Established in 2005, Pareto Phone is a leading tele-fundraising contact centre in Australia focussed on call quality, integrity, industry compliance, service delivery and innovation and we exist to make the world a better place, helping as many beneficiaries as possible.  We are focussed on delivering exceptional results to create sustainable fundraising income via the telephone on behalf of our charity partners. 

Using a data driven approach, we contact the right people at the right time to deliver the best financial outcome.  Our highly trained fundraisers create memorable and long-lasting connections with our charities’ supporters, and this is supported by best-in-class technology, reporting and a highly experienced team who drive continuous improvement.

Pareto Phone has offices situated in Fortitude Valley and Caloundra in QLD and the entire team also has the ability to work at home effectively, encouraging flexibility for the team and ensuring business performance is consistently achieved.

We offer a range of telemarketing services, including:

  • Regular Giving Conversion
    • Leads – Digital, Online, Inhouse (Active/Lapsed)
    • Event and Cash Supporters
  • Regular Giving Upgrade
  • Regular Giving Reactivation
  • Regular Giving Declines
  • Welcome and Verification Calling
  • Thank You Calling
  • Giving Day Cash Calling
  • Peer to Peer Event Fundraising Support Calling
  • Bequest Calling

We also offer a range of supporting services, including:

  • Client Monitoring Live Calls
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Post Call Surveys
  • Instant Payment & Tokenisation
  • RG Attrition Reporting
  • Deep Dive analytics
  • API Data Transfers
  • Address Validation
  • Tele-append
  • Call Recordings
  • Mail, Email & SMS Fulfilment, including instant email and SMS
  • SMS Engagement Journeys
  • Welcome Videos

To get in touch, contact:

Richard Boland, Head of Client Services

Phone: 0418 730 540