Corporate Partnerships Workshops

FIA is excited to partner with® to bring you two workshops that will give your corporate partnerships offering a real edge.

Workshop #1 teaches®’s unique brand valuation formula where you will walk away with a dollar value on your precious non profit brand. This means that companies & brands that want to borrow & leverage your brand, will know the investment required. No more guess work. 

  • Session overview: In this workshop, you’ll learn®’s unique brand valuation process that enables you to place a dollar value on your organisations’ brand for use by a corporate partner. This valuation is exclusively for lending your brand to a third party – such as a corporate – for mass market promotion and commercial benefit. Particularly useful for Cause Related Marketing (CRM) and brand-aligned partnership negotiations. With this process, you’ll never give your valuable brand away for a song, ever again! In this day and age, corporates need to do good, but more importantly, they need to DEMONSTRATE doing good. This is why they’ll want to borrow your brand, and leverage it they will. This is good for YOU but even better for them. Ensure that you get a fair price for this valuable asset. The valuation is based on a robust formula, created by Hailey Cavill-Jaspers & a multitude of media experts, based on a method used by a global branding agency. The calculations, contained within a document, will be useful to explain to colleagues & management but also to a corporate who may want to know what went into the dollar figure.
  • Who’s it for: INCOME GENERATORS working within non-profit & social enterprises in Aust & NZ (managers of fundraising, business development, major gifts, events, corporate partnerships, marketing, CEO). It’s NOT for consultants. 

For more details on what you’ll take home, testimonials and why this is different from what you may be currently doing, go to

Workshop #2 teaches®’s sophisticated process for identifying corporate suspects and how to turn them into prospects.  Prospects that you’ve probably not thought about before. Prospects based on synergy not Board contacts.

  • Session overview: Learn®’s sophisticated 4-stage Prospecting Process that identifies corporates and brands that fit with your brand essence, target audience, and geographic reach. An initial list of over 150 ‘suspects’ is created in a think tank based on 7 distinct categories. This list is refined to a ‘prospect’ list of 60, and refined further to a manageable list of 20 Hot Prospects. You’ll have a strong rationale for why you’re approaching them, this will resonate and you’re more likely to get a meeting and forge a partnership. In this day and age, corporates may donate due to a personal connection, but it’s unlikely they’ll forge a partnership. A corporate partnership, as distinct from a corporate donation, is mutually beneficial and needs to fit with their business and their CSR and/or marketing goals. The prospecting process, created by Hailey Cavill-Jaspers many years ago, has benefited from years of real-world application & refinement. Literally hundreds of partnerships have been forged as a result, for non-profits just like you. The Suspect, Prospect & Hot Lists will be useful to explain to colleagues & management, WHY you are approaching a particular company. It’ll give you a filtering system when random ‘prospects’ are presented based on weak rationale. Our prospecting process, whilst time-intensive, will help you avoid frustrating and embarrassing approaches down the track, continued disappointment, and first meetings that never develop into anything – creating a conversation of failure within your organisation. Our process gets you focused on those corporates with a strong rationale.
  • Who’s it for: INCOME GENERATORS working within non-profit & social enterprises in Aust & NZ (managers of fundraising, business development, major gifts, events, corporate partnerships, CEO). It’s NOT for consultants.

For more details on what you’ll take home, testimonials, and why this is different from what you may be currently doing, go to

Special Offer

  • $300 FIA Member
  • $450 Non-FIA Member

Register for both workshops to receive a savings. After registering for Workshop #1, you will receive a code in your confirmation email. Enter the code when registering for Workshop #2.

In order to attend this workshop, you’ll be asked to agree to®’s Terms and Conditions. In essence, you’re unable to use the learnings, materials, or Templates in any form of consultancy or training, paid or otherwise, and materials cannot be shared with anyone outside of your organisation where you currently work. The tools & templates are of great value to® and they’re being shared for a specific intent – so that you can better negotiate with corporate prospects. More information here.

Please Note: If you register more than one person (ie a colleague), the additional person will need to agree to®’s Terms & Conditions in order to attend the workshop.  (® will contact you by email about this post-registration).

Workshop #1: Brand Valuation
Monday 28 August 2023

Registrations for Workshop #1 have now closed

  • Virtual
  • Time: 1pm – 4pm AEST
  • $180 FIA Member
  • $250 Non-FIA Member

Workshop #2: Prospecting
Monday 4 September 2023

Registrations for Workshop #2 have now closed

  • Virtual
  • Time: 1pm – 4pm AEST
  • $180 FIA Member
  • $250 Non-FIA Member

In order to receive the savings, payment is via credit card only*

Workshops are delivered on Zoom for all Aussies & Kiwis to attend. We have both Australian and NZ Templates. Workshops are NOT recorded. Slides, Templates & best practice examples are provided.


Full participation in the workshops is applicable for up to TBA continuing education points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Workshop presenters

Hailey Cavill-Jaspers

Chief DoGoodologist, Cavill + Co, and Co-Founder of®

Hailey is Australia’s most successful corporate-cause partnership matchmaker with an impressive career spanning 25+ years. She’s built 50+ partnerships for corporate clients through her business Cavill + Co investing millions of dollars of cash, exposure & skills into the social sector. These include Seek, Vodafone, Mondelez & Disney to name a few. She advises corporates & brands on their CSR & Social Good strategy, and leads the team of digital & marketing experts at®.

Georgia McIntosh, Co-Founder,®

Georgia is the genius that took Hailey’s 20+ years of knowledge and tools and turned them into an online training program for changemakers.  She is a communications powerhouse, with an infectious can do attitude.  She has a Bachelor in Professional Communication and a Masters of International Development. 

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