Include a Charity Membership

Gifts in Wills fundraising is coming to the forefront of those organisational strategies where the leadership is interested in long-term, sustainable funding streams.

In an environment where fundraising is hard, money is limited, competition is high and unfortunately there is a focus on immediate funding needs and administration ratios, gifts in Wills fundraising can get left behind.

This is the time that we, as a group, need to be talking to the community and our organisations about the impact that a donation in their Will can have; when we need to be getting the message to those influencers who are involved in estate planning; and when we need to be advocating on behalf of our beneficiaries on why this revenue stream is so important to the future of Australian charities.

And that’s why being part of Include a Charity is the right strategic choice for your organisation.

We are a social change campaign of Fundraising Institute Australia and a collaboration of Australian charities who cover a broad spectrum of causes and aspects of our community – with a goal to encourage more people to leave a charitable gift in their Will, increasing the funds invested in the sector and thereby increasing the positive impact we all have on society.

By working together, we can change charitable giving forever so that over time, gifts in Wills become the norm for many rather than just a few.

If you are interested in joining, take a look at IAC’s supporter form here to see what membership band your organisation would fall under.

If you have any questions, please email the Include a Charity team at .