FIA Conference 2019 National Scholarship Testimonials

FIA Conference 2019 National Scholarship Testimonials

The beauty of attending the FIA Conference was the ability to walk away after three inspiring days and think ‘yes, I’m on the right track!’ I’ve exponentially deepened my knowledge around the psychology of giving, current giving trends and innovative ways to reach new donors while caring for those we have. I’m already applying my new skills by coordinating our annual appeal campaign, big move!” 

Brooke Everingham AMFIA, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

“By attending the conference, I was able to identify potential collaborative partnerships and understand further how to develop and foster relationships to create a positive change together. It was inspiring to hear how organisations plan and implement strategies to excel and lead successful fundraising programs, and see the impact great leadership can have for individuals, teams, boards and partnerships in driving success in fundraising and the organisation as a whole. What an amazing experience.”

Ineke Unsworth, The Australian Free School

“The conference took me back to my corporate days in that it was extremely well run, professional and sophisticated. I really gained a lot of insights from the conference. I did learn something very quickly which we all need to be reminded of now and then. I realised that I was not there just to listen but to contribute. Not just to take but to give.”

Chris Scerri AMFIA, West Welcome Wagon