep!Adam Watson MFIA
Paul Tavatgis MFIA
Jenny Kearney
Mark Anscombe

Partnerships: The time is now! How to put more money in your mission and more mission in your partner’s money.Abby Clemence MFIA

Philanthropy: Initiating, building and restoring major gift relationshipsEarle Johnston MFIA CFRE
Grant Hooper

The Bigger Picture: Taking care of frontline teams Deli Baker

Digital Trends & Innovation: Online zero to hero: digital transformation for small to medium sized organisationsBen Littlejohn MFIA
Tim Sadler MFIA

9.10 - 10.10am
Gifts in Wills: Reinventing an established gift in wills programSally Biles
Leila Davis MFIA

Community & Event: The turnaround - how the CEO Sleep Out reversed their fundraising decline Catherine Braybon
Marcus Blease FFIA

Individual Giving: The speedy guide to mid-value nirvana: AND a quick boost to YOUR Tax Campaign…Sean Triner

Partnerships: Creating value through partnershipsAndrew Sabatino MFIA

Philanthropy: Sustainable major gift relationship development during a world of transitionCarl Young CFRE

The Bigger Picture: Be Bold! Building philanthropic culture and literacy in your organisationAndrea McManus

Digital Trends & Innovation: An undeniable force - how to embrace and harness the potential of social media to power your organisational objectives and drive change in today's worldElana Harari
Lachlan Dale
Samara Gentle



10.50 - 11.50am
Gifts in Wills: Legacy giving and the digital frontierMelanie Verges MFIA

Community & Event: Growing a grassroots peer-to-peer campaign in a small organisation (Case Study: Do it in a Dress)Jez Hunghanfoo

Individual Giving: We can do better than two appeals a year!Dan Geaves MFIA

Partnerships: Corporate partnerships support - in-house, out-source or maybe both?Alex Struthers MFIA
Abby Clemence MFIA
Sacha Koltun MFIA
Karen Laws
Eddie Skelic

Philanthropy: Crisis fundraising: using relationships to secure major gifts under the most difficult fundraising circumstancesDan Kneipp MFIA

The Bigger Picture: Managing the reputation of not for profits in the 21st CenturyClare Gleghorn

Digital Trends & Innovation: Becoming agile - being ready to leverage key moments for organisational growthEddie O'Loughlin

12.00 - 1.00pm
Gifts in Wills: Lessons from overseas: Applying international insights to gifts in wills fundraisingProfessor Russell James
Helen Merrick MFIA
Vicki Rasmussen FFIA CFRE
Nadia Aden

Community & Event: Building something special, from nothingAlan White MFIA CFRE

Individual Giving: It’s about the journey…not the productLouise Bonomi
Scott Nicholson MFIA
Tom Duggan CFRE
Yani Ferdinandus

Partnerships: Collaborative Corporate PartnershipsAmelia Hart

Philanthropy: Major donors only give to universities?! What should the rest of us do?Micah Demmert

The Bigger Picture: Innovation: Adding method to the madnessMarlene Cirillo

Digital Trends & Innovation: Artificial Intelligence, chatbots & the intersection between fundraising, support and automation: where does artificial end and intelligence begin?Michael Turnley
Brendan Scott
Nyah Fouad

Friday 1 March 2019

8.30 - 9.15am
Big Room Sessions: You can’t say that about me! – How should we respect our beneficiaries in our communications?Luke Edwards MFIA
Shannon Fleming MFIA
Jan Chisolm MFIA
Mide Akerewusi

Big Room Sessions: Doing more than just ticking the box – How do we become more diverse and inclusive in practice?Gavin Coopey FFIA
Bisi Alimi
Shannan Dodson
Donna Purcell

9.25 - 10.25am
Gifts in Wills: Communication and conversations that inspire existing gifts in wills supporters to become confirmedHeather Stott

Community & Event: Movember – Changing the face of fundraisingGavan Duffy

Inidivual Giving: Driving response from the middleFiona McPhee

Partnerships: Professional Identity - The role of a corporate partnership manager in a charityKaren Laws

Philanthropy: Disruption is reshaping funding models for not-for-profit organisations: What does it mean for you as a fundraiser?Christopher Thorn AM

The Bigger Picture: Get real – the ratios that matter for realistic growthMartin Paul FFIA

Digital Trends & Innovation: Getting to the heart of giving: how cutting-edge technology and biometric testing can be used to understand your donors better and deliver truly donor centric experiencesKaren Armstrong FFIA CFRE

11.00 - 12.00pm
Gifts in Wills: Everything that research can tell us about gifts in wills fundraisingProfessor Adrian Sargeant

Community & Event: The comeback story – revitalising a declining event (Case Study: MS Gong Ride)Tamsin Loy
Luke Edwards MFIA

Individual Giving: New tools in the telemarketing toolbox Ashley Rose MFIA
Georgina Murray

Partnerships: One industry... one causeLeigh Cleave FFIA CFRE

Philanthropy: Impact investing: threat or opportunity?Nigel Harris FFIA CFRE
Christopher Thorn AM
Jackie Coates

The Bigger Picture: A multi-charity fundraising co-operative. It can be done!Allan Godfrey FFIA

Digital Trends & Innovation: Reducing the five-year lag - How Disney, design, and self-help solve customer serviceEva Ross

12.10 - 1.10pm
Gifts in Wills: Protecting the future value of your gifts in wills programRoewen Wishart FFIA CFRE

Community & Event: The March Charge – Digital Acquisition + multi-channel supporter journey = fundraising successHelen van Nooten

Individual Giving: Defining the inspirational ask: a process and the lessons for nailing your fundraising propositionAlice Anwar

Partnerships: Making partnerships work for the smaller charity - partnerships that careSusie Greig-Rouffignac
Sandy Cameron

Philanthropy: How to adapt your fundraising to connect with donors in this age of disruptionAndrea McManus

The Bigger Picture: The ever-changing political landscape – the challenges and opportunities for the sectorNigel Harris FFIA CFRE
Mat Tinkler
Nick Martin

Digital Trends & Innovation: Wellways tries new ways – how taking a risk with social media raised profile and funds Fiona Gillen MFIA
Ross Howe MFIA
Curtis Moore

2.30 - 3.30pm
Gifts in Wills: Talking law – legal issues for gifts in wills fundraisersRoss Anderson MFIA
Lachlan McKenzie
Martin Williams
Bethan Hazell

Community & Event: The future of P2P fundraising in AustraliaLuke Edwards MFIA
Marcus Blease FFIA

Individual Giving: 40 first impressions - reviewing Australia’s top charities as a first-time donorPaul Bailey MFIA CFRE

Partnerships: How peer-to-peer fundraising can build a more Impactful charity-corporate partnershipJustine Curtis MFIA

Philanthropy: Relationship Fundraising 3.0: using philanthropic psychology to enhance donor wellbeing and double giving snapshot.Professor Adrian Sargeant

The Bigger Picture: Giving with friends - Facebook & PayPal Giving FundAlisha Elliott
Elaine Herlihy

Digital Trends & Innovation: What we can learn from cats? The power of digital film to increase fundraising results and engage supportersNicola Long
Kristy Blake MFIA