2022 Impact on a Shoestring: Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc

What was your reaction when you found out you were a finalist?

We weren’t expecting to be a finalist, so we were surprised when it was announced.

How has winning this award impacted your organisation?

We always think of our organisation as a small but mighty charity. So, winning the ‘Impact on a Shoestring’ award aligns perfectly with our organisation and really is a true testament of what we have been able to achieve over the past couple of years on a shoestring budget!

Can you describe your emotions when you were presented the Award at the gala dinner?

Our fundraising team were lucky enough able to attend the gala dinner together. We were so excited when they read out our name and we saw our campaign show up on the screen. To receive the recognition in a room with other fundraisers and charities is a pretty special feeling.

Why would you recommend that someone nominate for FIA’s’ Fundraising Excellence Awards?

I was really proud of how our submission came together. So often once a campaign is finished, it is always quickly move on to the next task! As we were putting the submission together, it was really rewarding to be able to take the time to sit back and reflect on our achievements for this campaign.