thankQ Solutions is dedicated to providing data management & dedicated CRM application software to support organisations from small to enterprise level exclusively within the not-for-profit (NFP) sector

About Us

thankQ is the complete package when it comes to CRM for fundraising & membership software. It incorporates a suite of front and back office modules to drive your campaigns and business performance. thankQ differentiates itself by being Australian owned and made, and markets all features, benefits and enhancements as part of the standard package including Moves Rules, Donor Pyramid, RFM, Life Time Value, ROI Analysis, Campaign Performance, Segmentation Analysis, Stewardship Workflow, Bequest Tracking, and Enquiry Analysis.

thankQ allows you to better segment your supporter base, and then provide targeted messages to support your ask strategy. Complete Automation of Communication, Donation processing and receipting, Member renewals and signup, Events booking ticketing and payments, Surveys and questionnaires, and a whole lot more. We offer a complete Integrated Online web presence to support your fundraising and engagement efforts.

thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd was established in 1992, with the goal of providing effective solutions with Information Technology. In the years that we have been operating we are pleased that we have active clients who started with us in 1992 using the same software solution which has grown with their business. thankQ’s flexibility and power is key to enabling this. We have clients with single user systems with a few thousand contacts, to multi-site systems with several million contacts. Our Enterprise Service Bus allows transactional users and heavy data users to be separated as tasks guaranteeing excellent data management response without affecting user interface update times.

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