Digital Transformations in Fundraising

Digital Transformations in Fundraising

Transform your charity by doing more with less!

Course level: Intermediate

Digital transformation has the potential to transform charities, enabling them to do more with less. It can turn the disruptive challenges of an aging donor base into an opportunity to engage with new donors more closely: it can also provide fundraisers with a connected view of real-time data and information. It requires charities to be open to rethinking the way they operate and the benefits are clear – improved productivity, a recharging of intelligence across the organisation and a charity ready to be reshaped for change with an ecosystem of innovation and integrated technology for future success.

What you’ll learn

  • Design thinking your donors’ biosphere.
  • Landscape discovery, analysing your systems and platforms.
  • Data and automation, unlock silos and drive cultural change.
  • Cross-functional digital channels’ lab.
  • Content and creativity for innovation & future success.
  • Analytics roadmap for a digital-first culture. The role of AI and tracking platforms.
  • How to develop a digital disruption strategy.

Who is this course for?*

  • Fundraisers or small charity managers preparing a digital fundraising strategy or a multi-channel digital fundraising campaign.
  • Senior managers who want to build a digital culture within.
  • Marketing or Fundraising leaders and aspiring leaders who want to harness digital to drive revenue growth.
  • Fundraisers who are passionate about data analytics and digital transformation.

*This course has assumed knowledge:

This course is for digital savvy fundraisers who have a basic understanding on how key digital channels work

Course dates

This course has finished for 2019. Please keep an eye on the website for new short courses in 2020.

Meet the presenter

An activist at heart, Maisa is an experimental marketer. Her vision is to be a change agent for the environment & social inclusion at a global level.

A digital fundraising practitioner, Maisa has hands-on experience in strategizing complex digital transformation exercises, building online giving landscapes, pioneering multi-channel AD-Tech and using design-thinking for creative & content planning.

At the FIA Digital Transformation in Fundraising short course, Maisa will share her methodology in developing short and long-term donor-centric digital transformation models via the analysis of X, O and digital data. Taking into consideration available digital enablers & financial objectives. She is a believer that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital fundraising, and that charities and professionals should look into their current digital infra-structure, data and donors’ journeys to make tailored decisions towards immediate and future ROI.

Over the course of her 10 years’ experience in the Not-for-Profit sector, Maisa has collaborated with teams that brought more than $180m in fundraising revenue to Cerebral Palsy Alliance, via initiatives such as Steptember, to provide essential services, new technologies, & fund ground-breaking research for people living with disabilities

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Full participation in Digital Transformations in Fundraising is applicable for up to 7.5 continuing education points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.