Frequently Asked Questions – FIA 2018 Membership Renewal

What are the benefits?

As an FIA member, you are helping to make the professional fundraising sector the best it can be. As a signatory to the FIA Code, you are committed to achieving the highest professional standards in fundraising.

FIA membership:

  • Signifies your commitment to excellence in fundraising and the FIA Code
  • Increases donor confidence in your work through mandatory code training which promotes a culture of transparent and ethical fundraising
  • Reduces the risk of government action to restrict your ability to fundraise
  • Demonstrates your professional approach to fundraising
  • Provides you with a career development pathway via FIA training courses
  • Opens the door to networking opportunities across the sector
  • Enables FIA to defend and promote the interests of fundraising with the media, policy-makers and other key influencers
  • Gives you access to timely updates on sector issues, events and activities
  • Gets you significant discounts on attendance at the FIA Conference and other events throughout the year
  • Gives you the right to use the FIA professional member logo on your collateral
  • Connects you to a network of over 6,000 fundraisers and organisations, helping you develop professional and personal friendships that will support you throughout your career and beyond.


How much does FIA membership cost?

Professional Membership

Regular Member

(more than 2 years fundraising experience)                                            $470.00 inc. GST

Associate Member

(less than 2 years fundraising experience)                                              $360.00 inc. GST

Organisational Membership

This year, the Board has restructured the organisational membership fees. The fees have been slightly reduced for the lowest tier organisational members.

The fee calculation is based on your organisation’s fundraising turnover (not including government revenue).


Annual Fundraising Turnover Fee inc. GST
Below $500,000 $500
$500,000 to $999,999 $750
$1m – $1,999,999 $1,250
$2m – $4,999,999 $1,750
$5m – $9,999,999 $2,250
$10m – $14,999,999 $3,000
$15m – $19,999,999 $4,000
$20m – $49,999,999 $5,500
$50m plus $7,500
Additional staff (2-5 members) $410 per person
Additional staff (6+ members) $360 per person




Why has the membership cost changed?

  • Charities’ reliance on fundraising is growing. The community needs to be able to trust the sector to raise, manage and distribute their generous gifts in an ethical and accountable way.
  • This year, the Board has restructured the organisational membership fees to enable FIA to invest in building a robust and sustainable fundraising sector.
  • Organisations contribute in accordance to their stake in maintaining an orderly self-regulatory environment.
  • Members invest in a self-regulatory regime that raises the sector’s profile, credibility and reputation with donors, government and the community.
  • Professional membership was previously known as individual membership. The fees have been slightly reduced for the lowest tier of professional members.


How long is my membership valid?

12 months – from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019


How do I renew my membership?

All memberships can be renewed here

If you require an invoice or further information, please phone 1300 889 670 or email members@fia.org.au