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ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day

Now in its third year, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s World Refugee Day Telethon (ASRC Telethon) is a special event held within the internationally celebrated World Refugee Week. Originally part of ASRC’s winter appeal, the telethon has evolved into a standalone activity attracting support from new audiences and the current donor database. It helps ASRC to deliver safe housing, food, healthcare and trauma counselling to refugees/people seeking asylum and celebrates refugees’ positive contributions to Australian society.

In 2018, the team developed a comprehensive telethon program using SMS, Facebook, pre-event interviews, print advertising, video and light projections amongst other components. They also used an auction, community events and partner collections to raise funds. ASRC recruited 40 high-profile ambassadors and 60 volunteers to help and organised a successful corporate matching ‘hours of power’ initiative.

The ASRC Telethon continues to be a cost-effective and atmospheric way to acquire/retain donors. With a 30% growth on 2017, the telethon nearly doubled its original target. Overall, it raised an impressive $3.1 million against a total budget target of $2.1 million. The campaign had significant ROI (1:18) and attracted a solid supporter base comprising 50% new supporters along with successfully retained support from corporate partners, individuals and community groups.