Platform gives charities their own round-up app

The pandemic’s impact on face-to-face fund raising over the last eighteen months has been immense.  But the people we serve and the causes for which we fight don’t stop needing.  How do we fill the gap?

Here at Sipora, we’ve developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for charities and NFPs to have their own, branded “round-up app”.

Think about how many times a day you spend money via an electronic transaction.  Morning coffee. Lunch. Afternoon pick-me-up. Grab some takeaway after work. A pinot at the Bottle Shop. Your monthly apple subscription. The gas bill. Foxtel. Petrol. Groceries. That game app your child wants. Shoes delivered in a box.

What would happen if you could automatically “round up” each of those transactions to the nearest dollar and direct those funds automatically to your favourite charity or NFP. 

According to our data, you’d donate $650 a year!

That’s what the Sipora SaaS round-up platform does. It’s an easy, set-and-forget giving tool.  You don’t notice yourself giving until the thank-you note arrives.

For charities and NFPs with thousands of supporters, that’s a significant uplift at a fraction of the cost of a fund-raising dinner.

With a round-up app there’s no chasing people for credit card numbers.  No reminders about bounced payments. No rattling the can. Just use your existing promotion channels to guide supporters to a simple, easy sign-up process.

There are no development costs.

Charities and NFPs don’t buy our round-up platform, they use our software as a service, fully branded as the charity/NFP. Our ongoing fees based on the volume of donations your receive each month.

What about security? Good question. Sipora’s SaaS round-up platform is built on banking level security, incorporating 256-bit AES data encryption and two factor authentication for adminstration.

All your supporters have to do is securely connect their bank accounts (takes about two minutes) and the app does the rest.  Whenever they spend with an account, the app requests a separate withdrawal from the same account – this time into your charity’s account.

About Sipora’s Founders

At the age of just thirteen, Jonathan Despinidic was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, and told he’d be lucky to make his twenty first birthday.  So, he bid farewell to his home town of Cessnock and headed for Sydney.

More than twenty years later, Jonathan lives in Sydney’s cosmopolitan Potts Point.  He’s a successful startup entrepreneur.  But now he ’s doing something completely different. 

Despinidic and fellow founder and financial services professional Sam Torpey have established Sipora – a round up platform that lets people automatically transfer their “digital spare change”  to charity.

To find out more about Sipora and how they can help you increase donations using their new technology, please contact Jonathan or Samuel directly – or