CEO Update

While several months have passed, we’re still finalised a few things from FIA Conference 2021 including wrapping up the ideas and notes from the workshops from the state-based Hubs held in several cities on the last day of Conference. In total 323 fundraisers were able to get together in real life to discuss critical fundraising issues and work to solve a problem. The problem was defined as ‘how can we shift the public assessment of charity effectiveness from one of minimising costs to one of maximising impact.’  The topic was chosen by a group of around 30 fundraisers as one where collective action could have the greatest impact on long terms fundraising outcomes.

Across the country, the groups landed on a central theme around trying to help Australians understand the impact charities make (rather than or over and above the ‘cost’ to raise funds to make the impact) and to imagine a world without charities.

Questions were posed and challenged on how we might help make this shift, including how to

  • better communicate the impact we make
  • more effectively engage donors (including younger donors) who may have enthusiasm but not capacity
  • make charitable giving more elevated in priorities for Australians
  • help donors and supporters overcome the ‘just a drop in the ocean’ issue which sees many feel overwhelmed and feeling like a small part can’t make enough of a difference to all the needs, issues and problems to solve.

There were tons of incredible ideas developed on the day, many of them much larger than fundraising and I must admit it is a challenge to consider how we could take these forward. If you are interested in exploring this further or leading the charge on this important task – effectively a campaign for social change in attitude to charities, get in touch with me at I will update you as we work through possibilities and opportunities.

Thank you so the fantastic facilitators of the hubs including Martin Paul who developed the workshop for us and led the NSW hub, and to the following other state facilitators:

VIC: Ben Holgate

QLD: Nigel Harris

WA: Vicki Rasmussen

SA: Andrew Sabatino

TAS: Erica Larke-Ewing

And to Kaz McGrath and Gavin Coopey for facilitating the online workshop components, 

And also a huge thanks to the FIA State Chairs for their management of the entire day:

NSW: Anthea Cohen

VIC: James Garland for Karen McComiskey

QLD: Christine Anderson

WA: Bec Stott

SA: Cassie Mangin

TAS: Erica Larke-Ewing

Katherine Raskob

Chief Executive Officer