Established in 2017, Surge Direct quickly became one of the most respected and successful Fundraising Agency in the country. Our core values of Integrity, Trust, Value, Family and Compassion has laid the foundation for all that we do.

Our business is built on quality conversations and transparency for our charity partners. The Surge Group work alongside several fantastic charity organizations, both Australia based and globally recognized. We are thankful to be able to work with some of the world’s greatest humanitarian organizations, animal welfare groups, and research focused institutions. Our clients include Breast Cancer Care WA, Plan International, ChildFund, and World Animal Protection. Whilst working hard to deliver a great result for our clients, we are also working alongside the FIA and PFRA to ensure we maintain the integrity and quality of this sector.

A quality product comes from quality training. Surge fundraisers are coached from their first day that highest quality supporter care is the expectation. This expectation is nurtured through our culture, structures, ongoing training and fundraiser management. Each conversation we have with a supporter is an important touch point and all fundraisers are trained in ensuring that every conversation leaves the supporter feeling valued and appreciated, regardless of the call outcome.

Our contact centre system is built on Microsoft Azure’s state of the art cloud infrastructure, ensuring we provide a solution that delivers optimum performance, while providing business continuity. Our system provider’s hosted platform provides enterprise level compliance and the highest security standards. With encrypted storage, and dedicated, audited storage areas for your environment, you can rest assure that all your data is secure and thoroughly audited.

Most importantly, we believe in forming long term partnerships built on trust, understanding and complete transparency and we welcome the opportunity to support your fundraising strategy and help achieve your organisational goals.

To get in touch, contact Markus Pedersen.

M: 0448 629 203