Short Courses

Whether you are new to the fundraising sector or want to expand your existing skills, FIA has several short courses and seminars covering a variety of topics to help enhance your skillset and improve your confidence as a professional fundraiser.

Upcoming short courses include:

Fundraising Essentials (available online)
Gifts in Wills Essentials (available online)
Digital Fundraising: Acquisition, Retention and Conversion

Copywriting Essentials (available online)
Copywriting for Impact (available online)
Creating a Digital-First Fundraising Strategy (available online)
How to create distinctive materials for your gifts in Wills Programme (available online)
Mid-Value Donors (available online)
Navigating the Fundraising Regulatory Environment (available online)
Privacy & Brand Safety for Fundraisers (available online)
Strategic Planning for Fundraisers (available online)

Donor Journey Mapping (available online)
Transforming Engagement: How to personalise the supporter experience (available online)

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