GiveGet AU

GiveGet is a platform that gives recognition to donors by offering them rewards, such as discounts to online stores.

We have some great retail partners ready to acknowledge your donors including The Iconic, Farfetch, MJ Bale, Lego, HelloFresh, Wrangler, Crocs, FILA, HiSmile, Camilla, McoBeauty, Mizuno, Bloomingdales, Bed Bath n’ Table, P.E. Nation, Booktopia and many more!

Benefits of using GiveGet include:

  • Get 100% of each donation 
  • Free and easy to sign up and use
  • Minimise risk with donations made through GiveGet
  • Tap into younger demographics
  • Leverage the 43.9B online retail market into donors
  • Encourage and give recognition to those who donate

If you would like to tap into a whole new world of donors and put a booster rocket on what matters most, find out more by reaching out to