CEO Update

I am so pleased to let you know that registrations for our 2022 Conference are now open. We’re delighted that hundreds of you have already indicated that you’d like to attend in Sydney and have taken up the opportunity of further savings on registration; knowing this really helps our planning and will ensure we can host a fully inclusive conference (to the best of our abilities!).  

As mentioned in my previous update, October is Ethics Awareness Month. As an organisation so heavily focused on ethical fundraising I wanted to mention it again and bring your attention to a new course we’ve launched this month to support fundraisers in their compliance with the Code when it comes to managing vulnerability in donors and supporters. I encourage everyone to register for this course to ensure the sector is skilled in understanding what constitutes vulnerability and how to manage it with donors and supporters.  

I’m also excited to announce a new partnership with Torrens University Australia (TUA) aligned to our continuing focus advancing the ongoing professional development of fundraisers and working in collaboration with partners that provide additional value to members and the fundraising sector.  

Our goal through this partnership is working together to formalise accreditation pathways as well as co-developing additional programs and qualifications for the fundraising sector.  

TUA is an international university with six campuses in Sydney, two in Melbourne, one in Adelaide, two in Brisbane, one in the Blue Mountains and two overseas.  Their education courses and degrees provide fresh perspectives on teaching, and they believe their ability to specialise allows students to build skills and understanding to support individuals with a range of capabilities.  

FIA Members will have access to the university’s Social Enterprise Hub as well as the potential to collaborate on research projects and events for the benefit of FIA members and TUA students.  

We’re still working through the details and other opportunities for students and graduates of our Diploma in Fundraising and will keep you posted on those in the coming months.   

With NSW and Victoria opening up after months of lockdown, there is definitely hope and optimism in the air; I can’t wait to see you in person soon and share all that has happened and is happening at FIA.   

FIA are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out anytime at

Katherine Raskob

Chief Executive Officer