Understanding Your Donor 2021 Sessions

Do you know what makes your donors tick? And how important is that in the way you engage with them? This track will help you to consider the motivation, commitment and psychology of your donors and prospects, focusing on donor experience across all your channels.

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5 Tips to Building Stronger Donor Engagement and Raising More MoneyBarbara O’Reilly CFRE, Windmill Hill Consulting LLC
From Tactical to Emotional – Fundraising Creative That Goes Beyond Best PracticeMary Anne Plummer MFIA, Exuberance
Vanessa McCarthy MFIA, Tone Studio
Using nurture journeys to SCORE supporters and systematically TEST – What can be achieved in 2 weeks & $5k when you’re dedicated to the causeLeisa Quinn, UN Women Australia
Shanelle Newton Clapham MFIA, Parachute Digital
Influencing with IdentityMartin Paul FFIA, More Growth
Mahza Ahadiwand CFRE, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
How to love your donors using philanthropic psychology? Professor Jen Shang, The Psychology of Philanthropy (UK)
Paul Andrews, The Leprosy Mission (Australia)
How are your donors feeling? And why is this important?Richard Spencer & Roger Lawson, About Loyalty (UK)
The Duality of Giving: What Fundraisers Can Learn From African PhilanthropyMide Akerewusi, AgentsC