Organisational Membership

Organisational membership of FIA demonstrates your commitment to best practice in the sector. As an FIA Organisational Member, you are a signatory to the FIA Code, and therefore uphold the highest ethical and professional standards for fundraising.

Please note, all FIA Members must complete the Code Course training as part of their compliance to the Code.

As an Organisational Member, you are included in the process of developing new standards of fundraising practice, and revisiting existing ones – giving you the opportunity to participate in self-regulation.

Your organisational membership with FIA:

  • Demonstrates your leadership in the not-for-profit sector
  • Signifies to your donors and stakeholders your commitment to ethical fundraising practices
  • Indicates your commitment to raising the professional/public recognition of fundraising


Organisational Member List 


2018-2019 Membership Fees:

As the FIA membership period runs from 1st July, membership is now available as a pro-rata rate of 50 percent for all new members for the period ending June 2019. Please note: the membership fee table shows the original, full rate fees.













Organisational Membership includes one nominated member.

FIA’s Membership year runs on a fiscal year basis and will expire on June 30.

*Suppliers to use Total Turnover

Please call the Membership Coordinator on 02 9411 6644 or email if you have any questions.