Nu Agency

Nu is an employment-based boutique fundraising agency specialising in the not-for-profit sector. We provide opportunities for clients to increase their exposure through face-to-face activities.

We pride ourselves on creating heartfelt experiences and memorable interactions with our donors. With expertise in all forms of face-to-face engagement, Nu is dedicated to helping charities and businesses achieve their goals while also building positive brand awareness.

Here at Nu, we understand the importance of acquiring high-quality donors and customers. Assisted by a strong support team, with dedicated members handling data management, call centres, HR & people management, operations, client relationships & COVID safety, having the right people dedicated to the right task allows us to ensure immediate action and transparency for the clients we represent.

We have one of the largest internal teams in Australia, our priority is creating fundraisers that take pride in being ambassadors for organisations that are solving significant problems in the world.

Contact Information:

Phone: (02) 8320 0681/0477924524