Infinity Sponsorship

Charities need to raise money and brands need to make money.

Infinity Sponsorship helps them both get what they want AND make the world a better place by unlocking the secrets of great partnerships.

Our programs create a framework that helps you plan, find, connect with and keep your ideal partners.


We’ve been honoured to work with thousands of organisations and great fundraisers, here’s what they have to say about our work…


We connect the For-Profit and For-Purpose sectors together in accountable partnerships that change our world for the better.


We teach you the skills and confidence to plan, find, connect with and keep your ideal partners and build partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact.


Changing the world for the better becomes easier when money is no longer a barrier.

Ready to become a corporate partnerships expert and help businesses create real impact by investing in your amazing work?

We care about our world.  And we care about keeping you ahead of the game.

We can help you connect with partners, master your skills and grow your income.

contact: Abby Clemence (m) 0407 940 926