At Corporate Diversity Pathways, we understand that people, leadership and culture are your most important asset when delivering services to your community. Our mission is simple: to help FIA member organisations through trusted advisory when staffing initiatives and employment opportunities arise.

CDP works with FIA member organisations wishing to build leadership capability to drive change and position their organisation for growth and professional fundraising success by attracting, engaging and retaining top talent across all levels of the organisation. Our clients are confident that every decision we make supports their unique needs and represents an evidence-based approach, enthused with research, data and analytics.

For over 20 years, CDP has been helping organisations with:

  • Talent Strategy – help develop a talent strategy that compliments and delivers on the desired corporate strategy.
  • Recruitment & Selection – Top talent is valuable and often scarce. CDP helps attract and engage top talent resulting in improved business outcomes.
  • Leadership Capability – Help build leadership capacity to drive change and position organisations for growth.
  • Trusted Advisory – Help the business case for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion to build an engaged, inclusive workforce.

Jeromine Alpe

Jeromine Alpe is the founder and CEO of Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Ltd and previously the Director – People Culture & Performance of one of Australia’s top 300 companies. For over 20 years Jeromine has been providing trusted advisory founded on her her deep local experience and global expertise in the fields of:

– Executive Search, Recruitment & Selection;

– People + Culture Director;

– Business Strategist;

– Professional Career Coach and Mentor;

– Development Program Facilitator for teams and individuals.

FIA Member Organisation CEO – Testimonial:

“It has been an absolute privilege to have access to such a senior business professional in our non-profit organisation. This has only been made possible through Jeromine’s generosity in providing a significant component of her time pro-bono. Jeromine’s business acumen, emotional intelligence, and senior HR management experience has been a key to the successful development of a high performing team with support on an ongoing basis for recruitment and team culture development that has helped us to increase fundraising revenue by 100% in the last three years.”

Contact Jeromine Alpe, Founder & CEO of CDP to receive a copy of our simple and affordable not-for-profit fee structure and a complimentary 90 minute consultation.

Jeromine Alpe

+61 4044 87962