2020 Most Innovative Campaign: UNICEF Australia

Last year UNICEF Australia won the Most Innovative Campaign Award of Excellence for our Gifts in Wills campaign We Are the Generation. The campaign was considered innovative as we had been doing external prospect acquisition for our gifts in wills program using digital and DRTV channels rather than only data mining amongst our existing supporters. We also used several new digital technologies and platfoms, including Persado, Holimetrix and Teads to acquire donors and measure results to ensure we had the most cost-effective and optimised lead sources and creative.

Winning this award was a great way to demonstrate to our board that this new way of investing in gifts in wills, one of the few areas of significant fundraising growth, was being recognised for its creative execution and the success of its results. This is especially important as one of our values at UNICEF Australia is Innovation. I highly recommend other organisations enter into the FIA Fundraising Awards of Excellence as it is a great way to boost team morale, show effectiveness in your programs through a highly competitive and peer-reviewed program and showcase your team’s success to your leadership team and board. It also highlights to new potential fundraising employees during recruitment your organisation’s commitment to best practice fundraising.