Include a Charity

FIA is pleased to offer organisational members the opportunity to participate in the Include a Charity campaign.

Include a Charity is a collaboration of many of Australia‘s most progressive charities that have joined forces to promote the concept of gifts in Wills to dramatically increase revenues for the work of the charitable sector.

By working together, we can change charity giving forever so that over time, gifts in Wills become the norm for many, rather than just a few.

Through these activities we aim to raise the profile of charitable gifts in Wills:

  • Campaign: we promote gifts in Wills to the Australian public through television, radio, online and print advertising and through Include a Charity Week.
  • Research: we undertake research in order to better understand the gifts in Wills landscape in Australia.
  • Training: we facilitate training to assist you to develop successful gifts in Wills marketing strategies
  • Legal: we advocate within the legal community to encourage legal professionals to initiate conversations with their clients about charitable gifts during the Will making process.
  • Networking: as an IAC supporter you will have the opportunity to talk to supporters about gifts in Wills, making it easier for charities to discuss the concept and their charity as a beneficiary.

Include a Charity have recently reviewed their membership to align with the FIA bands. Please take a look at the table below to see where your organisation would fall.

Please call the Include a Charity Coordinator on 02 9411 6644 or email if you have any questions.