2019 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year: Meredith Dwyer FFIA CFRE

I’ve worked as a fundraising professional since 1990, and been involved with FIA attending conferences, seminars and as a presenter and volunteer on state committees from very early on in my career.  Over the years at the FIA National Conference, the announcement of the Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year has always been a highlight – and I’ve been privileged to see incredible fundraising professionals that I have worked with, and collaborated with celebrated for their contribution to the sector, FIA and the causes they have served.

I was incredibly humbled to be nominated and chosen as the 2019 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year.  For me, it was acknowledgment not just of my professional achievements and success, but my passion for fundraising and change making and supporting the sector.  From a career perspective, it’s a wonderful and unexpected endorsement and I think reflects another milestone along my career – from campaign achievements, to achieving my CFRE, being elected as an FFIA and now the Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year.

I would encourage every fundraising professional to nominate their campaigns, or indeed colleagues for individual awards.  Celebrating professionalism and achievement, and the passion and values that drive us is important – it drives best practice, and pride in our work.