Laundry Lane Productions

Laundry Lane Productions


Laundry Lane specialises in creating engaging video content for the NFP and health sector.

Video plays such an important role in health communication – video can inform, inspire, educate and emote. As health advocates, we understand the communication challenges of this specialist area. 

We listen to our clients and deliver video content that addresses their objectives and strengthens their connection with their target audience.

We call it ‘video with heart’.

We offer a range of creative services to develop the best content for your organisation. We use real footage, animation and motion graphics to create:

  •  engaging campaign videos for social media
  •  authentic and emotive case study videos
  •  powerful ‘call to action’ fundraising videos

There are so many exciting mediums to make your video stand out from the crowd.

At Laundry Lane, we are driven by the things we love; uncovering the emotion and human angle in a story, conducting interviews with sensitivity and compassion and drawing out those unexpected gems that make a video (and your audience) light up

We approach everything we do from the perspective of the audience. We first understand who they are, and what drives and motivates them. Only then can we create great content.

contact: Alexandra Cordukes (m) 0422291734