Global Data

Global Data assist many well-known charities with Australian Consumer data. We hold the largest and most comprehensive B2C universe in Australia, accessible through our Quester Marketing platform and Online Datawashing facility. Where charities need to reach out to Aussie consumers for donations, we play a vital role in supplying them with accurate, compliant and fully opted-in contact information. We support them by providing a user-friendly marketing platform, that is not subscription based and allows them to target their desired audience and extract the consumer data required, instantly for their campaign. Such campaigns include;

  • Direct Mail;
  • Telemarketing;
  • SMS;
  • Email;
  • Data for Social Media campaigns

The charity can exclude Consumer files against any data they have previously purchased from us, or elsewhere and purchase as little or as much as they require for customary prices. We also assist charities with Donor retention through our Online Datawashing facility. Many Donors become uncontactable or “dormant” and a simple upload and datawash through our platform, reunites the charity with the donor, quickly and effortlessly. – Locate and connect with Aussie Consumers today.
Phone: 03 9948-4089

Data Solutions for Charities