Short Courses

Whether you are new to the fundraising sector or want to expand your existing skills, FIA has several short courses and seminars covering a variety of topics to help enhance your skillset and improve your confidence as a professional fundraiser.

Upcoming short courses include:

Copywriting Essentials (available online)
Estate Management 101 for Fundraisers (available online)
Fundraising Essentials (available online)
Gifts in Wills Essentials (available online)
Digital Gifts in Wills – How to Grow Your Database of Confirmed Gifts in Wills Donors (available online)

Attracting the Donors of Tomorrow (available online)
Copywriting for Impact (available online)
Digital Fundraising for Donor Retention (available online)
From Zero to Hero – how to get your stories in the media (available online)
How to create distinctive materials for your gifts in Wills program (available online)

Major Giving – developing the people and the program (available online)
Navigating the Regulatory Environment (available online)
Safeguarding Donor Privacy and Data (available online)

Donor Journey Mapping (available online)
How to Deliver a Successful, Transformational Multi-Million Dollar Fundraising Campaign

Entry-level courses are for fundraisers with limited knowledge of a topic area, intermediate level courses are for those with some understanding of a subject area and who would like to extend their skills, while advanced level courses are for those with significant experience who are keen to take their fundraising practice to the next level.

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