SPECIAL WEBINAR: COVID-19 fundraising in a time of crisis

This special webinar is on what you need to know for fundraising with the impact of COVID-19 after an already eventful start to 2020. This will be the start of a series of conversations and resources over the next few weeks.

Using the results of the latest fundraiser survey, Marcus Blease FFIA (Donor Republic) and Martin Paul FFIA (More Strategic) discussed the results, the impacts and how to manage the risk .

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The webinar is accessible to the public here.

Sponsored by:

Marcus Blease FFIA
Donor Republic

Marcus is a transformational leader in the fundraising and marketing sector. Spending eight years as General Manager of Fundraising and Marketing at Cerebral Palsy Alliance, seeing income grow from $12m to $31m and over eight years overseeing outstanding growth at both Cancer Councils NSW and QLD in late 2016 Marcus has co-founded Donor Republic. A brilliant full service fundraising and marketing agency for the charity sector, assisting others to transform their fundraising programs.

Martin Paul FFIA
More Strategic

Martin is one of Australia’s most passionate and experienced fundraisers. He has helped develop, review and improve fundraising strategies with over 100 fundraising teams in organisations of all sizes and sectors. Martin’s enthusiasm for all things fundraising has seen him present multiple times at IFC in Asia and Europe, at AFP in Hong Kong and Argentina and he has been an acclaimed speaker at every major fundraising conference in Australia for the past 10 years.